October 15, 2008

real candleligh vinyasa yoga!

I came back from school around 4.30 and I was kind of hungry, but as I was planned to have dinner at 6, I just have a Fuji apple (Fuji and gala are my favorites).

At 6, I assembled my dinner: last portion of baked macaroni with last portion of vegetarian chili. After finished them I still felt not enough food, so I had a slice of Ezekiel with laughing cow.

Finally I went to the candlelight vinyasa yoga!!! It's the usual flow yoga but there's no light in the room, only candles. It makes you concentrate more in your body sensations and your spirit. It was a really tough 90 min workout! Whoever think that yoga is easy, not considered as workout should try it! My butt and legs felt so much and head stand is the best pose to work your back and shoulders.

Back home, showered and had late night snack which was my favorite Fage and a lot of blueberries (I bought a BIG bag from costco) plus peppermint tea.

Good night everyone!


Meg said...

That yoga class sounds very relaxing!

In response to your comment, eggnog is a creamy drink typically made with eggs, milk,cream,cinnamon, nutmeg,and sugar.

just me said...

yoga sounds so nice and relaxing! and your dinner sounds phenomenal!!

Juliet said...

Candelight yoga sounds pretty fun!

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