October 13, 2008

mushroom festival

this afternoon I prepared a special tea for me with Goji, Rose and Jujube. It tastes a little sweet and a lot of flavor.

Around 5 I felt needing snack. So I had an apple and a cup of powdered soy milk.
I studied 2 hours more and began to prepare dinner.

I hydrated 3 kinds of dry mushrooms this morning: shitake, jews ear and dailily. I chopped them and add fresh mushrooms. Stir fry them together with some canola oil, S+P, light soy sauce and at end some sesame oil.

I didn't feel hungry so I made a warm salad, with mushroom festival, sprouts, cherry tomatoes, spinach and 1 tsp of wheat berries.

As dessert, I had 1/4 of baked squash with some agave nectar and cinnamon.

I'm full and tired. I worked 8 hours with the computer and didn't have time for workout. I'd better head to bed early tonight (again!)


VeggieGirl said...

Gorgeous tea pot!!

Hooray for acorn squash!! :0)

Meg said...

What a colorful and tasty dinner!

soulchocolate said...

I love colorful meals! And this is perfect!

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