October 18, 2008

groceries day!!! yeah~~

As the title says, saturday is my groceries day. I'm always so happy going for groceries.

Well, before that, yesterday's afternoon snack and dinner. Before going to the gym for 25 min of elliptical machine and 30 min abs class I had a pumpkin muffin.
After gym, I went to manicure and feeling like putting some color (usually I go for french style) since it's automn! I arrived home around 7 pm starving, the single muffin at 4 didn't hold me for long. But dinner time is approaching, so I had a small apple and a cup of "beauty drink".
I wasn't sure what to have for dinner but as it is cold outside, I felt having something hot and spicy. So, soup was the right option! I used a package of black pepper sour soup, which is extremely easy, just water and egg. I added more veggies in it to make it healthier! A big bowl of soup and some salmon rice warm salad.

As dessert, another pumpkin muffin and peppermint tea.
This morning I woke up around 8 and had to be ready to leave at 8.45 to go to my yoga class. So, I just need something quick and easy to grab instead of preparing oatmeal. Solution? 2 muffins and 1 heart cookie, usual cup of coffee and the last small apple. It hold me the entire morning. I just finished my lunch at 2pm.
After yoga class, my favorite "date" for weekend. groceries!!! today I "dated" two. My usual one is TJ's and as I had the WH coupon, I went to it as well.
Look! Look! I don't know how I will eat all of them in a week. It was two full bags from each store. (in the photos only 3 bags). I found some new products to try, so later on I will review them.
From left, rice wrap, frozen pineapple, tofu, FT cottage cheese, kyle, orange, fuji apple, zuccini, 2% fage, a new brand of fatfree yogurt from WH, cherry tomatoes, mung bean sprounts, romaine lettuce, baby spinach3 different colors of peppers (I love them, they're so sweet), banana, eggs, squash and butternut squash.
The other bag is in my car, I couldn't bring more, so heavy!!!

Lunch needed to be quick since it was 1.30pm and I still haven't had lunch. I used the other 2 portions of the soup, put some mung bean sprouts and 1 portion of TJ's grilled chicken over 1 serv. of the corn noodles. It made a HUGH serving but delicious!! Dessert was just a cup of "beauty drink" with agave nectar. I am stuffed now!


just me said...

those pumpkin muffins look really great! i hope i can try to make them soon too!

Meg said...

Love your pumpkin muffins! Hope you have a wonderful day!

VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for groceries and pumpkin treats!! :0)

Sharon said...

Everything looks great!

I love grocery shopping! Hahah

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