October 14, 2008

Energyzing morning workout!

I woke up at 5.45. Instead of going back to sleep, I thought why not going to the 7.15 spinning class. So I got up totally awake, surf some blogs and ready to go! (I had a slice of Ezekiel bread with half of laugh cow because I'm used to have breakfast right after I get up).

it was a 55 min class.... quite intense although I didn't sweat much today. Maybe because we did a lot of climbing (muscle work) and not much of cardio.

Back to home at 8.20 I didn't feel hungry at all and I must have lunch around 12pm, so I didn't make oatmeal, just had another slide of bread with half laugh cow, an apple and cup of coffee.

At 10.30 my hungry attacked me. I was not sure whether is because of the workout or because two slides of bread can't hold me long enough. However, I'm supposed to have lunch in 90min. So, can't ruin my appetite for lunch. A big cup of almond breeze was the solution!

For lunch, I assembled together some roasted Brussels sprouts, 1/8 backed squash, some Tj's grilled chicken and 1/2 portion of leftover backed macaroni with spaghetti squash and roasted vegetables. Desserts in 1/3 cup of aduki beans with agave nectar. I need proteins to hold me all afternoon to tutor two exams.


Wei Tou said...

your speed of updating is amazing!!
I just skipped one day but u have 4posted already!
what is almond breeze? i like the name a lot!
great to hear that u enjoy the trip so much , me toooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous lunch! Delish!

Meg said...

Yummy eats!

With all the recipes I make, I use canned pumpkin!

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