October 20, 2008

cold and warm to balance out

This morning I was quite productive, 4 consistent hours of study! Around 12 I began to feel hungry (4 hours after breakfast), so I had a cup of Pacific Oatmeal milk.

Today's lunch consists a rice wrap with roasted pepper that I made last night, spinach, 1/2 orange peppers, 1 tbsp of wheat berries and 2 small pieces of grilled chicken. This is the cold part. The warm part, not surprisingly is soup, a really simple one. I just boiled water, throwed a cup of cherry tomatoes, a beaten egg and seaweed, seasoned with S+P and a tsp of sesame oil!

Filling and yummy! Hummus was amazing!!!

I'm heading to campus now and maybe a spinning class this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Your lunch sounds great!

Andrea said...

creative lunch!!! very balanced :)

Kelly said...

What a bountiful lunch. It looks delicious and varied.

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