October 13, 2008

post hiking day! so tired to eat... but today I'm full of energy

We got up at 8am and went to hotel's breakfast. Mine was a cup of instant Quaker oatmeal, a small orange, a cup of coffee and small bowl of corn flakes. Maybe because of a high dinner last night (which consist American style of sandwich which is huge), we didn't stop to have lunch. Instead after touring the most amazing Cavern I've ever seen, we just had some snack in the car. I had an apple and 15-20 soy chips. And then, we head back home with a quick stop at TJ's to get some groceries. I began to feel hungry when I was at TJ's, so I grabbed a Kid Clif bar. I shared the bar with my friend. It's not amazing but enough to comfort my stomach.

When I arrived home, I was still hungry so I toast a slide of Ezekiel with Organic Valley cheese spread with a cup of almond breeze.

Then, the most exciting part of the post trip. Photos!!! My dear friend is almost a professional photographer. She took 270 photos just in two days. They're amazing! I felt so lucky to have her so I don't have to take photos (I'm kind of lazy for that) and instead enjoy 100% the scenery.
I was too tired to cook for dinner, but I knew that I need to eat something more for dinner since I didn't have "food" the entire day. So, I put two turkey meatball, a cup of leftover vegetarian chili, 1/4 of baked squash and stir fry a small head of romaine lettuce with garlic. (I was too tired to take picture as well). After the big dinner, I still wanted to have dessert, so the usual fage with blueberries and peppermint tea!

At 9.30pm I was lying on my bed already, read about 30min and I falled asleep.
I enjoyed so much my weekend little trip. Now I feel full of energy to go back to school.

For today's breakfast I wanted to try Kath's french toast. So I used 1.5 Ezekiel bread, the barter:
1 egg
1/4 cup of almond breeze
pinch of salt
for the sauce: I chopped a kiwi, cooked in the microwave and finally some honey in it.

It's my first time preparing and having french toast! It can never replace oatmeal but it's tasty enough to do it sometimes.

Okay, that's all by now. Have to "work" now so I don't feel guilty later. ^_^

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Meg said...

Sounds like you had a blast! The French Toast looks so yummy! Have a good Monday!

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