October 28, 2008

random eats continue!

Another good night sleep although I dreamed a lot. I don't know if it happens to you guys, sometimes I have several completely unrelated dreams at one night and I wake up with so many random memories of those dreams. I'm not as multitask as veggigirl in real life, but apparently I am in my dreams.

Anyway, today's breakfast is the usual but favorite oatmeal. I know that orange is The Color right now, but today I wanted violet. So, the combo was
  • 1/3 pre-made steel cuts
  • 1/3 almond breeze vanilla to hydrate
  • 1/2 large banana (I microwaved it 30 seconds and it cooked faster in the oatmeal, I should have tried it long time ago)
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 tbsp flax
  • 1 tbsp cottage cheese
  • 1 tbsp coconut flakes

So yummmmmmmmy~~~~~ And I'm very happy that I really like my oatmeal now without any kind of sweetener, the sweetness of banana and salty cottage cheese are just perfect!
And the cup of coffee as usual (although still with sweetener) and FT.
I finished breakfast and reading around 7.30 and worked for an hour and half before leaving home. This morning I took Savanna, my best friend, to look a car, she needs to buy a car. We looked inside, outside, even the engine of the car! pretending some kind of expert in car which we have no clue really! I've been driving for almost 9 years now, and still have no idea at all! But the seller seems to be nice~~~

When we got back I snacked a big handful of EnjoyLife granola! I like to have it as snack instead of with milk/yogurt. I studied an hour more and AGAIN assembled randomly my lunch: leftover tofu lasagna + 1/2 aduki rice with frozen veggies and frozen okra, spiced with gram Marsala, S+P and last two pieces of Tj's grilled chicken. It turned out to be a good combo. I've never had okra before, I really like its texture and its seed when is lightly cooked tastes like wheat berries.
I'm reading 1000 best recipes to find a good recipe for Pears for this week's BSI contest runned by Erica.
Dessert was 1/2 fage with the sample FiberOne cereal that I got last week. I must say that it's too sweet to be a cereal, it tastes okay but not great. conclusion: I won't buy it!

Have to run to campus.....back later.
Here Maryland is a rainy and windy day :( hope you guys have better weather whenever you are.


VeggieGirl said...

Your eats are "randomly" delicious!! :0)

HAHA!! I even multitask in MY dreams as well ;0)

Same weather here :0(

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Maria said...

I love the breakfast creation...the purple color won me over:) Looks like a pretty tasty day of random eats:)

just me said...

great eats!!! i have dreams like that too...so crazy!!!

weather here...well, i can't complain. it's around 75 and sunny...gotta love socal!

misstiffie said...

I dream SOOO much!!! Most of the time it's several dreams in one night but sometimes I'll wake up, go to the bathroom, and CONTINUE the dream :O Insanity and so tiring...

I LOVE the violet oatmeal :] I need to go buy some blueberries or blackberries.. I wonder if figs would cook well with them.. I'm even tempted to make KABOCHA oats next time :] MMM...

& boo to Fiberone cereal being too sweet, with a name like that you'd think that it wouldn't be.. but then their bars are like candy bars..

wholefoodswholeme said...

very pretty oats! i definitely do dream lots of random "scenes" within one night. i often remember it all so vividly for the first half an hour upon waking, and then after that i'm like, "noooo i didn't dream last nigh i slept like a baby" it just slips through your fingers!

Anonymous said...

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