October 9, 2008

new invention for dinner

This afternoon's snack was an apple and a piece of apple and pecan cake that i got from Co-op. it was okay, not as good as zucchini cake that i got last time. Anyway, I need some fuel before the spinning class. It was a 45 min class, pretty good. Plus I walked from my home to campus and walked back, it is about an hour. So, today's workout was purely cardio. My weekly workout consists of two 90 min class of vinyasa yoga at sacred space, two or three class of spinning for cardio and maybe two days off or one additional day for yoga by myself. I think it's a good balance, since yoga is a complete workout, specially I take advanced class which has more balance, strength poses that keep challenging me. And spinning is a good cardio workout and good for lower body as well.
when I came back, I had soy milk in powder form that I bough in asian store. I has a different flavor than other soy milk, with more soy flavor.

Back to food. I managed to prepare my dinner in 15min. I made stir fry of frozen veggies + spinach at the end. For the sauce i used soy sauce+ vinager+sugar+ pepper + sesame oil. Besides, I wanted to have seaweed but I didn't want soup. So, I made souffle of seaweed.
It's a simple recipe:
handful of seaweed hydrated in water
1 whole egg
1 egg white
mixed all together and pour into my special pan 10 min and voila! seaweed souffle. It's easy, healthy and full of nutrient.

I had some brown rice and wheatberries as well.
Dinner is delicious and colorful.

tomorrow i'll have to teach 3 courses, i'd better go to bed early and have some readings. I find my new book really interesting. "factory girls"


Wei Tou said...

dear, u r way more creative then I thought!! I have to admit, somebody is born to be a great chef!

Meg said...

Great workout!

Never heard of powdered soy milk!

Hope your classes go well!

balance, joy and food! said...

Meg, powered soy milk is new and has a different flavor. It's easier to store.

Meg said...

I used Jello brand instant pudding in my oatcakes. Usually stores have their own brand of it too. They are all about the same.

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