October 24, 2008

A little more about me~ (at the end)

I just came back from airport, it's 8pm and me starving! Quick solution? leftover pumpkin polenta chili. throw some baby spinach and heat the egg white poach that I made the other day! As side dish&dessert was baked butternut squash. So yummy!!! Viva leftovers!

look the spoon!

dessert was a cup of "beauty drink" (white fungus) and a marroc.
My argentinian friend had to go to Argentina to attend a friend's wedding, his flight was 9.45pm, we left at 6pm so I was expecting to be back home before 7.30pm, but the traffic was so terrible and my stomach was making weird sounds! Fortunately I had soy chips in the car (just in case!) and I finished the remaining package (about 20 chips?!)

Before leaving this afternoon I had a big snack. 1 cup of Kashi, an apple with cottage cheese and tea with milk.
Despite the big snack I began to hungry at 6. I don't know what happened to me today, I was getting hungry so often! Hormones? This morning spinning class? Did you guys have the same experience? And what did you do? I just followed my body signal and eat more! right?

okay. you guys have been reading me talking about argentinian chocolate, argentinian friends, etc. well, what happens is that I'm officially argentinian now. By officially I mean I have argentinian citizenship. I know that I don't look like argentinian, but I spent half of my life in Argentina, Buenos Aires (my favorite city in the world), which is about 13 years. My origin is chinese but my family moved to Argentina 15 years ago. I can say that I grown up in Argentina. Latin culture is part of me, I speak better spanish than chinese and most of my friends here in US are Argentinians.
I know that most of you know anything about Argentina except that it's good playing soccer. But I can assure you that if you had the change to visit there, you'd be really surprised! Because it's nothing like a developing country, it's actually more like an European city, specially Madrid, even Paris. Oh~~~ I miss Mi Querida Buenos Aires!

Hope everyone is having good evening!


VeggieGirl said...

That chili and butternut squash look AMAZING!! Yum.

Definitely just listen to your body, and eat accordingly.

SOOO fun/lovely to learn more about you!! :0)

Meg said...

How cool that you are official now? Doesn't that chili make awesome leftovers? The flavors really blend together!

just me said...

wow~ you're officially an Argentinian citizen! super exciting!

and i love the polenta chili!

Wei Tou said...

that's a cute photo:-))

alicia said...

That's so interesting about you being chinese and argentine.

I'm more conventional as I'm chinese living in asia. :)

Sharon said...

Mmmmm squash! I definitely need to go buy one! Hahah. And that spoon is so neat! I am a sucker for cool cutlery!

Juliet said...

How does the "beauty drink" work? :)

HangryPants said...

So cool! Thanks for sharing. I saw Anthony Bourdain when he went to Argentina and it was so fascinating. I had no idea it had been "settled" by so many different people and therefore, influenced by so many other cultures. Seems like a cool place.

Joanna said...

that is an interesting beauty drink. what are the benefits of it?

Tim Rosanelli said...

I love that spoon. My wife collects antiques and interesting dishes and serving utensils like that.

The baked butternut squash looks yummy.

Tim Rosanelli
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Anonymous said...

OOO cools!! :D If I'm ever in Argentina we need to play!! :D

Anonymous said...

I love Argentina! My mom's side of the family is from Buenos Aires. She moved here (DC area)when she was 15. I've been multiple times and love the city! Shoes stores everywhere the most amazing food. I wish I could go back soon its been about 10 years since I last went. I used to go all the time growing up. My dad still brings me bag Sugus and Havana Alfajores whenever he goes down there for work :)

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