February 28, 2009

negative correlation (research, eats)! ~~ New Challenge proposal!

Hello everyone! It's a wonderful Saturday here and I had a fabulous Friday yesterday! ^_^ (you can tell I'm in good mood today, aren't you?) As the title says, whenever I'm productive with work, I'm meh with my eats. It's not my intention and I certainly don't want that happen, but it just happen. But... I'm determined to change this situation. Because I realized that I feel low/stressed out about my work because that's the only thing that I was focusing on, all my emoticons/thoughts relates directly and exclusively to my progress in work, and that's really unhealthy, both mentally and physically. So, I need a CHANGE! As a lot of you challenge yourself with something, I will join you by challenging myself. How? I'm not 100% sure yet, maybe dedicate one hour everyday in prepare a good meal? cook everyday and eat less leftovers? Another thing that I was thinking to do with you guys is some kind of Trying new Exotic foods. Most of us stick to our usual eats, some part of us want to try new things, and some other part say "what if it's not good?"... So, let's challenge our inner "fear" to try new things together, and as this is a food blogger, what a better way to begin to try new food. What do you think? Would you like to participate? Let me know so I can think how to organize to make it doable and with more participants.
Okay. now, back to yesterday. I woke up at 3am!!! (don't worry, it's the exception rather than rules nowadays ^_^). Read a while, snack, read blogs, wrote my post, did a 45 min yoga core, breakfast and finished grading.
Snack: goji-chocolate muffin + almond breezeFor breakfast I wanted to try something new. I tried to use oat bran for pancakes. I used oatbran, almond milk, pumpkin, vanilla/cinnamon and baking powder. But the result was dissapointing. it does not look pancake at all!!!! Just when I was feeling bad about my new experient, I had a first bite and I said "wait a minute, this is really good! it has a very especial texture...not the usual oatbran porridge, not pancake's style either, but a texture between mashed bread and pudding. Really interesting!" I had a pear and GYG with it... and then, played with it and made it a big cookie (a la Gina)I'll definitely work on this combo to make it more presentable so you guys can try it too!
I had to teach at 11am and planned to work in the afternoon. So for lunch I made a warm-salad with broccoli, corns, rice, wheat berries, textured soy protein, baked red peppers and mushroom. It was quite a good combo, I enjoyed it a lot. And 3 muffins for dessert/snack.Work was meh yesterday... I felt terribly asleep by 4pm, so I went home and went straight to bed. Had a 90 min nap (usually my nap can't last longer than 30min) and woke up refreshed. Obviously I couldn't go back to work, so I went to the gym. I run in the treadmill for 35 min (my first run after 2 months) and 30 min on the Ellipticals for some leisure reading. I felt WONDERFUL!!!!!!! oh...how I miss the miracle that cardio workout can do.
oh.... I forgot to mention my afternoon snack was this bar of milk chocolate I found the other day and an orange
It's so smooth, so perfectly sweetned. Love it!
Dinner came alone: sauteed bok choy with mushroom and two Tj's turkey meatball.Kabocha squash fries. I can't believe that being a squash lover, it's my first time making fries with it. Thanks Maggie for showing me how to make them so easy and fast!.
And black rice porridge. Really simple, but really delicious meal!Finally, I had frozen strawberries, wheat berries and Smooth Operator as dessert.HEAVEN!!!
Great great friday in term of eats, workouts and mind. (Boo to the reserach). I will take this weekend off as well.... I think I deserve it! ^_^

Question: related to what I said at the beginning. How often do you try new/exotic food/products? Would you like to join to the challenge that I will organize on trying them out?

February 27, 2009

Buddy's talk~~

How was everyone's Thursday? Excited because it was just one day to Friday? Mine was great not because my eats were specially yummy, not because my work was productive, but because I could catch up with my best buddy!~ ^_^ He's so fun to talk with. We talk about economics (he's in the program too), about relationships, about other friends, and also gossip!! haha...yeah~ you can gossip with guy friends too!! He always makes me laugh so much!! It's definitely a different kind sense of humor than my Chinese friends.... (oh..he's from Argentina as well). I kind of like the fact that I can enjoy both culture's sense of humor and both of them consider me exotic! :D The funniest thing is when I first talk to some Spanish speaker with my very accent Argentinian Spanish, they get sooooo amazed and have to open their eyes trying to verify that I look Asian! hahaha..... I really enjoy these moments! I feel so special! ^_^ Do you have any moment that you feel especially special?
Okay. now, the rest of my day which was boring. Woke up almost at 6.30am (9 hs of sleep), too late for a long yoga session because I had to teach at 8am, so I just did 20 min vinyasa flow #1. Breakfast was similar than yesterday's: instead of oat bran, I had 1/2 cup of 5 grains Old Wessex, 1/2 cup almond milk, 2 tbsp egg white, vanilla/cinnamon, 2 tbsp wheat berries, topped with dry dates, GYG and strawberry yogurt.AM snack: a "mundie" and 1 packet of BB.Worked through 1pm for lunch: leftover sauteed lotus with broccoli, scrambled egg with tomato, sauteed bok choy with mushrooms and rice.Dessert was a aduki beans mochi!Worked a little more and get tired, so I switch from research to TA duties: GRADING! I hate doing gradings!!! it takes me forever! but well, it burns less neurons than research.
Overloading on PM snacks: a tiny pear, another paket of BBpineapple (courtesy of my roomie Savanna)and a goji-chocolate muffin
Then I went to meet with my friend, we talked, we laughed and we arranged to hang out this weekend.
Back home at 8.30pm, surprisingly I wasn't hungry due to the big PM snack, so something simple and boring. Blac rice porridge, sauteed edamame with chinese pickles and dry spicy pumpkin.And the best part came later: fage + frozen strawberries + wheat berries!
I had two cups of thisWonderful!!!! This is definitely my favorite dessert so far! You really should try it out if you haven't yet.

Question: do you have a close guy friend? What do you like about him? In my case, I always had close guy friend around because I feel like I'm a boy in some aspects so I can understand them and have fun with them. What I like about them most is their simplicity, honesty and directness.

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February 26, 2009

How was yout hump day? Mine was moody~~

Yeah~~~ I celebrated the hump day with 7 hrs of work, began my day with 45min power vinyasa #1, went to spin class at 5pm and was on bed at 9pm. I think taking a break in the middle of the week is really useful to recharge energy, since my weekend won't begin until Saturday night!
But I had mood swing yesterday (I invented a new word "moody" for it ^_^) First, I woke up at 5am with a terrible nightmare (a annoying guy chasing me around). Then, the day went through well with good work. After then spin class I felt wonderful. And finally after dinner...I felt very very low! I don't know how someone can have such big emotional swing in a day??????
Anyway, let's recap on eats. Breakfast was AGAIN 1/2 cup oat bran, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, vanilla/cinnamon, GYG and 1/2 cup strawberries yogurt.It was a huge, cute, yummy bowl~~~
AM snack was two of these goji chocolate muffinsLunch came late again (I should cut back on munching on muffins) at 1.30pm. I had leftover chili, 1/2 baked red peppers and snake fish.Not a big deal but I got my belly happy and all nutrients for the day.
After lunch, my digestion time came with 3 minis and blog readings! Love Maggie's new template! ^_^
This is how I sit when I'm tired of work :)
PM snack before the spin class: Tj's pop seeds bread with BB. (I was hungry at all at 4.30pm, but as I know I'd burn some extra cal, I'd better add some in).
Back home before dinner I could help to munchies on this gigantic orange!It was so sweet and juicy! I devoured it in <5 style="font-weight: bold;">Dinner: my new fav veggie: lotus, stir-fried with broccoli and some chicken flavored textured soy protein sauteed bok choy with mushrooms black rice porridge and some kabocha. STUFFED!!! Dessert was two bowls of Fage 2% with cinnamon. BLOATED!!! Does anyone have this problem too? I get really bloated after having fage. It does not happen with other kind of yogurt though.
Okay. Michelle @luckytastebuds has awarded me a creative blogger award! So, I'll pass it to these lovely ladies
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I began to watch Lipstic Jungle series. Has anyone watched it? I'm a big fan of Sex and the City, so I guess I'll like it too.

Question: What's your favorite girly TV series and why?

February 25, 2009

Crazy day~~ work overload and cake overload! And award!

Thanks for all the touching words and supports you gave me yesterday! They made me feel cared and loved by all you guys. I thing I've noticed from your answer to my question about how do you know he's The one is that You Just Know! There's not any countable reason, but You just know it, everything just feel right, everything from him is just perfect for you (although he might not be perfect, but perfect to match you). But thanks thanks thanks, I really appreciate it!!
Yesterday was a crazy day of work... 11 hours!!! grrrrrrr.......... and overload of cake because yesterday was my fav girlfriend Qiao's birthday!~ It was a intimated birthday party: just she and me! ^_^ I feel so honored to be the only guest! She's soooo funny and adorable! I like her! :DWoke up early again at 5 am, but it was good because I had time to do 60 min power vinyasa #1 and read blogs before heading to office and start work at 8.30am.
Before going to AM snack let me know you my breakfast made with 1/2 cup mix of oat bran and oats, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1 tiny pear chopped, GYG and Peanut & Co. Smooth operator. Looks how cute is this pear, it adds the perfect sweetness!Delicioso!!!
okay. Now, AM snack: the so unexpected goji berries choc muffin!I had second right after this one.More work and another late meh lunch (1.30pm): sauteed green with mushrooms, baked salmon (it exploded in the microwave) and rice.Dessert was Mundies! ^_^ (love these)
Working working!!! PM snack came to give me a break: apple!It didn't full me but I didn't want to ruin my appetite again for dinner.
Okay. left office at 6.30pm to go to Qiao's home. She made us noodles (a chinese tradition to have noodles on birthdays, because it means longevity), steamed glutinous rice filled with chicken, sauteed sprouts (my leftovers).She was so nice to omit the spicy chili for me because last year I mouth was on Fire! It was delicious everything. And finally, the cake!A huge one!!! Obviously we didn't eat the entire cake, but many many large bites!
More dessert: ice cream filled in a real pineapple!!! have u guys ever seen this before? I haven't and it was sooo cute!
After dinner, I had to work for two more hours and that summed up to 11 hours of work!!! oh...man.... my head almost exploded!!!

Michelle @luckytastebuds, a beautiful, funny and adorable girl, has awarded me a creative blogger award! Thank you so much!!!I'll pick up 5 people later to pass the award.

oh.. lastly, don't forget to participate Mara's giveaway!

Question: do you like a girlfriend that you like a lot? What do you like about her?
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