May 31, 2009

MIA for a reason! ^_^

Sorry lovely people that I've been MIA without notice, but I had good reason for it! STAR is here!!! Yeah~~ He arrived on Friday night and will stay here until next Tuesday! So, with the craziness of work, commute and trying to live a normal life with blogging and work outs, I couldn't find time to blog. But fortunately it will work out soon! I already have some kind of "plan" for the work out!
So, first recap of Friday. Because of the excitement of Thursday night's climbing, here's the one pic of meI couldn't sleep well (5 hours) so I was sleepy and tired all day long.
Breakfast was a dessert style breakkie: chocolate pudding oatbran which was soooooooo delicious!
  • 1/2 cup oat bran
  • 1/2 cup almond breeze chocolate
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup silken tofu
  • 2 tbsp flax meal
  • topping: frozen strawberries
It was soooo delish and hold me until lunch time. For lunch I packed scrambled tomatoes with egg, bamboo with chicken and leftover eggplant with cucumber. And a big bowl of brown rice.We didn't have a break/lunch room so I had my lunch on my desk. Where I had my dessert too.
PM snack: a tomato (yes, I like it as fruit sometimes) and McCanne's packed flavored oatmeal.Back home exhausted dinner had to be quick and easy: sauteed chinese broccoli, bamboo with chiken, steamed kabocha and rice porridge.Dessert: two marrocsThen Star arrived!!!~~~ So excited and so happy!! ^____^
We slept well (fortunately he didn't have jet lag). I woke up an hour before him and went to the gym for some cardio (haven't done it for ages and really craved it): 30 min on the treadmill and 20 on Elliptical. Back home, he just woke up, perfect timing for breakfast!
He had pork buns with almond milk (I made it)And I had WW toasts with 2 kinds of homemade AB and a mango.After we did laundry (Star did it) and some cleaning (Star did it) we went to Farmer Market. It was my first time here in US and it was so exciting to see fresh produces! ^_^ Look these strawberries, soooooo appetizing! I had two boxes for $12 (so expensive!!! but so worth it!)
Lunch came late (2pm). I made sauteed pork with chili and lotus and sauteed bok choy for Star.I made a gigantic cleaning fridge kind of salad: a bed of fresh greens, tomatoes, sauteed mini peppers with mushrooms and 1/2 avocado, dressing was simply olive and balsamic.I had a belly expansion after this huge bowl. But there is always space for my fav dairy free chocolate pudding.We spent the whole afternoon watching chinese tv-series and snacking
kamut flakeskorean cookiesand etc....
All these snacks ruined my appetite for dinner, so I had a small bowl of porridge with some Chinese pickles and kabocha!You guys might think we should do something more exciting than just lying down and watch movies... but both of us actually enjoy more this way of relax! so boring but so enjoyable! Look how we look Hope all you guys have a great Sunday~~ ^_^

May 29, 2009

Awesome night!!!!~~~~ ^_^

Last night climbing was AWESOME!!! I got home at 10.30pm and couldn't go to sleep until midnight because of the excitement! I haven't climbed for about a year and was worried about not being able to do it anymore. But our body is so smart, I did it well and was not tired at all! I went there with 3 more friends and they were looking at me lying down on the floor and wonder: why you make it look so easy? hahahah..... I guess yoga made me stronger and trained well all those small muscles that other kind of strengthen training wouldn't do. It was AMAZING people! If you never tried climbing, go and try it! you'll love it!~~~

Quick recap of eats... (I have exactly 15 min to finish this post! as you see, scheduling is still not working). Oh.... almost forgot, I did manage to do a 20 min yoga in the morning! (not a big deal, but at least I began to workout)
Breakfast had to be done in 10 min (prepare and eat), so a gigantic grapefruit and two WW toasts with homemade almond butter (2 kinds).Snack at the office: powder soy milk and cereal bar.
For lunch I packed: scrambled egg with tomatoes and leftover cucumber with eggplants. And big bowl of brown rice.for PM snack I packed pre-made steel cuts with chinese dates and the last piece of almond butter cornbread.I hit the road to go to the climbing gym and got really hungry so I stopped by WF and bought a big salad box (13.75$) for dinner, and ate it in the car while I waited for my friends. It has a lot of veggies, turkey, tofu and hummus.Finished it all and had a sample of chocolate as dessert.I don't know how could I climb with all that food in my stomach, but my metabolism has been crazily fast so I didn't feel weird!
Night snack: white fungus + 2 marrocs (argentinian chocolate)!My friends took pics of me climbing but haven't sent them to me, so let me end with an old pic and update it later.

Question: what's the wildest/most adventurous sport you've ever done?

May 28, 2009

Communiting is exhausting!!~~~

Hi lovely people! I'm sorry that this post will be another mediocre one. The commuting is exhausting me these days. Although I only spend 45 min between car-metro, I still feel pretty tired when I get home and 8 hours of sleep doesn't seem enough for me anymore. New schedule for workout and blogging is on the way, but I'm thinking about doing yoga in the morning at least 3 days a week and maybe two days in the gym for some cardio (which implies I need to leave home at 7am instead of 8am). When I come back from work, even it's only 6.30pm (early for a workout) I just feel tired and don't want to do anything but lay on the sofa and check out posts that I missed during the day. Where is my will power??? Come back soon!!!

Eats was mediocre as well. Still no lunch pic because my supervisor took me for lunch and basically I had some stir-fry veggies, curry chicken and rice.
Breakfast was at home and it was good
  • 1/4 dry steel cuts made the night before
  • 1/4 chinese dates (Alison, chinese dates are red)
  • splash of almond milk to hydrate
  • 2 squares of almond butter cornbread (one at the beginning, one in the middle way)
Very satisfying!
the other scrambled cornbread halfway through
As the day before I was starving all day long, I packed good amount of snacks to store it in the office: cereal bars, powdered soy milk, crackers and assorted tea bags.Along the day, I had two cereal bars, an apple and 4-5 crackers.
We had a social Ice-Cream at work: I had a bowl of chocolate ice cream with walnuts!!!
Back home, feeling really tired, I thought maybe I was tired because I was not working out. So I managed to do 60 min Dave Farmers class and felt great afterward.
Dinner was simple: stir-fry chinese broccoli, leftover shrimp with cucumber and a pot made with cucumber, eggplants, mushrooms with a miso dressing.all with a new porridge made with brown rice and cracked dry corns
Dessert was the expected comfort food: kabocha! with my little friend.
Tonight I'm going to a climbing gym with a friend! I haven't climb for almost a year! I'm super excited to see how bad I am now! ^_^
Have everyone a great Thursday!

Question: Do you pack lunch to office? Any tips on that? I need to begin to pack lunch to work, so I need your help!

May 27, 2009

Quick, short post: award & game

Day 1 of work was good. I'm not allowed to say more than that since I'm working on a Federal Agency, so communication is prohibited for all stuffs and interns.
This post will be short since I have exactly 30 min before I have to leave. (I need to reschedule with the blogging and working out).
First, I received from the lovely Michelle the CUTEST award ever: Cyber Bra! How cool is that?! thank you Michelle!!! I'm honored to pass this award to the following amazing friends:
These ladies are really great/inspirational friends... they provided me with greatest advices and supports when I most needed. I'm glad that new people are visiting my blog! So happy to make new friends!

Want to play a blog friend game? Ashley and Sophia are organizing a very cool game for us: Warm Fuzzies Game! I'm participating! It's going to be so fun! check it out!
Last, a extremely short recap of food. Breakfast at home
  • 1/4 (dry) steel cuts made with water and chinese dates the night before
  • splash of almond breeze to hydrate it
  • 2 tbsp flax meal
  • icing: frozen blended mango + ricotta cheese
  • topping: unsweetened coconut flakes
It sounds a tropical oat combo: Yummy~~
I packed snacks for the day: 1 square of almond butter cornbread, an apple and a cereal bar.
Lunch at the cafeteria: an expensive but lame tuna salad (never again!), no pic!
Back home, STARVING!!! I had a powdered soy milk right away when I checked emails and blogs (as you can imagine, I couldn't do it during the day).The earliest dinner ever at 6.30pm (so I don't over snack): stuffed mini peppers with meat, sauteed bok choy with mushrooms and black rice porridge.Dessert: dairy free chocolate pudding.Later in the night around 9pm I had a bowl of kabocha and a marroc. I think it's okay to have a later snack if I have early dinner. (plus I was especially hungry yesterday).Exhausted, I fold myself into bed at 10.30pm.

I need to figure out where can I put my workout routine in this new schedule.
Question: When do you workout during weekdays?
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