May 13, 2009

Almost doing nothing~ ^_^

Yesterday I almost did nothing but time flew by faster than I wanted. I guess this is a sign that I am enjoying my vacation! ^_^ Well...actually I did work, not on my research, but on TA duties, what I hate most: grading!!! Students might think that teacher enjoy evaluating them.... NO!!! not at all!!! I hate hate hate grading problem sets and exams. It's such a waste of time for me.. I learn nothing and get very anxious!
Anyway. Let's move on!
For breakfast I tried for the first time Sarah's icing method. I used 1/4 c. cottage cheese, 1/4 c. pumpkin and 2 tbsp greek yogurt and tons of cinnamon for the icing. And one serving of pre-cooked steel cuts with 1/2 banana, almond breeze for the base.Topped with 1 tbsp of homemade almond butter and coffeeIt was sooooo good! the cold icing over a warm oatmeal... perfection!!! How is possible that I didn't try it before?
I spent most of my morning on grading (after blogging, reading blogs, watching news, some house work). I couldn't focus on what I was reading and got very anxious. So, the expected snacking followed.
first: one chopped apple with cottage cheese and cinnamonthen: treats from Krista with more almond butterI didn't have lunch at home. My best friend Agustin (it's about time to give his name) invited me for lunch together with 3 other friends and his parents in DC. Sorry, I didn't take pic but I had a tuna steak that looks like this (from google pic)
It was my first time having tuna steak... I was amazed by how good it was.. it really tasted and looked like steak instead of fish. AMAZING!!! And I guess its nutrition values are great too!
Back home I finished grading and munched some fresh strawberries before I went to a spinning class.Continuing with the Using Pantry food challenge, I used chinese salty duck egg. It looks like this
It has a very special flavor. Usually chinese people like to have it plain with rice porridge. I like adding it to veggies as condiment. This time I used dried shrimp and broco-flower (new food, Katie), mushrooms, salt, brown sugar and corn starch. Dinner also inclueded sauteed romaine lettuce with garlic. And millet porridge.It was delicious a meal~~~ I had Qiao being my company because she needed more help with her Micro exam.
Dessert was tea with argentinian alfajores and granola bar.
During lunch yesterday we talked about how bad economic/political situation is in Argentina and that we wouldn't want to go back after we graduate. There was an argentinian couple in the table. He graduated last year with Ph.D in economics and he's planning to go back to Argentina next year with his wife who works for World Bank currently. At first, it was hard to believe that they'd give up their $150.000 yearly income to go back to Argentina without even knowing what they'll going to do there. But they said: " life is short and we don't want to regret when we are 70 years old of not being able to spend more time with our family. We are comfortable in US but we think we would be happier if we could be around with more familiar faces." I think it's really a respectable reason. I don't know if I could do the same but it made me wonder how much I value family. I thought I valued it a lot, but maybe not enough.

Question: Would you give up your professional career for your family? Have you?


Anonymous said...

This icing is ingenious... and given that I am without almond butter at the moment, I think I must try it! I'm guessing you just blended those ingredients together? Sounds (and looks!!) really good!

I really want to try a Chinese salty duck egg! I love hardboiled eggs generally, so I think this is right up my alley! Where do you buy these? It looks tasy indeed...

In answer to your question, no. I've studied 6 years to become a lawyer. I won't ever give that up for a family. I know it sounds harsh, but that's just not something I think I could do. I would like to have a family one day - but not for a while - and I guess I'll have to work out how to effectively juggle things when the time comes!

Also, thanks for your travel tips! Barcelona sounds wonderful!

Pearl said...

when my family had porridge, my mom would break out the salty egg. since i didn't like egg, i avoided it, but the rest of my family adored the combination.

in response to your question, i think i would give up a professional career for my family (family as in if i had children). my mother stayed home and raised me for pretty much the entire time i was growing up and taught me her good values and ethics; i want to instill that in my children, too. i don't want children anytime soon, but if i did have children, i'd like a career where i could work from home (like a writer) or spend time with them when they're at home.

Anonymous said...

Your iced oatmeal looks awesome! For me, I think it would be hard to leave Canada to go somewhere where I couldn't pursue my career, but depending on the circumstances, I would leave.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful meals, I love ahi tuna! That's an interesting story/question...I'd have to say yes, family is my biggest priority and time spent with (or without) them, is something you can never get back. Love your blog :D

Anonymous said...

i'm selfish. I won't ever give up my career. so I guess I'm destined to a life of a spinster, which is fine by me, actually.
wow, thanks for giving us the side of view from a TA! I've always been the student, so did not learn to empathize with the overload of a teacher's work compared to a student's!

Sweta said...

I've never tried duck eggs-must try them!!
Yes, I gave up a very successful career as a Dietitian when my son was born.He's two years old now and I love being a housewife and a full-time mom.I believe kids need a mom most at this age.I am planning to get back to work once he starts schooling. So,till then it's one long holiday :)

Krista said...

Sounds like you're having a good time off....except for the marking, of course!!!

I would give up my job for my family. To me, my job is just that, not a career. I've never really wanted all the responsibility that comes with a career.

Janetha said...
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janetha said...

sorry i'm comment handicapped today. what i was going for..again..

hold up! this icing thing is something i definitely have to try immediately!

that egg looks a little gnar but i like eggs generally so it is probably really good.

i would give up anything and everything for my family!

have a good day!

just me said...

i think i would give up my career for my family. if they needed me i would be there for them no matter what. i know it would be very hard though, but in the end it would all be worth it.

Anonymous said...

yayyy coco, so glad the icing was a success!! the most brilliant thing to add to oatmeal, in my opinion :-)

and i LOVE alfajores! i used to eat them in peru all the time. and i so wish i had a teleporter machine so i could zoom down there right now and pick some up!

Maggie said...

I realized recently that I DO value family so much. Bobby and I are thinking of moving back to the east coast - either Miami (his family) or New York City (my family is in New Jersey) - because we both think we'd be happier there. Nothing is set in stone yet, but being 3000 miles from my family has made me realize how much I do care about them and how much my happiness relies on being around familiar faces.

I thought that I could give up family for a career, but I don't think so anymore. My mom stayed home with me and my brother and sister (she homeschooled us until I was in 6th grade actually) and I think that it was a great choice. And my dad has always been very present in our lives - when he first started his company he even had an office in our home. Same for Bobby's family - his mom stayed home for him and his sister, and his dad retired when he was about 5, so he's always been very close to them.

Hehe, long comment. But it's a really good question.

TheBoyfriend1124 said...

nice to see you enjoying your wonderful food in your new hourse.


Alison said...

The icing is such an interesting idea!
I hate grading. I once had to grade 30 papers which were 30 pages each. Awful!
I don't know if I'd give up my career for my family. I probably would, but it would really depend on the circumstances. I'm not selfless enough to do it unless I saw some benefit for myself.

Gina said...

Grading papers was my life last quarter. What are you in graduate school for? That tuna steak looks great. As for your question, I would give up my career for my family if I had to, but only if it was in my family's best interest (for example, if I had a child with a chronic illness and someone needed to take care of him/her throughout the day). But the reason would really have to be serious, I've been studying too long and too hard!

Anonymous said...

I answered your question on my blog :-)

The Dainty Pig said...

That is a tough question! I think I would be able to give up my career for my family, but only if I didn't feel angry about it, or as if I was making a making a mistake or a big sacrifice....because after all, you do only have one life, and if you make your life unhappy at the expense of someone else (yes, even family), I think you may regret it later. A lot of thinking would be required though; too much for a blog comment!

Your food looks delicious! Especially that breakfast---mmmm so good!

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