May 20, 2009

Easy day 1 of the challenge & unexpected visit! ^_^

The first day of the challenge went well, I ate smaller but denser portions, didn't feel bloat and felt satisfied. And the big news was Star is coming to visit me on Friday!!! He's going back to China for work and will stop in DC for one day and when he comes back next week, he'll stay for 5 days!!! I'm so happy about this unexpected short-time visit!!! I haven't seen him for almost two months, which is shorter than our usual reunion, but still missed him a lot. I just like to have him around me! ^_^
I woke up yesterday at 7am (9.5 glorious hours of sleep) totally bright and awaken. I guess I'm getting old and 7 hours is just not enough for me anymore! Prepared a good breakfast for the day 1:
  • 1/3 c. flax porridge
  • 1/3 c. almond milk
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/4 c. egg white
  • 2 tbsp pumpkin
  • 2 tbsp flax meal
  • 1 tbsp low fat yogurt
  • 1 tbsp maple-raisin AB
A yummy combo of carbs, fat, protein and flavor! It hold me for 5 hours and no AM snack.
I talked to my mom for an hour and spent the rest of the morning surfing on Internet just for leisure. Usually when I surf, I have a purpose in mind: read news, check blogs, look for new recipes, etc, and always felt I'd spend more time reading/doing other stuffs. And vacation is just the moment to do that, even to do those stupid quizzes!! ^_^ I love how I "waste" my time!
Lunch was simple: mini stuffed peppers and spinach over "noodles".Dessert: chocolate, treat from Krista. (I love it!!!)I didn't need nap yesterday so I spent my afternoon on more leisure surfing! I learned a lot about cholesterol and Glysemic Index (all for my Dad). Then I did 90 min yoga with Dave Farmer. I used to do yoga with and found podcast yoga classes annoying because of the talk. But now I love it! It's so much fun and alive. What he said is not only enlightening, but also made holding long poses easier!
PM snack: low fat plain yogurt (I craved plain yogurt instead of Greek, weird, but true), blueberries, flax meal and chopped chinese dates.And WW bread with LC.After those snacks, I still feel a little hungry. Instead of having more snacks which will be against my new challenge, I had an early dinner at 7pm (I usually have dinner around 8.30-9pm).
Sauteed cucumber with mushroom and sesame oil.Spicy dried pumpkin (homemade by Star's Mom) and Chinese pickles. And black rice porridge
After dinner I went for a walk around the neighbor with Qiao. Came back, ready for my dessert or PM snack (a la Krista): dairy free chocolate pudding and a small piece of the sweet cornbread.PERFECT ENDING! I enjoy day 1 of the challenge! I felt less sleepy, more energetic and satisfied! ^_^ (hopefully I'll adopt this new challenge as my new eating style)

Question:How often do you do blood test for general check?
I'm going to doc for a check today and wonder how often other people do it.


Gina said...

I love your challenge. I have actually made a similar challenge for myself, but it involves night-time eating. I think I eat too much between dinner and sleep. I want to add more calories in my diet during the day, less at night. This helps with gas and bloating too! It sounds like you are doing well so far. As for getting blood checks, I've actually never done it!!!

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear your challenge has been successful today - and very exciting about Star coming to visit you! I feel good about my challenge too. I still snacked a bit today, but it was mostly healthy so I'm happy.

I'm actually due to get my blood checked. I've been putting it off for ages! I think I'll go after exams...

I still need to try that dairy free pudding!!

Krista said...

I'm happy to hear day one of your challenge was a success, but I'm more happy to hear that Star is coming to visit you!!!

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

That's great you completed the first day of your challenge and feel good as a result! Great looking meals! The corn bread looks so good!
When you eat dinner at 9pm, what time do you go to bed? That's so late! I sometimes eat that late because I get really busy but I am not a fan. I like some digestion time before sleeping :-)
I should get my blood tested yearly- need to book an appointment :-) Thanks for the reminder

annie said...

yay star is coming! i hope you guys have a great date together!

janetha said...

oh that is fun to have a friend come to visit! have a blast!

glad your day 1 was successful and you were feeling better.. you may be onto something here!

ive never done blood checks.. i hate needles.. eeeek! good luck :)


Alison said...

I love your lunch. I also love wasting time on the Internet - I'm very good at it.
I never check my blood if I can help it. I have no real reason to and I'm deathly afraid of needles.

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

Melissa: I usually go to bed around 11pm. I know, I don't digest enough before going to sleep, that's why I am trying to have earlier dinner from now on!

Janetha: Star is my bf and future husband! :)

Maggie said...

I got tested for diabetes once in college (negative, luckily). I've never had a general blood test though. I would like to do it soon because I'm interested to see my cholesterol and other things.

I'm starting your challenge today, I hope. I have such trouble with nighttime eating. I eat most of my calories at night and then I can't sleep well and it makes me bloated! This is a really good challenge and I'm glad it works for you.

So excited for you and Star!

The Dainty Pig said...

yay! I'm so happy that Star is coming. I usually get a general checkup once a year, and they usually take my blood at the same time, to test for cholesterol, etc. (just normal tests).

I started your challenge today as well, with a normal sized bowl of hot grains and nuts and seeds. So far, i'm still feeling full, so let's see if I can continue to practice moderation the rest of the day :)

Pearl said...

ooh how did you make that dairy free chocolate pudding? it looks so rich and creamy!
AND YAY I''M SO EXCITED THAT STAR IS VISITING! how long will he be in china for?

Anonymous said...

yay for your boyfriend visiting you! can't wait to see the yummy dates he takes you on :D

Sweta said...

The sauteed cucumbers with mushroom look good!!

Anonymous said...

i sometimes crave regular yogurt instead of greek as well!!! I love that it's more moist and not as THICK!! Sometiems greek yogurt just feels so thick and heavy. :)

Yay for day 1 of the challenge down!!! And YAY for Star visiting!! I'm so excited for you!! It's so hard not to see someone you love and miss for so long! Has Star visited you before?? Do you have lots of activities planned for him? heheheh

I wish I was back in school too. I miss having holidays and sleeping in. :(

Emily said...

Sounds like your challenge is going well so far!

I've never had blood work done eek! I probably should, though.

Hooray for Star visiting!

Anonymous said...

I love Cabsha chocolates! The only place I've ever seen them is in Argentina!

Erica said...

SO exciting that Star is coming- I'm sure you're more than thrilled!!! Glad the challenge is going well so far. I go to the doctor every year or every other year for a physical and go to the girly doctor 1 x per year

Jessica said...

looks like you met your challenges! Great job!

Anonymous said...

cornbread! I have that every night!!
I hope you have a fabbity fab fab time with Star!
and congrats on the challenge!

Bec said...

i love the cadbury mint thins, so good!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad Star is coming to see you! He sounds like such a wonderful guy :) Yay!
I get my blood tests done once a year.

Anonymous said...


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