May 27, 2009

Quick, short post: award & game

Day 1 of work was good. I'm not allowed to say more than that since I'm working on a Federal Agency, so communication is prohibited for all stuffs and interns.
This post will be short since I have exactly 30 min before I have to leave. (I need to reschedule with the blogging and working out).
First, I received from the lovely Michelle the CUTEST award ever: Cyber Bra! How cool is that?! thank you Michelle!!! I'm honored to pass this award to the following amazing friends:
These ladies are really great/inspirational friends... they provided me with greatest advices and supports when I most needed. I'm glad that new people are visiting my blog! So happy to make new friends!

Want to play a blog friend game? Ashley and Sophia are organizing a very cool game for us: Warm Fuzzies Game! I'm participating! It's going to be so fun! check it out!
Last, a extremely short recap of food. Breakfast at home
  • 1/4 (dry) steel cuts made with water and chinese dates the night before
  • splash of almond breeze to hydrate it
  • 2 tbsp flax meal
  • icing: frozen blended mango + ricotta cheese
  • topping: unsweetened coconut flakes
It sounds a tropical oat combo: Yummy~~
I packed snacks for the day: 1 square of almond butter cornbread, an apple and a cereal bar.
Lunch at the cafeteria: an expensive but lame tuna salad (never again!), no pic!
Back home, STARVING!!! I had a powdered soy milk right away when I checked emails and blogs (as you can imagine, I couldn't do it during the day).The earliest dinner ever at 6.30pm (so I don't over snack): stuffed mini peppers with meat, sauteed bok choy with mushrooms and black rice porridge.Dessert: dairy free chocolate pudding.Later in the night around 9pm I had a bowl of kabocha and a marroc. I think it's okay to have a later snack if I have early dinner. (plus I was especially hungry yesterday).Exhausted, I fold myself into bed at 10.30pm.

I need to figure out where can I put my workout routine in this new schedule.
Question: When do you workout during weekdays?


Anonymous said...

Hello beautiful!

Firstly, thanks for the wonderful prize! I feel so special - its very touching :-) Does this mean I can post about it on my blog too? And pass it on also? Yaya!

I like the frozen mango in your oats - that sound luxurious! Yummy!!

And with every photo I see, that pudidng looks even MORE tempting!

Alison said...

Lately I'm working out in the morning. It's nice to get it over with.

Congrats on the first day of your job!

What are your Chinese dates like? Are there red and dried? I tried some fresh fruit in Taiwan that I think are known as Chinese dates. They were green and about the texture of apples or pears. But I've heard they dry up small and red.

Gina said...

Wow! Thanks for the gift :) That is too funny ,who comes up with those things?! Friends are like BRAS! haha. Again, your pudding looks amazing. I'm thinking you put more chocolate in it than I do, I'll have to add more, AND use a blender. As for working out on the weekends, I usually do it in the morning because if I don't, I never will! HAve an amazing day.

Krista said...

THANKS for the award!!! (((hugs)))

Glad to hear that your first day went well! Hope it continues to be like that.

I'm lucky enough to have a gym at the office so I go everyday at lunch....

Rachel said...

Everything looks delicious! Is 6:30 really an early dinner for you? It's about normal time for me, although I've been known to eat at 5:30 some nights!

I'm happy to hear your first day at work went well. During the week, I go for runs either in the early evenings or in the morning. It just depends on what my schedule is like. I'm sure you'll figure out a good routine though.

Much love,

Maggie said...

thank you so much :) you're a good friend!

I work out whenever I can... but I like to do it in the morning or afternoon. I don't like working out at night. I'd like to try it more often though, because it helps me sleep better!

Anonymous said...


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