May 6, 2009

FAQ part 2 and my love story!~

FAQ part 2
Ashley: Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla?
I'm 100% a chocolate person!

Krista: would you ever own a pet? If so, what kind of pet?
I've always wanted to have a pet... a dog preferably but haven't had the chance yet. From one hand, I think it's great to have a pet to have fun. From the other hand, I don't think I'll give it appropriate care and attention (too busy all the time) so I think the poor puppy would be sad. And lastly, it's a big responsibility, I don't want to have a pet just pet, I'd like to treat it as a friend, as a company, so if I'm not ready to assume this kind of responsibility, I won't have one.

Erica: who (can be more than one person) has most influenced your food choices the most?
To be honest, I think no one. Because my parents eat normally Chinese food and not so healthy sometimes, that's why my Dad was diagnosed to have Diabetes. I'm the one in the family to remind them to eat better and exercise more. It's hard to change their lifetime habit, but I'm working on it.

Pearl: what would you want to do as a career?
I've always thought to have a business career, an executive manager or something like that. But life is full of surprise. I've realized that I like doing research and the freedom that it gives me. I can work at home all day long wearing PJs, do whatever topic interests me most and have no boss or coworker to argue with. I'm not sure if I'm going to academia or not, but whatever I'm going to do will be research related work. It's more probable that I go to a government agency (Federal reserve, Congressional budget office, etc) or an international organization (IMF, World Bank, etc)

Maggie: how did you and Star meet? what's your love story?
That's a long story. We met on July 31th, 2001. (almost 8 years ago). We first met cybernetically in a chat room and chat about 30 min. In that moment he was in Brazil for business and was going to come to Argentina the next day, so he invited me for lunch to a really nice restaurant, so I had nothing to afraid of. I don't usually meet people that way (probably would chat a little bit longer than 30 min to decide to meet or not), but he was intriguing me with his career. By then, he was only 24 yrs old and he was the manager in his company, he said he had a master degree and worked for 2 yrs already. I did a quick calculation my mind: finish college at 22, finish master at 24, after two yrs of working he must have 26 yrs. old. So, either he is a genius or a lier. With curiosity I went to met him and he was very kind and smart. (He managed to finish college at 20 and master at 22). But we didn't begin to date until November 2002 because when I met him I had boyfriend, so we were just friends but I knew he wanted something more. When I broke up with my ex-friend I was very sad and devastated, it was a 3.5 yrs relationship and my first bf. So, as the old saying: there is nothing better to heal a relationship with a new one. So, even though I was not convinced and still thinking about my ex-bf, I began to date with Star. I think I was not convinced he is the One until couple years later. He was always patient to me, never forced to me to do anything, he was extremely generous to me and my family, and lastly he is the kindest person I've ever met in my life and having him with me assures me a happy life. Okay.

More Q&A to come. Hope you guys like it.
Quick recap of yesterday eats because under productivity in work continued.
Breakfast: I was so hungry that I couldn't wait 5 min to make oatmeal, so I had Tj's english muffin with strawberries, kiwi, LC and homemade Almond butter.Packed AM snack: Arg cereal bar, apple and candies from Annie.Lunch: chinese one pot meal, roasted rainbow carrots (soooo sweet!!) and cherry tomatoesDessert: ricotta + blueberries saucePM snack: chopped apple, fage and kamut puffs. and dill cornbreadBefore dinner I did a 90 min podcast of Dave Farmer (03/06/09), it was intense because he made us to hold poses for a long time and head stand was the resting posture. Maggie, you should try it!
Dinner: I made a roasted veggie sauce and turkey mini burgers.
For the sauce: roasted tomatoes, onions, eggplants and peppers for about 40 min in 350F. And then add them to the homemade tomato sauce with a big handful of spinach.
For the burger: ground turkey, soy sauce, cooking wine, Goya seasoning, S+P, a beaten egg. Bake for 20 min in 425F.
All over "angel hair".Delicious~~~
Dessert: dairy free chocolate pudding! I missed it!
Question: how did/would you design your home? Do/did you look ideas from magazines or you go to IKEA?


Lauren said...

Ooo the ricotta & blueberry sauce sounds like it would taste just like blueberry cheesecake. Yum!

I have a folder full of decorating ideas from catalogues. It's so much fun to dream about decorating my dream house!

Krista said...

I enjoyed eading your responses!!! It's nice to get to know you better.

That ricotta and bluberry sauce looks fab!

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I'm glad you said chocolate - that's definately the right answer!

I love that you met Star online! What a great story! Sounds like you guys have a wonderful relationship. I hope I meet someone so lovely sometime (soon, preferably!)

Oooh, I like that's you're eating more dairy! Do you like ricotta? I think its so yummy :-)

That dinner looks fabulous too :-) I love turkey, but never really eat a lot of it. I'll need to try this!

janetha said...

i love your pet response. you have a straight head on your shoulders, it is always important to look at both the fun and the responsibility side of having a pet. good on you, i appreciate that response!

also WOW your food all looked super good, you are quite the chef. the turkey burgers sounded great!

i need to stop looking at your blog until i can eat solid foods again!!

Run Sarah said...

Loved reading your questions - what a sweet story about you and Star!

annie said...

i hope you're enjoying the candy!
that love story is so cute! why is it that you meet someone during the wrong time? but everything ends up being right in the end?

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

Great Q&A!

Your meals look so good! Yum! Especially the blueberry sauce and ricotta! Great idea!

Michelle @ Find Your Balance said...

What are rainbow carrots? I've never seen those!

We decorate our home with a good deal of Ikea furniture blended with more expensive items. It's actually quite embarrassing, we bought our home a year ago and have only finished painting/furnishing/decorating one room! Sigh...

Maggie said...

that's such a sweet love story :)

i will definitely try the podcast. i like it when the resting pose is headstand!

i like getting furniture from a few different places. i do have a few things from ikea, but i also have nicer items. the things from ikea are the things that don't matter much (2 night stands and the dresser - no one sees our bedroom but us). my mom quilts and she's given us a lot of them, so i like to base my color schemes off of her quilts. she's so talented!

Pearl said...

awww Coco - i loved that story of how you and Star met. he sounds like a great guy :)

The Dainty Pig said...

What a lovely story about how you and Star met. Glad that you guys have such a great relationship :D

Your food, as usual, looks delicious! That ricotta is speaking to me!

I decorate randomly, with stuff from a bunch of places: Ikea, second-hand stuff, some nicer and more funky kitchen stuff from a neat little italian kitchenware place, art from all over...we just live in a tiny apartment, so options are limited! But i'm definitely not set to one style or one store.

Alison said...

Sweet love story!
You could get a cat - they're pretty easy to care for.
I love the ricotta and blueberries.

Gina said...

FYI, Bonne Nutrition (blog) posted information about walnuts and how they are supposed to help those with diabetes. I believe it's the omega-3s in the walnuts, but tell your dad!

Emily said...

Love the Q & A!

The ricotta + blueberries and veggie dinner look fabulous. You are such a a good cook! :-)

Sweta said...

I loved reading about you and Star :)
The blueberry sauce on the ricotta looks awesome-I need to get some.
Rainbow carrots-that's something new!

Erica said...

I love your ricotta dessert! Totally purchasing some this weekend so I can do the same. Thanks for answering my question!I hope you can help your parents find a healthier way of eating

ChickPea said...

Loved learning a bit more about you!

Do you have a recipe for that dill cornbread? It sounds amazing.

My parents have HGTV on constantly, so I get ideas from that occasionally, but otherwise I "wing it" when I am decorating.

Jessica said...

Aw I loved hearing your answers coco!

The foods looks delicious :) I love using ricotta as a dessert!

Anonymous said...

that's such a sweet love story!! i love how everything worked out in the end :)

i can't wait till the day i can design/decorate my own home.... i think ikea is great because it's so cheap and they have lots of good quality basic stuff.

Anonymous said...

I’m so glad you did the FAQ because you’re so interesting!!! I am totally a dog person too! And it’s really cool that you ‘d like to be an executive as a career though you’re doing so much research now. Would you want to stay in the US or would you go back to Shanghai?? I especially loved your love story with Star. What a romantic and unique story!!!! It sounds almost like a fairytale.  I’m just so happy that he treats you well!! Are you guys actually engaged? Or…are you planning a wedding soon?

Wow your dinner looks so wonderful and delicious. I think you could be an executive owning a giant chain of CoCo’s restaurants. I bet you would make a lot of big money!!!!

Apartment decorating is SO much fun. I love going to IKEA and picking up little things to spice up my home!!! Their catalogue’s online and at the store are also great sources of inspiration.  Good luck wit house decorating and have LOTS of fun!!

just me said...

i totally take home ideas from ikea...cause they freak'n rock!

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