May 2, 2009

waiting for the turning point & call for questions!

I don't want go into detail how I was yesterday after receiving the bad news the night before. I would say I struggled to stay positive and still in the process.
Instead I want to call for questions!!! Maggie just did Q&A and I thought it was fun. So my dearest readers/friends, do you have questions about me? Anything that you'd like to know... even as silly as what pyjama I use. You can send me the questions by email or leave a comment.
Quick recap of eats before I move into what I want to do this weekend and couple of questions for you.
Breakfast was another quinoa combo... yum yum~~
  • 1/3 c. dry quinoa
  • 1/3 c. almond milk
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • vanilla/cinnamon
  • 1 egg white
  • blackberries + Cinnamon Swirl PB (I'm finishing the jar AGAIN)
A lot of snacks. AM: Argentinian chocolate, walnuts, 1/2 muffin with LCLunch was leftovers: vegetarian lasagna, sprouts salad and seaweed soupDessert was sweet potatoes with cinnamonPM snack: Honest Food barblackberries + almond milk + kamut puffsWent to the gym to catch up with some magazine readings. And had a delicious dinner
baked swordfish, backed sweet potatoe and a quick stir fry of broccoli slaw, tomatoes and spinachDessert: chocolate ice creamPlan for the weekend
  • yoga at sacred space today and tomorrow
  • donate all my used clothes (3 big bags)
  • go to manicure
  • buy a swimsuit, sneakers for running
  • go to library to read more about diabetes
  • do some baking: Krista's cornbread and Ashley's cheesecake
These are not super exciting but I'm looking forward to accomplish all of them.

Now, questions:

1. What's your main reason to begin to blog?

2. What makes you to revisit a blog or become a loyal reader of a blog?
3. Have you made real life friend through blog?

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."
Albert Einstein


Anonymous said...

A call for questions hey? Ok I'll hit with you a couple

- Do you have a favourite TV show?
- Do you prefer chocoalte or vanilla?
- If you could have a dinner party with 5 famous people, dead or alive, who would you pick?

I bought some quinoa today! I'm keen to try it out soon. I'm intrigued that you left it dry? Did you like it? Mmm.. seeing your lasagne has given me the biggest craving for some.

Now to YOUR questions:

1. What's your main reason to begin to blog?

Because I loved and still love reading other peoples' and so was excited by the thought that someone out there would enjoy reading mine...

2. What makes you to revisit a blog or become a loyal reader of a blog?

When I see personality in a blog, or a shared interest in similar foods, or just someone who has a great positive attitude to life and eating - this brings me back!

3. Have you made real life friend through blog?

No, but I plan too!! :-)

Thanks for the shout out! I hope the cheesecake is a success :-) I really liked it!

Sharon said...

I really find blogging to be something I really enjoy. I have always kept a journal, so this concept in about itself is just recording my random thoughts and eats, which I find fun.

And as for friends, I have met so many great people. I think I need to venture out to the states to meet them first hand!! =D

Gina said...

You are just so creative in the kitchen. I like to follow your blog because of all the new dishes you create,and your pictures that look so tempting!

Jessica said...

I love your diverse meals coco! everything looks so good and I also got some blackberries at the store, I hope they're as good as yours look!

Run Sarah said...

So many awesome eeats today!

Hmm, what is the favorite place you have travelled to?

Sweta said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Must try your version of quinoa now:)
Here are my answers:
A1)I started blogging to keep intouch with my subject(nutrition)and to share recipes I try out.
A2)Interesting posts,easy and healthy recipes,new ingredients-all these make me want to re-visit a blog.
A3)Yup,made a couple of "blogger friends"(never knew such a word existed).
My question for you-what is/was your fave subject(ever)?

annie said...

I don't know if anyone asked you yet, but what are your favorite foods/cuisine? and what are your least favorites?

just me said...

here are my answers! i'll find some questions for you soon!

1. What's your main reason to begin to blog? it's exciting to think what other people think of what i do...and it's a fun way to make new friends!
2. What makes you to revisit a blog or become a loyal reader of a blog? I love it when people have variety in their foods and talk about fun things they do in their life. i also like a lot of the exercising, health and fitness aspects too!
3. Have you made real life friend through blog?
many real life friends! meghann, caitlin, gina, bobbi, heather, jenn, sarah...the list could go on!

Krista said...

Great questions!! I started a blog because I had been reading them for so long that I decided to give it a go and see what happened! Now it's turned into a fun hobby! I re visit blogs that I find interesting...whether it be because there's great food or fitness tips or a bit of both. I haven't yet made any real life friends.....not many bloggers live close enough!!

Let's see....would you ever own a pet? If so, what kind of pet? What kind of movies do you like to watch?

Pearl said...

can't wait to see what you create!

lesley said...

Sweet potato with cinnamon? Love it!

Sounds like some great weekend plans and hope it's gone well so far : )

eatingRD said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad I found yours too, I am addicted to blogs :) mmm . . . cinnamon pb?? That sounds awesome, I'm a pb fanatic.

What are you studying in graduate school and how far do you have to go?

What's your all-time favorite dish of your childhood and now as an adult?

I started blogging because I wanted to share all the yummy recipes I like to try with my family and also add in some info about me and nutrition.

I have met some really great people in the blog world, I think it's a really great community and I LOVE seeing what others are doing. Everyone is so creative!

Erica said...

My question for you is who (can be more than one person) has most influenced your food choices the most?

Any post that involves broccoli slaw and sweet potato is awesome in my book! I seriously buy and go through a bag of broccoli slaw every week ;).

Now to answer your questions:
1. I started my blog really as a place to store and trade recipes. It has grown to mean SO much more to me!
2. I'm not really sure about this one... I think it has a lot to do with the personality of the person that comes through their blog? If that makes any sense
3. Not yet but hopefully soon :)

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