February 25, 2009

Crazy day~~ work overload and cake overload! And award!

Thanks for all the touching words and supports you gave me yesterday! They made me feel cared and loved by all you guys. I thing I've noticed from your answer to my question about how do you know he's The one is that You Just Know! There's not any countable reason, but You just know it, everything just feel right, everything from him is just perfect for you (although he might not be perfect, but perfect to match you). But thanks thanks thanks, I really appreciate it!!
Yesterday was a crazy day of work... 11 hours!!! grrrrrrr.......... and overload of cake because yesterday was my fav girlfriend Qiao's birthday!~ It was a intimated birthday party: just she and me! ^_^ I feel so honored to be the only guest! She's soooo funny and adorable! I like her! :DWoke up early again at 5 am, but it was good because I had time to do 60 min power vinyasa #1 and read blogs before heading to office and start work at 8.30am.
Before going to AM snack let me know you my breakfast made with 1/2 cup mix of oat bran and oats, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1 tiny pear chopped, GYG and Peanut & Co. Smooth operator. Looks how cute is this pear, it adds the perfect sweetness!Delicioso!!!
okay. Now, AM snack: the so unexpected goji berries choc muffin!I had second right after this one.More work and another late meh lunch (1.30pm): sauteed green with mushrooms, baked salmon (it exploded in the microwave) and rice.Dessert was Mundies! ^_^ (love these)
Working working!!! PM snack came to give me a break: apple!It didn't full me but I didn't want to ruin my appetite again for dinner.
Okay. left office at 6.30pm to go to Qiao's home. She made us noodles (a chinese tradition to have noodles on birthdays, because it means longevity), steamed glutinous rice filled with chicken, sauteed sprouts (my leftovers).She was so nice to omit the spicy chili for me because last year I mouth was on Fire! It was delicious everything. And finally, the cake!A huge one!!! Obviously we didn't eat the entire cake, but many many large bites!
More dessert: ice cream filled in a real pineapple!!! have u guys ever seen this before? I haven't and it was sooo cute!
After dinner, I had to work for two more hours and that summed up to 11 hours of work!!! oh...man.... my head almost exploded!!!

Michelle @luckytastebuds, a beautiful, funny and adorable girl, has awarded me a creative blogger award! Thank you so much!!!I'll pick up 5 people later to pass the award.

oh.. lastly, don't forget to participate Mara's giveaway!

Question: do you like a girlfriend that you like a lot? What do you like about her?


lesley said...

Some much good eats I don't even know which ones to comment on!

All those deserts looks amazing! That goji berry choc muffin intrigues me and I wish I could take it out of the computer screen and try it ; )

Such a lovely looking cake and sounds like a GREAT birthday party with just the two of you : )

Hope you have a GREAT Wednesday, friend!

Meg said...

So much yummy food!

Love your Hello Kitty spoon!

Love the ice cream in the pineapple!

Meg said...

Oh...and congrats on the well deserved award!

Krista said...

I've seen those ice creams in real fruit before! They're really tasty!!

That cake looks really good, too! Wish I had a piece! :)

Pearl said...

omgoodness i've never seen the ice fream in a fruit before! how cute!

my favorite girlfriend? hmm... i think i may have one (besides my mom). she and i met at the gym and we realized we went to the same school - and we've been friends since! we lost touch for a while but now we're back again :)

lauren said...

ice cream in a real pineapple?! whoa!

Fitnessista said...

the goji berry muffin looks amazing! i might need to create some of those.. i have a ton of goji berries right now!
hope your day is going well!

Annie said...

whoa ice cream in pineapples?! so you ate pineapples with the ice cream? or was the pineapple empty?

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

Annie: we ate the ice cream that's inside, the pineapple is only decoration, but it was cute1

Mara @ What's For Dinner? said...

Great eats! I have had the pineapple sorbet like that and i LOVE It!

My best friend is this girl who's always just totally honest with me!

Maggie said...

I used to have best girlfriends, but since I left college we have fallen out of touch. It makes me sad :( Because it's so hard to make friends when you're out of school. My best girl friend in high school was Korean and I LOVED going to her house and eating her food, and learning Korean card games, and hanging out with her family. I miss her!

Anonymous said...

Yum! I've never seen a pineapple filled with ice cream before. That's so cool!
I am really lucky - my sister in law is my best friend and the coolest woman I know. Andrea is up there too. :) We've gotten closer this year and I love it!
I love the spoon. Where can I find one?!

Anonymous said...

wow 11 hours!? thats insane

great eats

Anonymous said...

That food looks great! And it sounds like such a great birthday party. It's nice to just relax with a friend.

Erica said...

yayyyyyyy for cake! Glad you had a much better day :)

Juliet said...

That's so cute that you had a birthday party just the two of you. That was a really long day at work! 11 hours, that is insane!

qiao said...

I really feel grateful of having a friend like you, especially knowing that you will be there for me no matter what and when. Talking with you is the best dessert I have ever had! Thank god for letting me know you.

VeggieGirl said...

Hang in there with the work!!

Lovely cake!!

Congratulations on the award!!

Anonymous said...

Aw that's so sweet that you celebrated your friend's birthday with just you and her. The small and intimate birthdays are often the best ones!

The cake is lovely (LOVE the giant roses!) and I can't get over the ice cream in the pineapple, that's awesome.

And thanks for the feet soaking tip for sleeping. I will definitely have to try that one, it sounds luxurious haha

Simple and Divine said...



11hrs!! You're such a fighta!

You can buy those sorbets (pineapple) at Costco! My cousins ALWAYS have them at their casa. SO CUTE n yum n low cal :) They come in a variety pack with mango, coconut, pineapple andone or two others that are skipping my radar a la moment... Lime maybe?

Whatevs... You KNOW I love youuu

Namaste Baby ;) xoxo

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