February 19, 2009

Doing socials!! ^_^

Yesterday was a day dedicated to do socials, lunch with friends, afternoon tea with a first year grad-student and a birthday dinner with more friends!!! What a enjoyable day~~~ I missed meeting, chatting and laughing with my latin friends! You know, latin people are really latin. As I lived there half of my life, I can feel it in me too! The busy work and research related stress made me forgot about it and yesterday they came out all together!!
I woke up pretty good yesterday at 5am and did 45 min power flow vinyasa #1 with Dawnelle (my fav. instructor). Made another bowl of oat bran. I went to the simplest combo, just 1/2 cup oat bran, 1/2 almond breeze, 1 egg, cinnamon/vanilla. Enjoyed it together with a HUGE orange and GYG.
Before peeling itand after peeling it! it wasn't that huge.Went to office and worked for 4 hours.
Lunch: double portion of rice with bok choy and sausage, more sauteed bok choy and sauteed soy bean sprouts. I took the pic before meeting with my friends.soooooo good! You guys might say...oh.... well, rice with bok choy and sausage, no big deal! But it has to do with the way how it's cooked that makes it so delicious, the flavors of all ingredients mixed perfectly.
Back to office after a long lunch time (about an hour and half?) and had my dessert. Tazo tea with 2 lindts (my fav.)Later, did the counselling to the first-year grad-student. She's struggling with the exams that all first-year student have to take in order to be qualified as Ph.D and the drop rate is pretty high.
After chatting and chatting..... by 4 pm I tried to go back to work but couldn't...... so, instead I went to a spin class. oh....before that, I had my snack: Nut-thins and AB.spin class was great!! Here's my stat
Duration: 56:00
Average Heart Rate: 146
Maximum: 169
Calories burned: 362
My HR didn't want to go down yesterday so I burned more than usual (usually <300). class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_19">cardio training lately.
Back home, showered and had this (dinner was going to be late, so I had an appetizer)
mmmmm.......MUM MUM..... love this dessert-like yogurt!
We went to Vapiano. I was excited because it seemed to be a nice Italian restaurant. I was craving gnocchi..I metallised during the trip that I was going to order gnocchis with tomato basil sauce. But when I got there, they had every kind of pasta that you could imagine EXCEPT gnocchis. Booo........ so instead I had a huge salad (a lot of veggies and mozzarella with balsamic dressing) and a slice of bread.It wasn't the best salad I had.... I didn't finish it. My unsatisfying appetite called for dessert. So I had a little cup of chocolate mousse.oh... this was great! perfect creaminess with a perfect combination of sweetness and bitterness.
Here's a pic of me and my best two Argentinian friends.they're fun, aren't they?

Question: How often do you meet/hang out with your friends? What thing you enjoy most when you meet them? I definitely need to work on this and meet them more often, because they make me laugh sooo much!!!


VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for having fun with friends!! Always the best :-)

Krista said...

Too bad you missed out on the gnocchi!! I can see why the salad just didn't cut it!

Maggie said...

Too bad about the gnocchi! I like them too. I like your simple breakfast too.

I don't go out with friends nearly enough either. I always have fun but
i just stay at home too much!

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie! :) Hanging out with friends ALWAYS makes me soo happy but they (and I) are always super busy and we always get too caught up with our lives to organize a get together. BOOO. Gotta work on that!!!

Also, I HHAAAATE gnocchi! hahaha I can't imagine having to eat one. They look like worms to me. hahah

healthy ashley said...

Everyone is eating wheat bran these days- I've got to try it!

To answer your question, I don't hang out with my friends enough!! When we do meet I try to incorporate exercise, so maybe a bike ride or run!

Meg said...

Yeah for social days! I need to look for that soy yogurt!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun with your friends!

I miss my spin class - my new gym doesn't offer it!

Sadly, as we grow older, have children, etc. getting together takes a lot of work! You just have to plan - my sister and I have best friends (that are twins like us!) and we've been friends since we were 8 and we are going to be 41 this year!

We still get together several times a year which is always fun!

Annie said...

sometimes grains, protein and veggies is all you need for a meal. =)

Erica said...

What a fun day! Bummer about the Gnocchi! But the huge salad does look awesome to me :) Those portable BB packets are such a good idea!

qiao said...

I enjoy watch you cooking:)

Mom on the Run said...

Barney Butter in individual packets :)

Where do you get such a great product?

I love vinyasa as well!

Anonymous said...

Fun with friends is awesome. I probably hang out with my friends 2-3 times a week.

Juliet said...

Hooray for chocolate yogurt! I love hanging out with friends, and I don't get to often enough. I have work-friends who I hang out with at work though which fill the daily void. :)

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