February 6, 2009

more surprises to compensate my blah day!

I was planning to do a lot of work today but I ended up doing nothing. well, to be fair I did spend 6 hours in the library trying to do some research, but as I'm waiting for meeting confirmations (none of the three people that I should met replied my email yet) I can't do much right now. As you guys might already know about me, I get bad feeling when I'm not productive when I'm supposed to.
The other negative thing of my day was that I couldn't get warm/hot water in the library and as I need to drink a lot of liquid during the day, drinking cold water made to have stomach discomfort. Here is my dilemma: study at home and have everything I need (hot tea, good meals, snacks) but at risk of not productive since it's too easy to be distracted or study at the library to force myself to try to be productive and have to deal with hot water and packed lunch. Any suggestion?
My blah day ended up when I came home and found 3 packages at my door.
First: Package from Tina (I won the giveaway contest). I was so impressed by the huge package of samples of the Yes To brand line of skin care products! I love the idea of adding natural ingredients to skin products.
Second: The cutest mouse I've ever had! The Mac Mighty mouse. It's the new wireless mouse! I just hate cords, so when I saw this one, I didn't think more than 2 second.
The most popular juice in the blog world right now: the POM Wonderful Juice!!! Jenny was so kind of offering samples of this great juice, full of antioxidants! When I first open the package, the small cute bottle caught my heart immediately :D And then I went to their website to read more about it and I was amazed how this little bottle can improve our health. I couldn't resist to try it. I must say it's little tart for my taste (which means it's 100% natural juice, otherwise they'd add sugar to make it taste better). But as it's so beneficial to our healthy, I'll definitely look into their recipe suggestions to have them!! I know that many of you have received it too, so please let me know if you find a way to make it taste better!
okay. now the least interesting part of this post: eats.
  • 1/2 cup 5 grains Old Wessex
  • 1/2 cup soy milk
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 tbsp Peanut & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams.
  • 1 tbsp Gu Yuan Gao GYG ( a really nutritious paste that I made)
This was the most nutritious breakfast ever and it tastes fabulous as well!!!
For lunch I packed leftover sauteed lettuce, tofu, Tj's roasted tenderloin and big bowl of rice with dates. For snack I packed Quaker True Delight. All in my new lunch bag! Isn't it cute?
PM snack when I got home: powdered soy milk and fiberone.Dinner: scrambled egg with Japanese cucumber and dry shrimps, tofu and rice in my new kid plate and kid spoon! :D Together with POM juice.Before going to bed I had a cup of lotus root starch
oh.... for the record, I did the 60 min Morning Flow #1 from yogadownload.com first thing in the morning. Yoga seems to be the perfect workout for me right now since I don't feel strong enough to do more intense cardio.
Okay, a little info about GYG. It has black sesame, chinese dates, pine nuts, walnuts, goji berries, brown sugar, millet wine and a chinese medicine called A Jiao. It has many health benefits especial for women. It enriches blood, it's good for cough, asthma, to tonify kidney and really good for our skin. It's a traditional recipe in chinese medicine, it works like magic for people who have anemia. As I said in my last post, I've been reading a lot about chinese medicine (cm) and one key thing for our health is our blood. If we have enough blood going to all organs, it will make possible for them to work properly. For cm, when you're sick, it's the final manifestation of your entire body state, not only where you feel the pain/discomfort. The difference between cm to western medicine (wm) is that wm treats micro problems (if you have stomach pain, they'd look and treat your stomach, if you have headache they'll look at your head, etc) and cm looks instead at macro level, your whole body, your blood and your chi (breath). So blood and breath are the main health concerns, if they're fine, your body will be fine. If they work not so well, you might feel discomfort somewhere. And if they are working badly, you'll get sick.
More info about cm to come! :) Hope you like it.
Question: do you have any body discomfort or chronic ailment? back pain? tiredness? cold foot & hands?


Erica said...

Sorry the day was kind of blah! I would def choose the bring food/water option and go to library! Its better to get the work done in half the time! More fun gifties yayyyy! Let us know how the products from Tina are.

...and I'm going to cook the sweet potato in the microwave!

VeggieGirl said...

Hope your Friday is beyond fabulous!!

Krista said...

Love the lunch bag!

Nothing like surprises to brighten up the day!!

Sharon said...

Such great packages, and such delightful eats! I don't know about the studying part. I sometimes am more productive at home, that is, if I really really focus. I hate studying at the library sometimes, because it is just soooo quiet. But then again, I am way more productive!

Anonymous said...

What great loot! I wish I could drink Pom juice, but because I am diabetic, its really high in carbs. :(

Love the new lunch bag!!

Maggie said...

i'm always cold.

i love your lunch bag!

Anonymous said...

I've always loved reading your blog and so i'm very happy that you're back!!!!

WOOO great surprises! I really like the pom juice ;]
i'm hoping they are sending me some~ how did you get them to send you those samples?

Anonymous said...

did POM company just contact you???
I really wish I could get those samples.

hahah I try cinnamon AND cayenne with everything. i'm crazy

Flourchild said...

I like youir blog, Im glad I found it...Im into yoga too. Have a great day!

Sweet Tooth said...

I recommend taking water in a thermos bottle? Being productive and feeling good with hot water is better, I think :) BTW, i try to read a lot of blogs but i don't have my own yet (boo)..great blog!!

just me said...

sorry your day wasn't up to par! i would def bring lots of goodies to the library...i always ate there when i wasn't supposed to. hehehe!

TheBoyfriend1124 said...

The life always have bad things and good things, bad days and good days. It is important to accept what it was and keep your mind open and calm to focus your effort for the next day..........

Keep the way to open mind and begin a new day with energy,,, to enjoy the life and study.....

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