October 18, 2008

groceries 2 & failed attempts

Here is the other bag from WF.
Kashi Golean cereal (my favorite), roasted pepper, canned pinto beans, canned palm heart, EnjoyLife granola which was on sale, so I had two. And steel cuts oats. I want to try the original form of oats. And this:
My original idea of to try pizza munchees about reading Juliet's review. But when I saw its nutritional profile which was really high in sodium (300mg), I decided to try this healthier vegetable spring rolls.
I also wanted to try kyle chips, but I studied until 8 (no snack today since I had lunch at 2pm) and it was too late to prepare it, so instead I stir fry it with 1tsp of canola oil and garlic with 2 mushrooms. I also baked half squash, cinnamon and cottage cheese.
Unfortunately nothing of today's dinner was tasty, the spring rolls weren't crispy outside, and the filling wasn't specially tasty either. Stir fry kyle wasn't good either, it's my first time trying kyle, it has a bitter taste which I don't like. Today's squash was so so.... In summary, tonight's dinner and new attempts were total failure.
After dinner, I felt needing something really good to compensate my appetite. So, I made a yogurt/pumpkin parfait. I used this new kind of FF yogurt, which has lower sugar and cal.

I used 1/3 cup of blueberries, 1/2 cup of yogurt, 1/3 cup of pumpkin, topped with 1/4 granola and 1/3 cup of Golean! mmmmmmmm..........yummy!!!! Now, I'm satisfied.

And another peppermint tea!
Hope everyone is having a good Saturday night!


Meg said...

Love your parfait! Sorry dinner wasn't as exciting as you hoped!

GroundedFitness said...

I love acorn squash- i've never thought of putting cottage cheese in them, though. Ill have to give that a try!

Kelly Turner

Anonymous said...

Fabulous yogurt parfait!

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