October 9, 2008

good morning everyone.

today's breakfast was Tina's new invention of ginger/nutmeg/apple oatmeal. I think I put too much ginger which makes the flavor weird, so I saved it by adding more cinnamon. I was interesting. so, the combination includes:
1/3 mix of oat bran and multigran oatmeal
half small apple chopped
1/4 banana
1 tsp of wheatberry that i made last night.
plus my daily cup of coffee

morning's snack was a Mate Tea (Argentinian typical tea) + some fiber cereal and pumpkin seeds (I didn't toast it yet so it's not so tasty)

For lunch I made up a small salad of sprout + cherry tomatoes with left over home made hummus. And as main dish, a piece of wild caught fish marinated with goya seasoning+salt+lemon pepper (my new discovery at TJ's). I pour some roasted veggies (eggplant, onions and celery) on top of it and baked for 15min at 400F. And finally 2 tsp of wheatberries. As dessert I had half cup of fage 2% with farm walden's chocolate syrup. Such a fulling lunch!

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