October 25, 2008

Crazy night, crazy eats!

Last night I woke up at 2.3o am terribly!!! Somehow before I get into sleep last night, I had the intuition that I might wake up soon. So, I got up and began to try to read and my stomach began was grumbling for food. (maybe dinner wasn't enough to keep me 8 hour of sleep). First, I had a cup of almond breeze with a 1/3 of kashi.
After that, I felt I needed more, so I went for a Ezekiel bread with laughing cow and another little bowl of kashi.
10 min... another Ezekiel
I wasn't feeling hungry anymore, but I wanted more food. So, Fage with 1/2 cup of EnjoyLife....
and more and more kashi
more more more!!!!! ( I finished the package)

by 3.30 I was so stuffed that it was hard for me to move from the couch to the bed..... but I managed at the end and went back to sleep.
I woke up 8 am still feeling so full and a killing headache........ so no breakfast. I took a shower and began to do some work (I need to finish something ASAP).

I just made a bowl of oatmeal, just 1/3 oats with "beauty drink". I think after almost 7 hours of that BIG snack, I need some snack.
I don't know what time I'll have lunch (maybe I won't even have lunch) or snack. It seems to be a snack day.

Tonight I'll meet my cousin who came from China for a conference. I'm so excited to meet him! We've never been very close, but it's always good to meet family!

I hope you guys had a good rest last night and have a good Saturday.

Some info about white fungus that I found:

White fungus contains much iron, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. The fat and gum like protein in it is especially nourishing to the body. It is considered a good supplement to the body. Stew white fungus with rock sugar lubricates the colon and stimulates peristalsis. Thus, it is a mild laxative for constipation patients. White fungus is also said to be effective in nourishing the lungs, healing dry cough and clearing heat in the lungs. Those who have weak lungs catch cold easily. Eating stewed white fungus with rock sugar and red dates helps strengthen the respiratory system and thus, helps prevent cold.

But take this sweet soup before catching cold or after healing. Do not take it while having a cold. Skin gets dry when people reach the middle age. Eating white fungus, grape juice and black sesame sweet paste in the morning, afternoon and at night respectively is the best way to take care of your skin. They aid blood production and bring more circulation to the skin to give you a moisturized-complexion.


VeggieGirl said...

Oh no!!! I'm terribly sorry that you had to endure such a restless night of sleep, and unsatisfied hunger - hang in there!!

So fun that you'll be able to spend time with your out-of-town cousin!! Have a wonderful time together!! :0)

VERY interesting information regarding white fungus - I never knew much about it!

balance, joy and food! said...

thanks veggiegirl for your support!
You're so sweet!

Gina said...

so sorry you didn't sleep well! the middle of night munchies look great, though.
thanks for the info on white fungus- fascinating!
enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, boo! I hope your headache goes away! I suffer from WAY too many headaches and I know how it can ruin a good day! Hang in there!

Enjoy your night with your cousin! :)

Juliet said...

Thanks for the info on white fungus. It sounds like something worth checking out!

Anonymous said...

I hate when that happens.. when you just eat and eat and can't get rid of the hunger, especially sleeping on an empty tummy is so hard :[ *hugs* But at least you munched healthy :] Sometimes I just grab some candy to munch on...hehe..

And I love white fungus, I like it's texture :]


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