October 27, 2008

productive working day :) blah day for eats :(

This morning I woke up full of energy (9 hours sleep, yeah!!) As yesterday I took the day off, I planned to work hard today!
This morning I didn't feel like having oatmeal (so weird) so instead I had zucchini muffins with an orange and cup of coffee with my new plate from Pier 1. I like its square form and subtle decor.
Right into work! Around 11 I felt a little hungry but I wanted to work a little more, so I had a cup of mate tea and one more muffin.
That hold me pretty well until lunch (1pm). I didn't want to spend time cooking and didn't feel very hungry either, so I just heated last night's lentil soup with 1/2 cup of wheat berries.
Dessert was fage with Tj's high fiber cereal! I spent only 30 min for lunch and back to study!!!!
More tea!
look this tea bag holder:
At 5 pm I was really tired. Working with computer intensively 7.5 hours long is really exhausting, my back, neck and head were claiming for a break! I followed my body signal and decided to go to the spinning class. Before that, I had an apple and some EnjoyLife granola because I know 55 min spinning class requires fuel!~

It was a great workout as always, recharged me with more energy~~
Back home I studied for an hour more and called my day done for work. It was really a productive day of work.
Dinner was another simple meal. Half baked squash stuffed with aduki rice and side dish was stir fry romaine lettuce with mushrooms, S+P and chili flakes. Simple but satisfying.
Both squash and aduki rice were very sweet (even though I didn't put any sweetener, I think it's the chinese date that I cooked together with rice and aduki which made them so sweet). This combination turned out to be amazing!! much better than I expected!
I didn't need dessert since the meal was like a dessert already.~ (maybe a marroc later~~~ I just can't have enough of them)

Hope everyone had a good monday~


Meg said...

Not a blah eats day at all. Everything looks so good! Yeah for being productive.

Anonymous said...

Your eats look GREAT to me! Love the dishes!!

Check out my dinner post, where I replied to your questions about my run yesterday!

Nighty night!

HangryPants said...

Cute tea bag holder!

I love that you had lentils and wheat berries in the same dish!

just me said...

i love all your plates! i'm a sucker for buying presentation plates, but have been holding back lately!

and your eats are def not blah! i love the soup and the acorn squash sounds great!

Kristen's Raw said...

I love that tea cup... charming!


Anonymous said...

MMM the acorn and squash looks yummie!!!!

Hehe I like the cat tea bag holder :] I have little cat head plates kinda like that!!!

Sharon said...

Wow, everything looks great! Yum!

And adorable tea bag holder!

Wei Tou said...

Hey I forgot to tell u , the Muffin tastes GRRRRRREAT ! I like it so much that I ate them all yesterday!

Anonymous said...

that teabag holder is beyond pretty!! and i want one of those muffins now. there is nothng blah about your eats whatsoever! great job on the studying though.

VeggieGirl said...

Cute plate set-ups and deeeelicious food, if you ask me! :0)

Anonymous said...

p.s. in reply to your comment on my blog, i use a polar f6 heart rate monitor for my workout stats. i LOVE it, it's relatively new, and really motivates me and educates me about my workouts. and tortilla pizzas - i'm sure lots of people created it before me too ;)

Erica said...

I don't think your food looks blah! It looks really yummy! I love your blog (and your plates- just gorgeous!!) Where do you go to grad school? I hope you make a pear dish- I can't wait to see it ;)

balance, joy and food! said...

Erica: I go to University of Maryland. I was just thinking about the pear dish ^.~ can't decide if I want to make a dessert or a main dish.

amy. said...

hey just wanted to stop by & say your blog is adorable! glad i found it :D

Anonymous said...


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