October 29, 2008

long long day~~~~~~~ but GREAT!

First, I'm so glad that you guys liked my story about my weight ups and down. I feel like there are many girls out there who is suffering as I did in that period of my life and I really want to help them to get out of that dark episode of life and begin soon to fully enjoy their lives. Life is so beautiful! There are so many pleasant and lovely things to do before focusing only and exclusively on our weight. My resources to help them is limited, by sharing my story in this blog I think could be the first step. So, if you reader or anyone that you know who's having this problem and you think I might be able to help, please let me know.

Today is a long day of work, I did my research this morning until 12pm, had a quick lunch and went to school all afternoon...two long seminars about financial crisis! Not so encouraging! But I did have a good workout after seminars. It was a 55 min spinning class which made me sweat despite the freezing weather.
About food....today's a day for leftovers. Two reasons: one I had no time to cook, second I have to finish most of my leftovers, because someone very special is coming to visit me this weekend. MY DADDY~~~~~~~~~~~ He's going back to China (from Argentina) and will make a stop to visit me. I'm so excited!!!!!!!! I haven't seen him for 10 months!!!!
Lunch was leftover lentil soup with last three turkey meatball and frozen okra with some aduki rice.

Didn't have time for dessert so I grabbed a marroc on my way to school.
Simple but very satisfying!

As I was going to spent all afternoon in school....I packed one sliced apple with cinnamon and 1 cup of mix of granola and cereal.
I also had one cup of coffee with soy milk from co-op and without sweetener!!!! And I kind of liked it!~~~~~~ ^_^ A big progress.

Before dinner I had a cup of almond breeze. Dinner was leftover pumpkin polenta chili with a handful baby spinach. On the side I had some baked squash. (acorn and butternut).
Dessert was 1 cup of Fage 2% with 1/2 cup of blueberries with more EnjoyLife granola + peppermint tea.
mmmmmmmmmm.........I will never get tired of this dessert!!!!

And the best part of today: I received two books that I ordered. I am 100% sure that ALL of you will like one of them!
cooking with Pumpkins and squash
I saw this book in MissTiffie's blog and couldn't resist and ordered it right away!

The other is the popular book of Heidi Swanson: Super Natural Cooking.

Hope everyone had a good wednesday~~~mine was busy but great!


Wei Tou said...

now u can start "all u can eat with pumpkins"!!
btw, the pumpkin soup looks VERY delicias!

Gina said...

that cookbook looks like a keeper! i'm going to look for it riiiiight now :D
all of the soup looks great- and that DESSERT!

just me said...

that dinner looks DIVINE!!!! i want some now!

again, great and very inspiring story.

Anonymous said...

Super Natural Cooking is sooo good.. I got it last yr? Early this year? I don't remember... but from ANTHROPOLOGIE!!! I LOOOOVE it!!! Hehehehe... and you already know how I feel about the pumpkin&squash book :D Isn't it great????

I wish I could fedex you muffins!!! We should swap addresses so I can send you stuff :] Email me!!! tiffie@gmail.com <3

MMM you soup looks sooo good.. I think I'll be making soup tomorrow night.. something nice and thick... and squashy!!! teehee...

Sharon said...

Mmmm delicious! I must say, I wish we had Fage in Canada - I am soo jealous of all of you!

Anonymous said...

sorry i made a silly mistake on my post saying you made my butternut butter when it was actually someone else!!! oh well it was a good excuse to give you a shout out anyway ;) i love heidi swanson's recipes, i should really get my hands on that book. does it just include all the recipes on her site, though?

VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for Dad and for cookbooks!! :0)

Anonymous said...

I just caught up with your weight story now. Thanks for going ahead and sharing it with us :)

I hope you have an awesome time with your dad, that's so exciting!

And I'm super jealous of the new cookbooks, especially the PUMPKIN and SQUASH one. PERFECT fall cookbook.

happyherbivore.com said...

Enjoy your special time with your Dad (and how cool that he gets to live and work all over the world!)

I think its amazing that you have shared your story. I know that I still struggle with body dysmorphic disorder.

Anonymous said...

it is so surprise to me, you always can cook different food with so beautiful style.

this means that you really enjoy to prepare the food with you heart

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