October 21, 2008

busy day, comfort food!!!

good evening everyone! sorry for the late post. It was a busy day. I studied all morning, drinking a lot of hot beverage. Here are two samples: a mate tea and a cup of powdered soy milk.
I also had some soy chips (8 or so?)
I had to attend a seminar at 12.30pm, and I didn't feel like having lunch at 11.45, so I packed a sandwich with homemade hummus, spinach, laughing cow light in Ezekiel. I also packed some cherry tomatoes and orange peppers. It was fun to have lunch with a lot of people (20 or so) in a seminar, when everyone is eating its own lunch and listening to the presenter. (who can really listen???)

back at home at 3.30 I had an apple and did some more work done.
Before leaving to my yoga session I had a bowl of yogurt+cottage cheese topped with 2 big tbsp of grounded almond to fill me up. The weather makes me feel so cold and I think I just need to eat more often to keep warm. Does it happen to you guys also? Or it's just me?

I had a really good 90 min yoga session, it wasn't as hard as it is usual, but as I wasn't feeling very energized either, so it was the appropriate workout for me today.

Back home at 8.30pm (early dinner strategy failed today), I just heated the black bean pumpkin polenta chili that I made last night which was inspired by Meg's recipe. I just add some sauteed onions and spinach to it. It was faboooooolous!!! I loved the spicy flavor, after finished it, I still felt my stomach warm. Thanks Meg for the recipe.

I also had half whole wheat bread from WF and two turkey meatball (I was craving some kind of meat)

Dessert was 1/2 cup of Fage with frozen strawberries topped with EnjoyLife granola. It was sooooooo good the strawberry, I might say it is better than blueberries. And Fage is so creamy, at certain point, I was confused whether I was having yogurt or cream. Fage+Strawberry=Perfection!
a closer look

Hope everyone had a good day and enjoy the rest of the evening!


Andrea said...

i totally eat more in the winter and less in the summer. i think it definitely has to do with the shift in metabolism. Also, i just looove warming myself up with some hot soup or hot oatmeal or other warm treats! love how much veggies u ate at lunch today :)

HangryPants said...

Sometimes I eat less in the winter because I'm so cold I don't even want to move!

I love soy chips! What kind did you have?

balance, joy and food! said...

i had creamy ranch. It's quite tasty! Give it a try.

Meg said...

Glad you liked the chili! Love the additions you made! Soy chips rock!!!

Joanna said...

i've noticed that being cold makes me eat more, too! i read somewhere that your body burns twice as many calories when you are cold than when you're warm. that chili looks so delicious. i'm gonna try that out.

just me said...

wow, that chili looks amazing!!!

and i love soy crisps...the flavors are always scrumptious!

Danielle said...

Love mate... and polenta... and fage!

And missing one of the above :) hope tomorrow is a bit toastier!

Anonymous said...

yuuumm!! that fage looks just like ice cream :] hehe... & that chili looks amazing!!!! it must be the cold weather cuz i'm usually not into thick soups/chilis/chowders but i've been craving them lately... mmm i might try that recipe tonite!!!

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