October 23, 2008

cold winter, warm home~

It's so cold outside, I was freezing when I walked to campus. Fortunately our apartment has heating system on now.

I did my research during my office hour and came back home almost at 6pm. I was really starving.... the salad was good and colorful, but it can't compete with oatmeal in holding me long hours. I have a small sliced fuji apple topped with cinnamon
1/3 of kashi cereal in almond milk (pacific, really not as good as almond breeze)
and finished the fiberone bar, it was really good. I was considering buying it but when I checked on its nutritional value, it contains saturated fat and 10g of sugar. Well, tasty but no.......

Dinner was really simple! First, this
no no no!!! it's not pumpkin oatmeal! Even though I'm truly in love with oatmeal, I won't have it twice a day. Not because I wouldn't like to, if not because my idea of a balanced diet is to have as many variety of food as possible. So, I opted millet this night. I used 1/4 cup of millet and 1/2 of pumpkin puree, just boiled it and simmer for 30 min.
I sauteed one head of romaine lettuce with garlic and 4 mushrooms, S+P.
And some Chinese pickles.
It's simple and light dinner, just as I needed.
Dessert was AGAIN frozen strawberries with fage. Today I heated strawberries before adding FAGE and added some honey. The additional sweetness made it even better. It tastes more like strawberry ice cream than a yogurt parfait. You guys really should try it!

Finally, I had an Argentinian typical chocolate, called marroc.
I have one every night, but never took picture of it. It has 3 layers, chocolate, peanut butter cream and more chocolate. it's amazing!!! I wish I could share with you.


VeggieGirl said...

Thank goodness for heating!!

I'm loving the apple with cinnamon!! Classic combination.

Andrea said...

mmm argentinian chocolate!? sounds wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

That looks like the perfect chocolate! Delicious:D

Meg said...

Lovely pumpkin dinner with a delicious looking chocolate dessert!

Anonymous said...

Love the apples!

Haha and I know what you mean about having oatmeal twice a day--as much as it'd be AWESOME--it's just not possible if you want a balanced diet! Pumpkin millet looks delicious!

Chocolate with PEANUT BUTTER CREAM?! Day-ummmm

[oh~and you were asking about my pumpkin pie recipe on the blog--it is right here: http://oatmealmix.wordpress.com/recipes/pumpkin-oatmeal-pie XD]

HangryPants said...

Wow what a cute little dessert!

About the tea on my blog: It kinds of smells like chicken soup at first. I think that’s because it has fennel in it. It’s soothing, but not something you can chug! It’s not sweet. It tastes like tea I’ve had at some Asian restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Mmm ... cinnamon + apples! Always a winner!

Great combo of millet and pumpkin! Love it! :)

Happy Herbivore! said...

I'm glad you found my blog :) I hope you enjoy it & the recipes --- btw, those strawberries look irresistable. I love strawberries :)

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