November 7, 2008

sunny day finally!!!!

Sunny day.... sunny mood!!!! Apparently the correlation between the weather and my mood is almost 1. I said correlation and not causation.....but there might be some causation as well. ^_^ Anyway, the little sunny happy girl is back....

I woke up 6.45 after 7 hours of good sleep. I had a good bowl of blue-oatmeal
  • 1/4 cup dry steel cuts (pre-made)
  • 1/4 cup almond breeze to hydrated it
  • 2 tbsp egg white
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/3 cottage cheese
  • 1/2 large very riped banana
I wouldn't have this blue oatmeal in a blue day.....but today is sunny day....So, I enjoyed it a lot!

I wasn't planning to go to the spinning class this morning, but as I got up early and was in a good mood...I thought why not bump up my good mood further with a good morning workout! So, I printed what I had to teach today and went to the 45min spinning class. The weather was so nice to walk outside today... I called my Mom to check if Daddy arrived safely, and they were having a feet massage! Grrrrrrrrrr.. I want that too!!! But I'm glad to know that they're having good time there.
The workout wasn't very intense but the music was really good! A think 90% of how I evaluate a good class is the music they put, because it really pumps you up!

Today I began the class asking my students about the election...... and a mini discussion was formed.. so fun to see them arguing about whether the situation of US will change or not with this new president. By fun I mean it's really interesting to see how different perspectives can be formed looking at the same thing even though their background are similar.

Back home I was hands began to shake, I can't be without food for more than 4 hours. So I had 1/4 toasted tortilla with laughing cow before I had lunch. Lunch was simple as well.....basically with everything left in the fridge (it's friday right? so cleaning up the fridge is a must!). Udon noodle with mustard green and fish cake.
A huge bowl......very satisfying. Dessert was a marroc (one of you will receive some of my selection of argentinian chocolate very soon) and mate!
I don't have any plan this afternoon. Since Dad left, I didn't do any research and I don't think friday afternoon is a good moment to start. So, let me postpone that until next monday! yupi~~~~~~~ no work until monday!!!

hope everyone is having a great day!!!

oh.... I talked about getting hungry after eating apples and some of you responded to have similar experience. I find one possible reason for that:
Apples are fruits and they contain acid juices. You can tell it but the sour taste, especially the Granny Smith variety. Our stomach contains acid juices too and on a higher level, to help in digesting the food that we consume. So, naturally, when acid is added to acid, it reacts faster, therefore we feel hungry sooner that expected.
it makes sense for me.


VeggieGirl said...

It WAS sunny here, but now it's dreary and raining :0( You stole the sunshine!! Haha ;0)

Glad you're FEELING "sunny" as well!!

Interesting apple info!! I always follow up my apples with raw almonds for more satiety.

seeleelive (for the love of peanut butter) said...

First of all, this is my first encounter with your blog (found it through carrots n cake) and my first reaction was how much I love your backgroun, ahahha!
I read a couple posts and decided to comment-what a weird fact about apples?! I always thought they were so fibrous (3g) and would hold us over!

Krista said...

Interesting about the apples. I've always found that they make me hungrier, too!

Anonymous said...

great info on the apple!! thanks! it does explain a lot actually. YAY for udon noodles!! lovelovelove.

jess said...

blue oatmeal sounds like just the thing to balance out a sunny day!

Some people find that any sort of fruit, without combining it with protein (string cheese, almonds, peanut butter) leaves them unsatisfied. That's why the best snacks combine both (and happen to taste the best, haha)

I love how you bring up argentina so much. My grandfather grew up there (unfortunately was imprisoned and later kicked out by evita, but that's quite a long story) and still goes back to visit family- but he won't take me!!! A combination of 'the economy' and that he's very protective. I want to go So bad. Do you feel that it's at all dangerous and/or would be for a 20 yr. old female, alone, who doesn't speak spanish? I backpacked the u.k. by myself, but they were all english speaking countries... hmmm..

Have a great friday!

balance, joy and food! said...

jess: You should definitely go there someday, it's an amazing city, out of expectation of tourists! I think most of people who haven't been in Bs.As imagines it as a developing latin american city, but actually it is not. It's much more european! It's a city with a lot of culture life. Theaters, music, cafes, and very very good eats!
And it is not as dangerous as many people think either. You'll be okay there by yourself. And lastly, you can always find people who speaks English there, so don't worry about communicating!
Sorry to know that your grandpa had to leave the country, he must be the turmoil generation then!

just me said...

wonderful blue oats! i seriously need to try my oats w/ fresh/frozen bluberries... :D

Meg said...

Yeah for a sunny day!

I always get hungry after eating apples, especially if I eat them plain. I try to eat some protein/fat with them.

jess said...

Thanks for the yoga suggestion- I'll def. check it out.

And you're absolutely right, mood has SO much to do with your outlook. I mean, when I'm in a great mood I love hail and cleaning, haha!

Sharon said...

Wow, I never realized that about apples. Because yeah, I have noticed that too. I was thinking about the lower fiber content, but the acid seems to make sense too.

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