November 9, 2008

happy weekend continue..... ^.~

Another great day!!! Even though we spent almost all day long at home, it was a perfect relaxing sunday. A lot of home work: cleaning...laundry... organizing magazines... of course BAKING!!! great eats!

I had a chopped apple with cottage cheese and cinnamon along with a multi grain bread of TJ's with laughing cow. A good alternative to oatmeal. And a coffee as usual (this is irreplaceable).

oh~~~ I also had a small bowl of Tj's high fiber cereal.
We went to Ross for some new bowls...I got few for my oatmeal and rice, you'll see soon. I just can't enough of bowls/plates.

Lunch was 3 dishes and 1 soup.
Stir-fry green beans with garlic
Scrambled egg with tomatoes
korean turnip with green onions and soy sauce
Seaweed soup with tomatoes and egg
And rice....
Healthy and delicious chinese meal.
As dessert we tried larabar's jamfrakas. Here's our review: (score: 0-10)
Savanna: great combination of moiture and crunch texture, just enough sweet for a snack. 6
Coco: Pros: It's crunchy and less sweet than larabar. Cons: I couldn't taste chocolate flavor in it. Overall: good snack to satisfy sweet craving. 7.

For baking. I made carrot cake!!!!!!!!!!!!! Savanna wanted to have it from day 1 that she moved in.
Just came out from the oven. We were so concentrated taking pictures of this beauty

Our afternoon tea: Savanna had carrot cake and I had baked banana oatmeal with cottage cheese.

Review of the carrot cake. Savanna: wooooooooooo........mmmmmmmmmm........... (true reaction from her): " Dessert texture with healthy vegetable ingredientes that makes my guilty cake pleasure less guilty! and it comes with a surprise crunchy of almond! I give it 10! " 10!!!! (girls.....she gave me full point!!!!)
More baking! I baked a big pumpkin to have pumpkin puree for the week.
And I made roasted pumpkin seeds for first time!
Sweet: sugar, cinnamon and pumpkin spice
Savory: salt, pepper, cumin
Second round of afternoon tea: more baked banana oatmeal and tea!
For dinner I had 1 steamed corn, 2 turkey meatballs with tomato sauce and leftover stir-fry green beans.
I love love loveeeeee corns, it's my second or third love after oatmeal and pumpkin. I enjoyed so much my dinner.
Dessert was again fage with frozen strawberries.
I've never enjoyed a day at home so much as today!~~ Living with your best friend is great!!! You can share and enjoy much more of everything!
I feel I'm so full of energy to go back to work tomorrow......sunday blue? not for me!

Hope everyone had a greet sunday~


Anonymous said...

It indeed sounds like a FABULOUS Sunday! Your carrot cake looks delish! Enjoy your evening!

Meg said...

What a fabulous day of food! I want some of that carrot cake!

Wei Tou said...

obviously I'm the lucky one who can taste whatever is posted here:-))))
it is a GREAT day, also the best Sunday I've ever had since I came here to the US!!
hope u have a great start tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I love that that carrot cake looks just like banana bread. Not your typical carrot cake! That makes it more interesting. It sounds so good. Now I'm seriously craving carrot cake.

Anonymous said...

MMM I LOVE CORN!!! Omg, I don't even know where to begin with all your food pics!!! The carrot cake looks sooo good!!!

Hehe I LOVE buying new bowls and dinnerware too... :] I bought tons of HUUUUUUGE mugs to eat oatmeal and soup out of today :] HEHEHE...

Anonymous said...

i love that you and your roomie have afternoon tea together - the cutest thing, makes me wish i had a roomie like that!! and i want some of your carrot cake!!

the scrambled egg and tomato is a chinese classic isn't it? my friend has a chinese boyfriend and she told me he made it for her the other day :D i wish people could get to know more of chinese food other than greasy takeways, because it's such an amazing cuisine!

balance, joy and food! said...

mi: yes, scrambled egg with tomato is the classic, specially for people from south. It's really easy to make, I'll post the recipe later!

Juliet said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Where do you buy the new lara bars? I'd love to try them!

balance, joy and food! said...

Juliet: I didn't buy those kids larabar, it was a contest ran by Meg!

Tina said...

Seaweed soup, huh? Where do you buy it or did you make it? I hear seaweed is really good for you!

VeggieGirl said...

BEYOND GREAT DAY!!! And I love the photos of you TAKING photos, haha :-D

balance, joy and food! said...

Tina: you can buy seaweed soup in Asian store (it comes in a bag with seaweed and a packet of seasoning) or just buy seaweed and add ingredients that you like. I like to put tomatoes and egg for my soup. They're great in term of nutrition values and delicious!

jess said...

Oh my gosh, I literally want every single one of your sunday meals (except maybe the jamfrankas bar- I tried one once and it just wasn't for me); they all look SO delicious, balanced, and would bring me joy, haha. Could your bfast be any more tj's inspired?

Hope you're having a great monday!!

seeleelive (for the love of peanut butter) said...

tomatoes and scrambled eggs looks Soooooo good!!! Recipe please.

Zesty Cook said...

WOW - That is an intense day of food! I am almost drooling here. Can I have some carrot cake please? :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's my first time commenting on your blog. I just found your blog through Fitnessista.
Your blog is so pretty! I really am fascinated by that seaweed tomato soup you made; what's in it and how did you make it? It looks so good.
I'm super jealous you get to live with your best friend! That must be SUCH a blast everyday!
I'm excited about reading more of your blog!

balance, joy and food! said...

santa barbara dreaming: Thanks for visiting my blog. I know that I'm lucky to live my friend, it's so different than just live with a roommate. And about the seaweed soup,I'll post details about it in my next post (which will be soon!).
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

This is the sweetest post ever. I'm so happy for ya'll!

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