November 25, 2008

feeling a little better~

First of all, I want to thank you guys for the support, you're the best, even better than some real life friends. I'm deeply touched by your words. I decided to move on with my own research project and as Jennifer suggested, I'll talk to other professor from our department about my work, hopefully I'll get some feedback from them. And definitely I'm agree with Juliet that a good academic doesn't mean a good teacher/leader/advisor. If one day I could be a professor, I'd try my best to support my students to go through this hard process of research.
Finally, I'll do all things that Liz, Erica, Julia, Alicia, Lindsay suggested. I went to the gym this afternoon for an athletic conditioning class... it wasn't the best fitness class, but at least I got some endorphins and a workout. For the thanksgiving, I'll do yoga, movie, running, candles and of course work, a lot of work. (the good thing to be alone in US is not have to decline parties invitation because I have to work)

okay. Back to eats. I'll warn you that when I'm feeling low...I don't have much appetite. So, what you'll see won't be very interesting....
Breakfast: I wasn't in mood for sweet brekkie, so I went for a toasted muffin with two poached egg whites with some salsa and laughing cow, along with an apple and coffee as usual.
Morning snack: ricotta+wheat berries
Lunch: leftover soup and a small bowl of rice
Pre-workout snack: toasted muffin with laughing cow and PB.
By dinner time, I began to feel hungry (signal of feeling better?). So, I had a big plate of food.
Roasted cauliflower and Brussels sprouts (with canola oil, S+P), brown rice with chickpeas and Tj's grilled chicken with BBQ sauce.
Finally I could enjoy a meal.
Dessert was mix of fresh blueberries, fage and baked butternut squash (it's so sweet that I like to have it as dessert). And 2 marrocs.
I hope tomorrow I can feel even better than today~~
And once again, thank you! I really appreciate your comments and suport.


VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for feeling better!!! Hope tomorrow is an even MORE fantastic day for you :-)

Erica said...

Good for you! I think that its great that you are making moves to make sure you are happy! I <3 chickpeas! Nice usage! Gosh all your food looks so good!

Meg said...

Delicious eats! Sounds like you have a good plan for moving forward!

jess said...

How do you poach egg whites?

I know Exactly what you mean about an appetite being screwed up by feeling down, I've been dealing with just the same thing this week. We Can stay on track, it looks like you're doing a great job and making the best of it.

You Deserve to feel SO much better. You're such a caring person that everything should work out.

Anonymous said...

I just read yesterday's post and I can relate in a way! Just working with a research advisor. It's stressful in and of itself, but one of the top 15 in your field? Holy crap. I'd be a total headcase.
Good for you for practicing self-care. I'm grateful that you chose to share on your blog. I wish I could talk more about that kind of stuff!
Yes, I think getting your appetite back is a sign of feeling better. Yay coco!

I am Angie Pooh said...

Hi! I haven't left you a comment in a while, but I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. I'll have to go back to your old post to figure out what you were talking about! :-) The soup looks yummy! Is it seaweed or spinach?

just me said...

great eats and i'm glad the research is going to work out better!!!

Anonymous said...

glad you're doing better!! BEAUTIFUL food today...

Fitnessista said...

so glad you're feeling better!
that breakfast looks incredible!
hope you have a great night <3

alicia said...

Glad you're feeling better today :)

Judging from what you ate today, I say that you had a yummy and balanced diet.

magpie said...

Glad you're feeling better :)

Ricotta and wheatberries sounds delicious. I'll have to put ricotta on my shopping list for next time.

The dessert looks great too - blueberries are so awesome.

Pearl said...

so glad youre feeling better! and the soup looks cool - waht kind is it?

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

jess: I use a special pan to make poached egg. You can find a pic of it here:

Angie Pooh, Pearl: the soup is a mix of both, seaweed, spinach, silk tofu and egg.

Mariposa said...

hope the rest of your day goes well and hopefully all will be well!

i just found your blog and noticed from a comment you left on Kath's that you live in College Park! my cousins live there.. its beautiful over there! : )

Anonymous said...

stoked your feeling better. Love the thanksgiving yoga idea :)
Thanks for the super sweet comment on my post yesterday :) you are too cute!
Hope your mood improves more and more and more; I'm wishing you all the happiness and good luck to come your way!

Juliet said...

Hi. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. Just wanted to stop by to wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!

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