December 1, 2008

Monday is hard, isn't it?

Although I worked during last weekend, after a Sunday break, it's hard for me to back into work with focus. Plus more issues with my professors......grrrrrrrrrrr....... I can't wait to finish all this and go for a vacation!!!
I'm sorry to all you guys that I've been complaining so much lately. During these two years and half in the program, I've been stressed out by exams and deadlines, but I've never experienced this kind of desperation before. I've never lost confidence on myself so much as I am now. I wish I could find other way to channel my anger and frustration. But unfortunately there is few people here who I can talk about this, so poor you guys who are so kind to visit my blog, unfortunately you'll have to bear with me. I hope all these issues can be resolved somehow soon!

Okay. About my eats today. Despite my loss of appetite to eat, I managed to ingest a good amount of food because the last thing I need now is get sick or loose weight (I'm going to see my parents and bf in 20 days and I don't want them to worry about me)
Breakfast combo
  • 1/4 cup Tj's 5 grains (couldn't find old wessex)
  • 1/4 cup oat bran
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 apple
  • 1/2 cup almond breeze
  • vanilla + cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp flax meal
  • 1 tbsp cottage cheese
  • 2 tbsp pumpkin and sunflower seeds
You might have noticed that I'm adding apple as part of my oatmeal pretty often lately. I like the flavor and texture that it gives to the combo and as it is winter, when I eat apple alone, I get cold. So by adding it to my breakfast, I make sure that I have an apple a day.
Coffee and FT
Morning snack: 3 rice cakes with 1 package of BB.Lunch was leftover sauteed cabbage, chicken, a soup made with miso, Korean spicy sauce seaweed and some soy made knots, together with a cup of rice.
The soup was very tasty and spicy, perfect for winter.
Dessert was a small piece of banana loaf with PB.Afternoon snack was more rice cake with cottage cheese.I went to a spin class later afternoon. My stat
Duration: 52 min
Average Heart Rate: 141
Maximum: 164
Calories burned: 315

Back home, I wasn't sure what I wanted for dinner. Not much appetite, but fuel needed. So first I had banana loaf. And then I came up with these for dinner, guess what are they?
3 of them are grits (I bought it cooked in Tj's) and 2 of them are poached eggs. I topped them with sauce, pinch of salt, mozzarella and dry basil, broil for 5 min. I also had some baked kabocha and the rest of the soup. yummy~~~~~~~ I began to feel a little better after dinner! :) life isn't so bad!
For dessert I had frozen berries and strawberries with Fage and a big bowl of ginger cookies!!! These are so cute, perfect to munchie when I watch Prison Break. ;)Question: If you're married, did you buy your ring together with your husband or he bought it for you? If you're not married, would you like to receive it as a surprise? or would you like to choose it for yourself?


HangryPants said...

I have been there with lost confidence about work, but seriously, try not to stress too much. In my experience all the worrying is usually for nothing. It could be otally small and insignificant to your porfessor. You;re doing a great job and working very hard.

Meg said...

Hang in there! Love all your eats! He picked my ring out and I love it!

Juliet said...

I hope your vacation comes soon and is really good! :)

As for ring, he bought it for me although I basically told him exactly what I wanted. Make sure you tell him *something* if you can as you will look at this ring a LOT (I swear I looked it it like 100 times a day for the first year).. so you want to love it!

just me said...

mondays are's over now!

i would want him to pick out the ring...cause if he doesn't get it right, that tells me it hasn't been paying attention. hahaha...

Sharon said...

Those ginger cookies are too cute, are they a specific brand? Because I love them!

magpie said...

I've been microwaving my apples for 30 seconds before I eat them. It works really well!

I think whatever the boy feels more comfortable with I'd be happy with. If he wants help picking it out, I'm up for it :) If he wants to get it on his own that's fine too.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the complaining. I don't find you overly complain-y at all. Plus, I've been definitely the same way lately. It's a stressful time! Have to be able to release it somehow, and what better place than a blog.

I forgot how good apples are in oatmeal. Thanks for the reminder ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Coco! Thanks for visiting my blog. I linked your blog from your comment on my site. Great site. I like your About Me section.

My husband and I picked our rings out together. We like having the connection and also the personal choice of what we'd wear the rest of our lives. :-)

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

Sharon: these ginger cookies are from Tj's. They're low fat and have a strong ginger taste! Love it!

Anonymous said...

thank you for visiting my blog again sweetie!! so lovely to hear from you! i'm sorry it's been a bit tough for you but i really hope you can let it all go once the holidays start :) i love your eats - i adooore cohchujang and miso of course!

as for the ring question - i think i would want him to pick it - he's been a great jewellery chooser in the past, so i like to think i can trust him to get something that would suit me ;)

lauren said...

try to hang in there! your food all looks great. I was engaged once before (never married) and it was a surprise. If it happens again with the right guy this time - I would want it to be a surprise - a ring that he picked out for me. I find that romantic.

Maria said...

Mondays are never fun:)

To answer your question about the cookies, yes, we do give them away. We have to or we would be in big trouble:) I like to buy festive bags, stack cookies inside and tie them with ribbon, or you could get cute tins or plates. Or even cute mugs and stack them inside. I hope that helps:) Have a good day!

Krista said...

Yummy food again!

We picked our rings together....

Zesty Cook said...

Stay strong Coco - You had a great day of food.

thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

mmm delicious eats! Banana loaf looks scrumptious ;)
But I'm sorry to hear about your continued frustration with your professors. Hang in there, it'll all come together!
I hope the next 20 days FLIES by for you!!! You're gonna have soooo much fun with your boy and your family!

Joanna said...

what is a soy knot? it looks really interesting.

i would definitely want my ring to be a surprise!! i mean, if my husband knows me well enough, he should know what i like.

Anonymous said...

Great eats!

I did not shop with my husband for the ring, but I did say that I wanted silver (don't like gold) and that I liked a square diamond (which I later learned is called a princess cut!). I am low maintenance so I wanted something simple. I don't even have a wedding band and don't care.

We'll be married 8 years in a few weeks - yahoo!

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