December 10, 2008

getting better~~~

Thanks everyone for your support and nice words, they really helped me! I'm feeling better, I got some new perspectives about my research, some hope. Nothing is sure yet, but at least I have some hope now. Whenever I make sure what I'm thinking will work I'll let you guys to know.
I woke up 4.30am this morning after six hours of sleep. When I checked the time, I knew that there was no chance I can get into sleep again, because I knew that once I'm awake, my mind begins to work thinking about my research. So, I decided to get up. Fortunately I didn't feel too bad, just a little bit of headache that went away few hours later.
oh.... for the record, last night before I went to sleep I had two slices of banana loaf, not because I was hungry, but because I wanted to load on carbs so I could get a better sleep. well..... it kind of worked, comparing to the night before last night, I woke up at 3.30am.As I expected I wasn't hungry for breakfast, so I made a small bowl of oatmeal
  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/3 cup almond breeze chocolate
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 apple
  • 1 tbsp wheat berries
  • vanilla + cinnamon
I enjoyed every bite of it.... it's delicious!!! Coffee and no FT (it was 5.30am, the newspaper man didn't come yet)I began to work at 6am. A little break at 10am to have a morning snack. Slice of banana loaf and tea.
Lunch was simple but delicious: milanesa de soja with sauce and mozzarella, broccoli, rice and lentil stew.Dessert was fage with blueberries.I had a seminar this afternoon so I packed an apple and more banana loaf. (I love it!)After the seminar I went to a spin class. My stat today:
Duration: 56 min
Average Heart Rate: 149
Maximum: 170
Calories burned: 373
A sweaty workout! I felt wonderful! I wish I had this load of adrenalin yesterday!
For dinner I made a savory porridge with millet, canned salmon, Chinese duck egg (it's grey-black), canned bamboo shot, S+P and ginger powdered. Some sauteed romaine lettuce and 1/3 milanesa de soja.mmmmmmmm....... The porridge was really tasty!!! I should have this more often ^_^
Dessert was more fage with blueberries and cinnamon.Today I worked hard but I feel good because I had some progress. The worst thing doing research is that you can spend days and days and no progress at all!!!! That's so frustrating. (right, Erin?) I'm so glad that today is not one of those days.

Despite of my stress, I find reading your guys blogs really relaxing. I enjoy so much reading about your thoughts, eats and life. At night, when I'm sitting on my coach, blogging and reading blogs is the most rewarding and relaxing moment of my day! So, let me thank you again!

Question: What is/are your physical symptoms of stress?
Mine is pimple on my forehead and bad sleep.

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VeggieGirl said...

Hope you continue to feel better, girl!!

**My sign of stress = getting sick, for sure!!

Anonymous said...

YES! Six hours is a lot of sleep for a grad student! :) Good girl.
I do the same thing before bed! I eat a really big snack. It helps me sleep. I even wake up hungry still!
I met with my advisor today and thought of you! ;)
When I get stressed, I get really sensitive and easily offended. I also have zero energy and want to sleep all the time or eat a zillion calories or not eat at all! Pretty unpredictable!

Meg said...

I woke up early today too! I always get anxious when I am stressed! Love all your eats!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're doing better!

just me said...

love the carb loading! i live for it!

and when i get stressed i def break out on my face...and become physically exhausted.

feel better babe! hope you get some more sleep tonight!

Anonymous said...

your eats look lovely! Hopefully you'll keep on feeling better. Exercise always seem to do the trick.
when i get really stressed out, I break out like crazy. I mean my forehead will be a galore of pimples. NOT A PRETTY SIGHT!

Pearl said...

your banana loaf looks great! and i'm so glad you got more sleep :)

i wish i could mail you some cookies to brighten your day!

and when i'm lacking sleep, one of my eyelids gets all weird (the fold.. do you know what i'm talking about? the double-eyelid fold and the single eyelid fold? one eye disappears and becomes the single eyelid fold LOL). or i get a pimple on my face *sigh*

reading blogs is relaxing for me, too, and i love reading about your day :)

Juliet said...

A few things:

(1) I'm really glad you are feeling a bit better! :)

(2) Can you tell me more about the banana loaf? It looks fascinating!

(3) I get a ton of stress in my back and neck. I have a lot of knots back there. :(

Wei Tou said...

research is a repeated and iterative process...totally understand ur feeling right now..we just need to stick with it and it'll be worked out.

get more sleep in the day if u feel headache. I heard that a nap at noon (20 min) equals 1hr sleep at night.

magpie said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better! Stress makes me anxious and I break out on my face.

Oo I haven't read the FT since I worked on wall street. Hehe - I actually don't miss it. It just reminds me of horrible hours and STRESS.

Get some sleep tonight!

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

Pearl: cookies made from you? woooo..... that would definitely brighten my day! And I know the double eyelid thing... I bf gets double when he's tired. (just opposite to you ^_^)

Anonymous said...

yay for getting in more sleep and eating banana bread! I always have a little something sweet before bed, cause I can't sleep otherwise! As for switching off your thoughts to sleep, when I'm stressed and tossing and turning in bed, i do this thing where I let my thoughts come into my head, but I don't think about them. I let just one thought flow in and out of my head. I acknowledge its presence, but I don't pay attention to it. It's tempting to think about it, but I remind myself there's nothing I can do about it from my bed, so I DONT think about it. It takes some practice NOT to dwell on a thought, but if you just let it come in to your head, and right out, it really helps me sleep! Hope this helps!

Krista said...

I'm glad things are looking up for you. I carry all my stress in my shoulders. If it's really bad, my tummy is next on the hit list!

Take Care!

Madison Song said...

My signs are pimples too!! and massive headaches. Boo =(

Erica said...

Get better! Hopefully with the extra sleep and healthy eats you will be feeling good in no time!

Signs of stress=sick!!

Fitnessista said...

6 hours?? without 8 hours of sleep i get GROUCHY haha.
my sign of stress is a pimple on my chin and i either am starving or not hungry at all.
hope you continue to feel better!

Meg said...

There is something for you over on my blog!

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