February 8, 2009

jetlag away & new study spot in! ^_^

I'm so glad to say that I finally found my near-perfect study spot! and with hot water!!! This is how it looks like
It's not nearly-luxury but I was happy with it. (Oh.... sorry if you don't know what I'm talking about, go to my previous post!). A wide desk, a comfort chair and water heater!!! yep~~~~
Yesterday I woke up at 5 am (jetlag free), had my daily dosis of yoga: 20 min morning flow #3 and the 20 min power vinyasa flow #3. mmmm..... the perfect way to begin the day! :D
Had the repetitive breakfast (sorry if I'm boring you): blended black rice porridge heated with a beaten egg in it, dry pumpkins and a spoon of GYG.This might not look good, but it does taste great and full of nutrition! (when I eat it, I remind me how many good thing it does to my body and I like it even more! ^_^ good trick, right?)
I arrived at my office with 3 bags: computer bag, lunch bag and a bag with my new study-buddies (water heater and my fav. kitty mug). Settled down and began to work at 8.30am! So excited for my first productive day in 2009!
Work went pretty well. 5 min break to have this goodie: Quaker True Delight Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond. As you can see,this is really Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond bar. soooooooo good this one!! even better than the coconut one. Reason? Chewy cherries pieces, crunchy almonds and BIG chunks of chocolate.
Lunch was repetitive as well: rice with dates, tofu with black fungus and greens.Repetitive PM snack: frozen blueberries+yogurt+granola.
I couldn't have another repetitive meal...so when I finished working around 6pm I went to TJ's. I came back at 8pm... opsssss.... too late to cook a big meal.... so something quick and yummy!
yeah~~~ my first pizza in 2009! topped with eggplants, broccoli slaw, cheese and 2 slices of roasted turkey breast from Tj's.
mmmmmmm......... muah muah~~ ^.~
Non repetitive dessert: a la Erin!
dates + PB!
It was a very nice and enjoyable Saturday (from working? am I workaholic? from eating repetitive meals?) from whatever reason! :D

Another funny thing during these last couple of days was that 3 friends came to me for relationship related counselling! hahahha..... I know I'm not an expert on the issue and have no expertise on counseling like Erin, but I do enjoy helping to my friends and happy to know that they feel secure telling me their most personal thoughts. But.... wait a moment.... I was just thinking about going to a therapist for my stress... and I'm counselling to others?? is that weird? ;)

I hope you guys had a fabulous Saturday and have a great Sunday!
I promise that I will do some meal planning and cooking so I don't bore you my lovely friends too much.

Question (since most of who read this blog are girls): how much $$ do you spend on skin care? I'm just curious! ^_^ I spend a lot!!!!!!! way too much that I'm embarrassed to say it!


VeggieGirl said...

LOOOOVE your new study spot!!

Meg said...

Great new study spot. I wish I could taste test that porridge of yours. It looks so good.

Anonymous said...

That porridge looks great to me... how much do I spend on skincare? Well, about 1.5 years ago I dropped about $100 on a whole skincare line, and I'm still using it. It's fantastic!

just me said...

dang, your bar had a lot of chocolate chunks in it!!!! i'm jealous!

and love the study spot!! so cute!

as far as skin care goes...i don't use anything. i use the bar soap to wash my face that i use on my body...and all i can think of every time is that clearasil commercial where the kid gets harped for using the same soap he uses to wash his butt to wash his face. hahahaha!

Sharon said...

I think the study spot works! Hot water is essential!

qiao said...

I will let you know whenever there is a deal on skincare..

Anonymous said...

woo i love your study spot! it's so clean~ I like to have mine clean w/o much stuff as well. ;]

I used to spend A LOT on skin products.. but nowadays I just buy face wash and that's it. I think I should start wearing make up since I'm going to be in twenties in few months but I have no clue how to use them. lol

Anonymous said...

i think that maybe even i could concentrate on studying if i could sit there!! and i'm sure you're ace at counselling, why else would they turn to you?? :) that pizza looks amazing. and as for skincare, i use everything clinique and it has been SO good for my skin - none of their stuff is unnecessarily frangranced, and it keeps my skin clear and looked after (i have very dry skin and they do wonders for it)

Maggie said...

can you tell me how to make that porridge breakfast? i want to try it for my new experiment (the macrobiotic thing). love your eats, as usual!!

i don't spend that much on skincare, but i should spend more. my skin is really frustrating, and i got sick of spending money of products that didn't seem to work. i'm hoping the new diet experiment will actually help my skin!

Juliet said...

Welcome back! Glad you have a cozy study spot!!! I don't spend that much on skin care -- always torn between "is this helping me or hurting me" :)

Annie said...

i love black rice!! i spend ALOT on skincare. im obsessed of my skin cause i used to have really bad skin. i dropped $300 on eye cream eek!!

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