February 22, 2009

Korean food night~~~

The title entitles the most exciting part of my day. The rest was just work (9 hs). Thanks my friend for "rescuing me" from my boring Saturday night! ^_^
I woke up extremely hungry this morning so I skipped my yoga session for a nice bowl of oat bran (didn't get sick of it yet!) made with 1/2 cup oat bran, 1/4 cup of black sesame powder, 1 beaten egg and 1.5 cup of water, topped with GYG and almonds.MUM MUM~~~ black sesame powder gave it a special flavor!
I arrived at the parking lot at 8am and for my surprise, it was almost FULL!! What ekk......is going here???? Are we all crazy/workaholic? I thought I was the only miserable one working on Saturday at 8AM!!!
Working working. snack time!yeah~~~ after trying 6 samples of TrueDelight bars, I'm totally in love with this one and I bought a box of it!
Lunch didn't came until 1.30pm (partly because I wasn't hungry and partly because I wanted to finish cleaning the data set which is tedious). I brought the rest of black chicken soup with bok choy and bok choy & sausage rice.I know that I said this in every post, but this Bok Choy & Sausage rice is soooooooo good! Does anyone want the recipe??? Let me know.
This was a big lunch... I was pretty asleep afterward.
PM snack wasn't necessary because of the big lunch but I did take a break to have two chocolates (which I'm kind of sick of it by now). Meanwhile, I chat with a friend for a while and knew that he was rejected by its master application. I felt so bad, because I went through all the application process and I know how terribly is that. Although I didn't know him for a long time (<3 months), but I know he's a good boy and a good friend. I wish he lived closer to me so I can take him out for a walk/meal, or simply give him a hug to let him know that I know how he feels and I'm here to support him for whatever he plans to do next.
I left office around 6.30pm to meet with a friend for dinner in a korean restaurant. These are the appetizers
Dont' ask me for the names because I don't know. But all of them are made with veggies. I love them all!!! And for entree I order my fav. Korean food: hot pot rice!
rice on the bottom, veggies, mushrooms and fried egg on the top. Mixed with a lot of spicy sauce
Steamed egg and miso soup came alongThat was a great meal~~~ stuffed but totally worth it!
Once at home, after reading blogs and stuffs, I craved dessert, so I had yogurt with frozen strawberries.
A good way to end my day~ ^_^

Question: How would you console your friend when they're passing through a hard moment?


VeggieGirl said...

To console a friend, I offer as much support as possible, and try to stay positive as well.

Meg said...

Love all the Korean Food.

To console a friend, I would offer a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on.

Mara @ What's For Dinner? said...

You're so cute... that Korean food looks amazing!

When a friend's going through a rough time, just be an ear and open arms!

Krista said...

All that Korean food looks a-mazing! Especially the steamed egg! YUM!

I think that having an open ear for your friend would probably be much appreciated!!

Annie said...

i always go for the hot pot!

i remember my friend called me crying but i had nothing to say but she told me that i made her feel better for just listening. does that help?

Pearl said...

coco! i'd love the recipe for bok choy rice, please :).

and when my friend is sad, i always try to console him/her and let him/her know that i'm there for them. i think it's comforting to know that there's someone out there who cares. :)

you are such a doll, sweetheart, to try and comfort such a friend!

Maggie said...

I'm not sick of oat bran either, and I love Korean food! I always get the cold bi bim bap - yum.

To console a friend, I just try to listen to them, and be encouraging, and of course give hugs.

Anonymous said...

you ordered my favorite korean food ever!! I love korean stone bowl hot pot rice!!! I always put wayyy too much hot sauce on top and the rice gets all red and yummy! the steamed egg seems so chinese! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww that's too bad about your friend, I hope he's doing alright! I would just offer hugs and a listening ear. Often that's all people need, support and someone to lean on. I wish him best!

Love all that yummy korean food of yours. I need to try more korean, I don't really think I've had many authentic korean dishes at all before!

Anonymous said...

wow everything looks so good :)
the steamed egg sounds good too

Anonymous said...

Ooh, data cleaning! :) So fun!
You're such a good friend. I'm really impressed by how sweet you are! When I'm trying to console someone, I like to let them feel whatever they're feeling, and not try to perk them up TOO much because I think it's important to sit with and embrace our feelings...just so we know that we can handle them. I bet you do an awesome job of consoling people :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE korean food. heehee i'm actually Korean and I know that Korean food is HEALTHY! ;]
now I'm really craving some momma's home-cooked krn food.

lesley said...

Glad you at least got to go have some good food to end your Saturday of working!!

And I agree, I think the best way to console a friend is to stay positive, just be there, and listen.

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