February 21, 2009

Not exciting friday!

I guess everyone except me is excited because it was Friday. I'm happy for you guys, but for me Friday is just another working day which will followed by another working day! I don't complain about that because I chose to do it and I know other ladies like Erin works as hard or harder than me. I used to think that I'm so miserable having to work on weekends and sometimes I feel that I'm loosing my life doing this Ph.D program. But then, Erin reminds me that we CHOSE to do because that's what we want to do instead of other life style. And a book that I'm reading says pretty much the same, that most of us get stressed out because our focus is in the goal, we feel that we're sacrificing a lot pursuing this goal. But what we should really do instead is enjoy the process and remind us that if the process isn't enjoyable, the ultimate goal isn't what we truly want either.
Okay now back to my not-exciting friday. I had a great night sleep (8.5 h), a 45 min power vinyasa flow #1. Followed by a pinky breakfast: oatmeal with frozen strawberries. (1/2 cup old wessex, 1 cup water, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 beaten egg while, GYG and chocolate PB)I'm really a pink lady!! :D
Taught two discussion in the morning and then back to office to start doing research.
Lunch came over (not exciting at ALL) at 1pm: leftover soup + chili + sprouts & peppers salad.Obviously that's too little food for me, so I had this (sample from Quaker)It was a bit disappointing....didn't like either the texture nor the flavor. Truely Delight are still my fav. bar from Quaker.
Halfway through, I had a lindt to give myself a smile ^_^Work through all afternoon (cleaning a large data set prepared by others. So many errors!!!! GR........ I hate to cleaning up others mess)
My stomach called for fuel by 4.30pm. So, my fav. snack now: pop seeds bread from Tj's with AB.And an apple later.As you can see, we researcher needs a lot of FUEL sometimes. :D
Went to the gym after work since I got very nervous/upset. Did 45 min on the Elliptical reading magazines. Ahhhh.... that's so relaxing!!! :) It completely changed my mood.
Finally the not-exciting dinner: Sauteed lotus with grilled tofu + last of black rice/aduki porridge + last of wheat berries (fortunately sunday is close so I can make more) + half of a entire baked/burned kabocha squash (tooooo dry)And dessert was 3 minis while reading blogs!by 10pm I was on the bed for more leisure readings. My leisure readings lately have only two topics: healthy lifestyle (what to eat, how to rest, etc) and healthy mental health (how to relieve stress, how to be happy). I know that these are not very deep readings, but they are just what I need right now. To be healthy both physically and mentally.
One book that I'm reading now says that everyone needs some personal time to de-stress, like 30 min walk, a good bubble bath or even just closing eyes for 5min.
Question: So, what's your daily method to de-stress?


VeggieGirl said...

Hang in there with those long working days, girl!!

To de-stress, I DON'T do any homework, haha :-D

just me said...

totally with you on the working weekends...we can do it though!

to de-stress i def read blogs or anything i might be reading on the side, which right now is Remember Me by sophie kinsella!

Krista said...

I love to de-stress by cuddling with my cats and a good book/magazine OR blog reading!

Juliet said...

I didn't know you had a mac. I'm a huge apple fan. :) So destressing for me is all about tv -- american idol, real housewives, oprah (I love them all!)

Anonymous said...

My "destressing" activity is reading blogs. I don't have a TV and I don't have a lot of time each day for destressing, so I just spend a few minutes right before I go to bed just relaxing and reading blogs.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE kabocha ;]
where do you purchase yours?
i wish my oven worked so that i could roast them instead of steaming.

Anonymous said...

that dinner sounds rather exciting to me.
just take a deep breath and relax :)

Anonymous said...

I love those banana peppers in your salad - so good!

I read blogs to de-stress! :D

Sharon said...

Hope all goes well. You're making me crave lotus right now.

Maggie said...

Mmm kabocha. I just ran out.

To destress - I try to get in yoga every day. Sometimes I watch a tv show, because I don't watch that much tv and it can be relaxing :)

Annie said...

de stress? sleep! or watch tv =)

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