February 9, 2009

sunday flew by too fast! ^.~

hello my lovely blog friends, how was your Sunday? did you have good weather on where you live? Here in MD we had 66F! I enjoyed so much my day!!!!! The only problem with having only 1 day off per week is that I couldn't do all errands that I had planned to do.
I'm being late to do my yoga session now: so, let me do a quick recap of yesterday!
Breakfast: scrumptious combo of black rice porridge (details on how to make it at the end) + strawberries yogurt + fresh blueberries + GYG!
amazing!!!!~~~~ so happy to find a variation to the black rice porridge!
I went to a 90min advance vinyasa flow on my yoga studio with my fav instructor! She kicked my ass.... oh man! I checked the clock at 60 m and couldn't believe that I had 30 min more to go!!! But I did enjoy!
Lunch at 1.30pm (you can imagine how hungry I was without AM snack and kicking ass workout), so 4 oz. fresh noodles with sauteed greens, dry shrimps and tofu.
I was blunt after eating it. but still wanted something sweet:
I was planning to do my week meal plan but instead I went to buy a book shelf for all the book that I bought from China. So, 3 girls assembling it....
final results
fabulous!!! so happy to have two lovely friends!!! I'm enjoying more and more girly times!!! :D
dinner: greens salad + rice + duck feet soup with yam (another comfort meal borrowed from my Mom)it might look scary, but it tastes great and it has tons of collagen which means wonders to our skin!Dessert: as you can imagining it will involve chocolate PB... I had it on 1/3 piece of Tj's 5 grains bread.And then, I had two ice cream puffs in my friend's home (no pic! but looks something like this)
I went to a Chinese new year celebration with my friends... but the shows were poor and I was getting bored. But something great happened: I won't the lottery AGAIN!!! Yes, I can't believe it. Everyone gets a number when we enter the salon and choose 3 winners. Last year I was lucky to get the 2nd price (a humidifier) and this year I won again (50 bucks of gift card in Target). And there were more than 250 people!! How lucky I was! And all the people who came last year recognized me and were exclaiming how lucky I was!!! yeah~~~~ that made my day even better!
What a fabulous day although tooooooooooo short! I'll postpone my meal plan for the week until Monday then!
As many of you asked me about the Black rice porridge, here's the easy way to make it:
  • soak the black rice in water for 24 hours
  • cook it in low for about 2 hours until you can taste the rice is milk and sticky.
  • let is cool and blended it with enough water to get the consistency that you like
  • enjoy!
Question: Do you plan for your week meal? where do you find the recipes?


VeggieGirl said...

Definitely flew by quickly!! Enjoy the upcoming week!! :-)

Molly said...

I've been lurking on your blog! It's great and I love to see all the traditional chinese eats!

ttfn300 said...

always too fast :) thanks for the black rice porridge recipe! horray for the lottery winnings, too!

Simple and Divine said...


I don't meal plan... Bc I eat the same thing every day. That's not a joke. Ha, I love my comfs, you know? have a GREAT DAY!

Krista said...

Thanks for the info on how to prepare the rice!!

Meg said...

Thanks for posting the directions for making the porridge!

Danielle said...

Yay for winning the lottery! I wish I celebrated the Chinese New Year, sounds like a blast :)

Anonymous said...

I love black rice porridge!! my parents tell me there's more fiber and nutrients in that than white rice, but i haven't gotten a chance to get any yet. You made the perfect Asian oatmeal!!!! :)

I also love your lunch. I eat that alllll the time!! And I am super impressed with your book shelf. hahaha Yay for books from China! THey're so much cheaper but for the same stuff!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a late lunch! Oh my!
I plan about 5 meals a week. I just pull recipes from cookbooks and stuff.
I love your focus on skin care!

amy. said...

MY SECRET VALENTINE!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU X 100! Chocolate and Jewelry?! You are better than any boyfriend! Thank you so much, the jewelry is gorgeous and the chocolates will be devoured soon enough :)

Thank you again, Girl!

Happy V-Day!

Are the candies from Asia or South America? I'm sensing multi-ethnic packaging!

Maggie said...

thanks for the recipe!! i'll have to get black rice when I go shopping today. I just noticed something - you said that eating that soup is good for the skin - I love that you say that! The macrobiotic book I just read was talking about how in Asia people always know that they should eat something because it's good for ______ (whatever it is - liver, heart, etc). In the US we don't do that and that's why we don't eat more healthfully.

For my meal plans I usually just go through cookbooks to get ideas and then throw my own spin on things. I have this huge cookbook of a bunch of Asian recipes that I use for inspiration.

Happy Monday!

qiao said...

I sensed that you would won the lottery. Really... /Congradulations!

Jennifer said...

I love to see different kinds of foods I've never tried. thanks for sharing!

Erica said...

Lovin the book shelf! I hate putting furniture together! Glad you guys got it up and its already serving its purpose! Great job on the win too by the way! How fun

Juliet said...

You won a lottery? You are so lucky. Thank you for the recipe. I can't wait to try it. Love the bookshelf by the way! Must have been heavy carrying all of those books back from China!

Pearl said...

ooh coco! how lovely!

that bookshelf looks great - and i'm so happy for you that you won the lottery again! YAAAY!

Madison Song said...

collagen?? nice~ i need me some duck feet :D

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