February 18, 2009

early bird again!!! 3am!!! gosh~~~~~~~

well... fortunately this is the exception rather than the rule nowadays, since I've been sleeping pretty well lately (7-8, even 9 hours). So, I guess some exceptional day like yesterday waking up at 3am didn't affect me much (although I did need a quick nap later).You might wonder, what can you do waking up at that unusual time? well... not much, but I enjoyed everything: leisure readings, snack, went over blogs and did 60 min detox challenge flow. I'm really happy how things changed. I used to get very frustrated and mad when I wake up too early, but now I just enjoy doing things slowly that otherwise I have to rush.
The rest of my day went well too... worked a lot in my office (there's some special energy in this little study spot, it really makes me work hard! ^_^)
Moving into eats. First morning snack (this is usually what I get when I wake up early or wake up hungry) A cup of fiber one and coffee.Breakfast: surprise!!! Oat bran!!! hahah..... suddenly everyone in the blog world is having oat bran for breakfast. Thanks for reminding me how good is it. I used 1/2 cup oat bran, 1/2 cup almond breeze, 1 cup water, 1 beaten egg, vanilla+cinnamon. GYG as usual and a cup of POM teammmmm......... MUM MUM~~~~^_^
I felt terribly asleep around 10am but still need to work hard, so the solution? snacks!!!
snack 1: the other packet of Meteor Bites, this one is much better, but I doubt I'd buy it again.snack 2: Nut-thins!these are sooooo good, love the nuts flavor in it and it's really crunchy!
Lunch: a salad of alfalfa sprouts with mini peppers and 1.5 cup of the chili that I made on Sunday with 2 Tj's turkey meatball. The chili was made with okra, red beans, corns, onions, diced tomatoes, Goya seasoning, S+P. Very filling!Dessert: Tazo tea (wild sweet orange) and 2 mini chocolates. Followed by a quick nap of 20min (I'm productive even on taking naps! ^_^)PM snack: another new product (I'm being innovative lately), Rachel's cottage cheese. more info here. It's not a WOOOO...... but quite good. I'll try savory flavors next time. I had it with some frozen blueberries and wheat berries.Back home around 6.30pm, too late to go to the gym. So, instead I did laundry and prepared a good meal which included sauteed chinese leeks with grilled tofu.Sauteed soy bean sproutsbok choy and black rice & aduki porridge.Yummy dinner~~~ Followed by two yummy desserts:Pumpkin+wheat berries + Stonefield Chocolate soy yogurt. The yogurt tasted more like a dessert!!! Like it so much! ^_^ And PB chocolate @Becca.I went to bed for more leisure readings at 9.30pm! oh....bed bed! I missed u so much!!! ^_^

Question: How blog community has influenced your life?


lesley said...

Yum ... so much great looking food and combos, a few of which I'll comment on;)

-- I LOVE Wild Sweet Orange Tazo tea, it's defintely one of my all time favorite teas, thus far.

-- Wheat berries+pumpkin sounds GREAT!

-- I love sprouts!

I'm glad you've founds ways to "enjoy" waking up at 3. You're lucky that it doesn't affect you much!! I would be a total crab, lol! For real!

And last but not least to finish up this similar-to-a-novel-in-length comment, I've only been in the blogger world for about 3ish months now and I'm constantly amazed at how nice, kind, and helpful everyone is!! It's a place where I feel I can really be myself and no matter what, everyone will be there encouraging you, etc. I love it : )

Have a great Wednesday!

VeggieGirl said...

Hope you can get more sleep tonight!!

Erica said...

Hey! 3 am??? I probably should have gotten up at three am today, I feel like I have so much to do! Yummy eats- I love how you're always mixing it up! Blog world has added new and fun foods into my life and really helped me clean up a lot of my dinners! Plus I just love all the blog world love!

Maggie said...

Ooo I will have to try that pumpkin dessert. I just opened up a new can of it yesterday :) Wheat berries are so good.

I am up early today too... but I might take a nap soon.

Sharon said...

You're too cute Coco! I love how you take naps, because I do from time to time too! And all your food looks great!!

Hope you get some sleep!

ttfn300 said...

ah, i hate sleeping issues :( but glad you got some good yoga time! i picked up some of that cottage cheese, but hadn't tried it yet...

Krista said...

3am is SO early! As always, your eats are great!!!

HangryPants said...

I love your pumpkin dessert. You reminded me that I need to get more wheat berries!

Also, I've tried the cucumber rachel's cottage cheese and it was pretty good, but very strong!

Juliet said...

That's great to look on the bright side of having more awake time. I need to try oat bran. Looks great! And, that cottage cheese! I can't wait. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, 3 am - and here I thought I got up early at 5:30 am! That's good though that you enjoyed the time instead of being frustrated.
Oh, and I love almond breeze - I get the vanilla.

Becca said...

I just picked up that flavor of cottage cheese the other day. I opted to try the pear mangosteen first, not too bad.

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