April 3, 2009

Thoughts about friendship~~

Today I want to talk about my thoughts about friendship. I'm sure everyone has its own story and its own thoughts about how wonderful is to be able to have good friends around us and how important is to have friends in life. I do think these things too... but I need to be sincere with myself in this blog. I have a very unique way of defining friendship, maybe too obsessed and too perfectionist as Star might say. I don't have (because I don't like/want) to have a lot of friends, those who you just hang out and talk banal stuffs, who you cannot behave 100% of yourself, who you can not be frank to. My definition of a friend is someone you can talk whatever you want, treat them as your family, take care of them unconditionally, never distrust them, never doubt about their love to you. At the same time, I want him/her to be sincere, direct and totally 100% of him/herself. What I can't tolerate is double-faced people. Obviously, because of my criteria of friend is so narrow and so "strict" I only have countable friends. But I'm very luck to have them, I enjoy being with them. You know, those moments are the one that you can relax yourself and take off the mask we put on us to face the world. If I had to define three qualities that I value most in a person to be a friend would be: sincerity, fun and a good heart. As you can see I put sincerity in the first place. I am aware of how hard could be to be sincere sometimes because we might fear that telling the truth might hurt others feeling. However, if this person is my friend, I know he/she won't get mad at me if he/she knows that I'm telling the truth and I'm being sincere. I remember once I made brownies and gave a friend to taste.... first he was excited of trying it since he's a big brownie lover.... but after first bite, his face changed completely and asked me: "did you put walnuts in it?" "yes, of course, they add extra crunchiness" I said. "oh... I hate walnuts. Can I give it back to you? Thanks a lot but I really don't like this" he said. My first impression was disappointment obviously, but then I took the piece back and was not annoyed at all. Actually I was happy to hear a sincere opinion of him. I'd prefer him to tell me on face that he didn't like it instead of throwing it away later anyway. So, what's your thoughts about friendship? What would be the three most important qualities you look in a friend?

Rambling section ends!

Back to yesterday. I met with my main advisor and he was pleased with my work and approved it to be my dissertation topic!!! That's huge progress. You know, once the topic is defined and half worked, it's so much easier. The worst part of the research is finding The topic. It took me about 6 stressful months, I'm finally settle down with this one. I'm so happy~~~~ ^_^
Breakfast, with no surprise was fruits, double toasted muffin, laughing cow and chocolate PB.
AM snack while I was holding office hour: coffee + cereal bar from Argentina.
Lunch: leftover onion & shrimp stir fry that I add some broccoli slaw, soy knot with black fungus and mix of barley and brown rice.
Dessert: chocolate mousse.
PM snack: 1/2 c. fage + vanilla + mixgranola.
a strawberry bar from Arg while I was catching up with FTs.
I went to a spin class, a good sweaty workout and came home for a meah dinnah: soupless soup (I added more frozen spinach and okra to the mushroom soup0 and a steamed corn.

: another chocolate mousse and a bowl of fage with double berries.
Question: What your plan this weekend? Mine will be finish up the .ppt, maybe a movie (Fast and Furious), or meeting with a friend, or both! ^_^


FoodsThatFit said...

Three qualities I look for in a friend are someone who is dependable, trustworthy, and optimistic :)

Anonymous said...

i have to say, i have exactly the same views about friendship as you do - i have never been one to be part of a big social group, and never one to feel comfortable in a crowd. i have a few extremely close friends that i can really call "friends" in the true meaning of the term, and then others who are nice to meet up with in a while but don't call just to say hello. i've always been much happier that way rather than spreading myself thinly over lots of people. i'm not exactly the most outgoing type either so it suits me perfectly. i think real friends are loyal, trustworthy & accepting of who you are.

after that long ramble, what can i say about your eats apart from that it looks yummy as usual! especially the shrimp - i looooove seafood :D

VeggieGirl said...

I only have a few, close friends, and I prefer it that way - I used to have a lot of 'FAKE FRIENDS' who I couldn't trust or confide in. Now I only keep friends who are trustworthy; and fun, of course :-)


Krista said...

I have only a few friends that I cherish! Because my life is so busy, I need to have friends that understand that I can't always jump and go like they do. I lost a few friendships over this, but soon realized that if they couldn't understand my position, they weren't true friends in the first place. @ of my girls and me get together once every 2 months for dinner and good conversation and it's wonderful to be with them. My dearest and long time friend lives 3hrs from me which is hard, but we maximize our time when we have it!

Pearl said...

aww coco i totally know what you mean about having friends whom you can trust completely - i'm like that, too! i'd rather have a few good, close friends who i know i can share things with rather than a bunch of friends that really don't know me, you know?
i'm so excited for your topic to be approved! congratulations!

Julie said...

definitely good point :) gotta find people who love you for you!

Anonymous said...

the three most important qualities I look for in a friend is 1) sincere 2)fun and 3)caring. Just a few of these friends and I'm satisfied! you don't need a lot of friends when you've got a few precious ones!

Katie said...

My three top qualities in a friend are authenticity, trustworthiness and passion for life. I'm like you in that I'm okay with just a few close friends rather than oodles of "kinda" friends.

Maggie said...

I need a friend who I can be totally open with and not worry that they are judging me. I tend to be self conscious and I always worry about what people think of me. I'm not comfortable with a lot of people but the friends that I do have I am very close to.

Jennifer said...

My sister and I are twins and have best friends who are twins. We've been friends since 3rd grade. We still get together after all these years on a regular basis. It's the only place all 4 of us can talk about everything going on in our lives and not worry about it leaving the room. I feel very lucky to have them in my life!

Anonymous said...

oh goodness girlie your eats are just fabulous, especially your lunch!!!

i think its better to have a few close friends that you can depend on too!

TheBoyfriend1124 said...

Congratulation!! little girl.

You have made big progress in your presentation. I think you can be a little relax and Hope you can enjoy your weekend.

Juliet said...

I look for trust, the ability to chat about anything, the ability to keep a secret, and honesty. I think I am similar to you. I'd rather have few good friends than a bunch of flaky friends. Flaky people drive me crazy.

Emily said...

I think in terms of quality, not quantity in regard to friends. I'd rather have a few close friends than have a ton of friends but feel like I don't really know any of them well. I look for friends who are genuine, trustworthy, and compassionate.

Congrats on getting your dissertation project approved! I'm glad you are going after the seemingly impossible :-)
And thanks for your words of encouragement to me and

Anonymous said...


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