April 19, 2009

Day 7: ^____^

I could write a long title like: yoging, cooking, shopping, new cooking adventure, eating, ENJOYING, or just put a BIG smiling face to summarize my Saturday. It was sooooo enjoyable all day long, so be prepared to see a lot of goodies (eatable and non-eatable! ) and step-by-steps!
Breakfast was this purple goodie that I posted yesterday for the review of steel cut.Then I went to a 90 vinyasa yoga with Scott, one of my favorites. I did so many new arm balances poses that impressed some new yogis! I did thisthisthisthisand thisIt was so fun! ^_^ and my self esteem went to the roof! hahaha....
Back home around 12pm (still not hungry after that steel cut bowl that I had it around 7am) I went to Qiao's home to help her cook two dishes for her party. I made argentinian tarta depascualina and coke chicken wings. When I was preparing my salad I wondered how you guys prepared your salad (I know it's not a big science, but just wondered). So I took pics of my mini step-by-step to make my salad.
Wash all the veggies, strained and put in a big salad bowl that I didn't have (will soon) so I used a 9-inch glass baking pan. Mix the dressing: olive + balsamic + mustard + salt pour the dressing into the veggies and mix Transfer it into a big serving plate (not ideal for salad, a big bowl would be better) and add protein toppings. I had 1/2 c. steamed lentils and 1 boiled egg. voila... easy, pretty, nutritious and delicious!!!
Then, I and Savanna went to a mall for some retail therapy (borrowed from Mellisa). After 2.5 hours... here are my purchases: The most wanted oatmeal bowl!!! I first saw it in Kath's and wanted since then but couldn't find it. So, I got super excited when I saw they have it finally. The mini Salad Spinner, Bamboo spoon, new placement and two things to eat corn (I don't know its name). Now, unplanned purchases: two sweaters and a jean from Abercrombie. Their clothes are very comfortable and I can find size for me, so I really like it, but usually they're a little bit expensive. But these are really good deals. The jean was 80 and I paid 40. The sweaters were 60 each and I paid 12.90/each. Such a good bargain, isn't it?all togetherAfter taking pics and all, I got hungry, so I used my new bowl to have "beauty drink". Does anyone remember this? It's made with white fungus and chinese dates. And toasted fresh bread with PB. (I had double of these just for your record). Now, my best cooking adventure for 2009! I made the most typical argentinian dish: Milanesas!!! From this book that I bought in ARg Let's do it backward! First let me show you the end product
Step by step instruction
prepare a mixture of egg or egg white, milk (I used coconut milk), S+P and fresh parsleyHomemade breadcrumb Homemade oat flourPrepare the beef. I used breakfast steak because the recipe call for thin layers of beef, so I think breakfast steak is just perfect. Seasoned with S+P and beat the meat to make it tender.Immerse the stead into the egg mixture and Pass it to the breadcrumb (or oat flour). Do it two times.I made three. One with breadcrumb, one with oat flour and one with oat bran. I want to see which is best.Freeze for at least 30 min. And then bake it with some oil for about 30 min (turning it once).
It's not complicated at all, right?
I had two fresh side dish: cucumber salad (salt, vinegar and honey) and a broco-flower puree (brocoflower because it's a green cauliflower) with tons of fresh parsley.wooooo!!! It's like a restaurant type of dinner, right??
It was sooo good! Clean Eating doesn't mean boring food, not at all! I wish you guys lived closer so I can invite you all to try this.
oh... this dinner plate look smaller than my usual portion of meal, so I supplemented with 2 WW bread.
Dessert was simple: unsweetened apple sauce +wheateberries + cinnamon + PB.After dinner, I felt tired and laid out on my couch to begin to read these
Such an amazing day that I had!

Question: What do you know about Argentina? What are your thoughts about South America countries in general?


VeggieGirl said...

Such a fantastic Saturday you had!! Hope your Sunday goes just as well :-)

FoodsThatFit said...

Those yoga pics are amazing! I seriously do not know how people can do those poses....totally impressed!

Anonymous said...

hurray for an awesome day at yoga, wonderful new purchases, and a beautiful steak!! i hope I can go to argentina someday!

happy sunday

A Toronto girl out West said...

Woooo those are some hardcore yoga moves! You're fierce!!!! :oP

And good job on the Milanesas - they look totally genuine. Oh and I know some stuff about Argentina - I'd like to visit some day but not just yet. I'm from Latin America (Central America) so I know some stuff about South America! My fiance actually learned how to speak Spanish while teaching English in Venezuela. :o)

Oh and I'm heading to the Abercrombie site right now to see if I can score similar deals!!!!

Mara @ What's For Dinner? said...

OOOH That milanesa looks FANTASTICO! I'm absolutely fascinated by South American countries since I'm a Spanish teacher... I know Argentina is famous for its meat, and its natives are quite friendly ;)

Alison said...

Wow. that looks wonderful. How is Vinyasa yoga different? It looks very difficult.

I'd love to go to Argentina someday. I became interested in it when I first read about the Perons years ago. I know that it's a large country and very diverse. There's a heavy European influence, especially Italian? I know two people from there - one of is Japanese descent and the other Polish. Plus you say your "ll" with a "j" sound - I think it's a cool accent.

ttfn300 said...

a great saturday, indeed!! made me smile ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow what an amazing post! And I thought my breakfast was colourful - those steel cut oats are outrageous!!

Steak looks great too - how I love a good steak... mmmm

In answer to your question, I threw some chopped apple into my green tea/apply jelly. Really yummy!

annie said...

wow that is crazy! yoga is so hard!

TheBoyfriend1124 said...

So difficult pose of Yoga!!!
Congratulate you have got more beautiful things for your kitchen.

just me said...

my mom used to make something like that when we were kids..but def not as flavorful as yours!

and love the retail therapy!!! looks great!

oh yeah, and holy moly you are amazing to do those yoga poses! i can still barely do downward dog! haha!

Erica said...

What a fabulous day! I love the purple color of those oats. That is amazing that you did those poses in yoga- that knocks me off my feet!

Pearl said...

OH MY GOSH! how long did you practice yoga before you were able to accomplish those moves? that's SO cool!

and i love your blog title, by the way : so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great day! Awesome prices on the Abercrombie clothing...everything I visit the US I want to buy a few things but they are usually so expensive.

Gina said...

Busy day! I'll have to try those steel cut oats. I have heard about them, but now that I am "into" oatmeal, I'll have to give them a try!

Emily said...

those yoga poses look intense!

love the lentils!

Anonymous said...

omy gosh INTENSE!! I'm still at level 1. hahha I can't do the first pose yet, but i'm working towards it!!! Last week, I did the full wheel for the first time and I was so happy!!! :)

Thanks for all those awesome step-by0-step recipes! So inspiring...it makes me want to make something THAT gourmet and from a different culture too!! I'm gonna go look up plane tickets to argentina now! ahhh i wanna go!!

Dietitian for Hire said...

can you do those poses impressive!!

Krista said...

Great food, shopping and books!

I can't believe people can actually keep their balance on those poses! YIKES!

qiao said...

Thanks so much for helping me to prepare for the food. Got lots of compliments!!

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