April 10, 2009

Chinese one pot meal- Step by Step~~ ^_^

Another step-by-step recipe for you, this is actually a very traditional meal from Shanghai. I've had it before but didn't write the recipe. Since it's so good that I really want you to give it a try, I took pics when I prepared it on Wednesday (my massive cooking day).
  • rice (any kind, I used 2/3 brown, 1/3 white)
  • pok choy (a big package)
  • shitake mushrooms
  • sausage (or any other kind of smoked meat)
  • edamame (cooked)
  • Salt, Sugar, Oil
1. Chop all the ingredients
2. Sautee all the veggies and the sausage for about 10min with some oil.
3. Put rinsed rice, sauteed veggies into the rice cooker.4. Cook the rice until it's ready.
5. Stir, seasoned with salt and pinch of sugar and re-cook again for about 10 min more.
6. Ready to serve!It doesn't look pretty, but it's soooooo delicious!!! I like to make a big pot and freeze them in small package so it's my frozen meal for those days that I don't want to cook. I think it's healthier than frozen meal that you buy in store. But I need a name for it, any suggestion?
I hope you find it easy, let me know if you have any question or if you decide to try it.

Yesterday wasn't a leisure day but wasn't hard working day either. Went to school to teach, worked at home all day and went to a spin class. Nothing very exciting to report!
Breakfast: boring but yummy combo! (don't worry, I'm not totally abandoning oatmeal!)Back from school I was feeling dizzy so I had a toasted WW bread with laughing cow which was delicious but didn't help for the dizziness.Lunch: A massive salad with carrot mayonnaise + bowl of rice with sausage.Dessert: POM jelly + Argentinean chocolate.look what's inside of this cuttie, dulce de leche!!!PM snack before spin class: I had another instant oatmeal from McCann's (full review soon! ) with PB.Dinner: sauteed greens with mushrooms, an ugly stir fry made with eggplant, green onions, broccoli, egg and Goya seasoning and black rice porridge.I was lucky to receive 3 Better Whey Yogurt as sample from Kasey. They came in today and I was surprised to receive them in a insulated box! So fancy!!!I tried the Acai Mix Berry on POM jelly. The whey yogurt contains 15-17g of protein per 6 oz. cup. That’s almost like Greek yogurt. In term of taste, it's a little bit tart, but creamier than standard non-Greek yogurt. A full review to come when I try other two flavors.

Today's to-do list:
- work
- teach
- nap perhaps (I woke up at 4am)
- work
- yoga

Question: Do you celebrate Easter? What's your favorite part of the celebration?


VeggieGirl said...

I'm LOVING these step-by-step meal posts that you've been doing - keep them coming, please!! :-)

Favorite parts of Easter = being with family and decorating Easter eggs.

Meg said...

Love your one pot meal! Come make some for me!

I love Easter. I am like VeggieGirl! I love decorating Easter eggs.

Krista said...

Great one pot meal!!!

I've seen that yogurt all over blogland and everyone seems to like it well enough....

Sharon said...

You make me miss home Coco!!! Hahaha, but I guess now with your recipe, I can make my own food. LOL I love those sausages, my favorite!

Run Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe - I want to replicate it with some faux meat. I love easter because it's a time to reflect on the religious aspect and spend time with family.

Pearl said...

oh coco. maybe we could call it bok choy sausage infused rice? cause it seems like the oils and juices from the bok choy, edmame and sausage would melt into the rice as it's cooking!

awww - why did you feel dizzy, dear? are you feeling better now? *hugs*

and how cool that you received better whey yogurt! i saw them at whole foods the other day while i was picking up oikos and was very interested in them... how did you like them?

Emily said...

love the nameless dish! :-) It looks delicious!

I celebrate Easter..or at least the Christian holiday Easter. We have a big service at church, which is really great! :-)

Erica said...

The step by Step recipe is very cool! Please keep these coming!!

Bradpetehoops said...

All delicious!

Maggie said...

I love your recipes! I really want to try the whey yogurt but the closest store that has it is 200+ miles away. Maybe I can get them to send me some!

HangryPants said...

Great one pot meal. I am awful at creative names though.

I celebrate easter! My mom makes this ricotta pie and that's my favorite part.

Anonymous said...

OH NO!! Now you're getting dizzy!! I figured out that I was dehydrated when I got dizzy two days ago, so maybe you just need more water!! Drink up girlie!!

OOOH the one pot meal reminds me of "Tsai Fan"! SO good!!! :D I think you should call it CoCo's creation. hehehehe

I don't have a special thing i do during easter....:( I wish they celebrated Chinese New Year in America. They're missing out on so much!!!!!

Oh!! I keep forgetting to ask you! How are you making the POM jelly?? Or do you buy it? It looks SO GOOD!!!

Anonymous said...

that dish looks SO good! i love the step by step instructions- thanks so much for taking the time to share them!

Anonymous said...

ooh! lovely! sounds a lot like my "mix-it-up" bowls. Why not call it...the chop-and-throw pot. Because all the work you need to do is just to chop and throw those ingredients in.
I celebrate easter just by attending easter service at church!

Daphne Mazarakis said...

Thanks for the Better Whey of Life Review! I'm the CEO and am always amazed by the new ways people are eating the product. I'll have to try it over POM jelly!

twitter @proteingirl

leyla a. said...

Your photos are awesome! So much detail - in both the photos & the descriptions. You must put a lot of time into each entry. I have also tried Better Whey and I like the PLAIN mixed into a smoothie. That way, I add the fruit I want.

TheBoyfriend1124 said...

this is traditional meal of your famlily:)

really nice, easy to cook and delicious.

Anonymous said...


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