April 15, 2009

Day 3: resisting the temptation and hunger! ^_^

First I want to say thank you who commented yesterday and told me about what you'd or wouldn't give up for your other part. I enjoyed so much reading them that I want to share with you:
Krista "Being a Mom, I have given up many things for my kids and that's A-OK! Now that they're getting older, I'm able to incorporate some me time back into my life..."
Pearl "i don't think i'd ever be able to give up anything for my [future] husband. because i'd want him to support me in whatever decisions i make and i'd want him to see that i'll be the happiest i can be and the most content with my life. if we decided to start a family and i chose to retire from my job to stay at home with my kids, then i'd want him to support that. but i don't think i'd give up something for him, unless it involved physically moving away from it."
mi "i used to think that i would never give up piano for anyone, but to be honest, there really isn't anything i wouldn't give up for the people i love. but what's more, the people i really love who love me back would never ask me to give up anything that is important to me :)"
Lauren "I would never give up working out/running and those types of activities for a significant other - and anyone that asked me to wouldnt be my significant other for long." Melissa "i'm sure i would give up something for my significant other...but it would depend! otherwise, i've actually had to give up several things for my family in the past."
Coco: I thought I wouldn't give up anything, my career was always in my first priority. But as I get older, I changed. Now if I had to give up my work (which is my passion) for my family (once that the other part becomes my family), I'd do it! Nobody would believe so few years ago, not even me, but now I think the women's need of a family caught me finally and I'm happy about that.

okay. now let's talk about the challengeS. Yesterday was a leisure day for because I didn't work (almost) and a tough day in term of keep into the guidelines. BUT, I'm so proud to say that I stuck to them and didn't cheat. Now, let's see what happened
Breakfast was a great Tina style combo, 1/3 c. oats, 1/3 c. almond milk, 1/2 banana, 1/4 c. wheat berries. Topped with strawberries and PB.I wasn't sure how to spend my leisure morning until 12.30pm that I had to go to a seminar. I checked my long term to-do list and booked an appointment with a dermatologist. I've been having break outs, a problem that I didn't have when I was younger. I was lucky to meet him right away at 10.45am. So I munched an orange and went to his office. It was an old fashion office and the doctor, the secretary are old people.... so I was a little skeptical about if I was going to get proper modern treatment. (yes, I was prejudging, who doesn't?). He examined me with a weird glass and give me prescriptions. He ended up saying that it's probably more due to stress. (jaja.... such a news!!!). So, that was my first experience with a dermatologist. I don't know if I'm going to use what he gave me if it's only caused by stress. I'll wait to see what my ChallengeS do to my skin first. Do you see a dermatologist? How did you pick up the doctor? I'm asking because I had to pick randomly.
A quick lunch: Salad of greens, sprouts, baby beets, tomatoes, celery, peppers, 1/2 c. lentils and 1/2 c. aduki beans, with olive & balsamic.That big plate was hard to mix the salad, I think I'll get a big salad bowl this weekend. Dessert: 1/2 walnuts with Dark Chocolate Dream. Lentils and beans hold me well..... but not enough! Here the temptation comes into play. I went to school and planned to come back at 2pm, so only 2 hours. But I ended staying at school until 5.30pm! By 3:30 I was hungry already but only had a cereal bar with me.... grrrr..... I said NO! No processed food, even it's a healthy bar. But my belly began to make funny noises at 4:30pm! I looked the bar again, indecisive for 1 min and said NO again! That process went on several times more until 5pm. I said to myself: if you resisted for 30 min already, don't ruin it in now! I was at home at 5.40pm STARVING!!! I'd eat my arm if I stayed 10 min longer at school.
Temptation#2. When I came home I found two packages in my door. One from Bridget (a giveaway that I won), fortunately not food related this one.The other was from Annie who offered to send me two Odwalla bars to try, but she sent me more than that.... look theseThank you so much Annie, I can't wait to try them when I finish with challengeS.
I would have open that bar to try it out right away, but I resisted and it wasn't hard once I was in safe zone (home). I had this plate instead: 1/2 apple, 1/3 c. egg white microwaved (my first! thanks Abbie for the tip!), 1/2 Tj's muffin.Delish~~~~~ but wasn't enough for my hunger. So I had the other half with PB finishing the jar.I could eat more but I didn't want to because I was planning to go to a yoga class at 6.30pm.
Yoga went well..... slow and relaxing rather than energetic and powerful. But I needed that yesterday so I fully enjoyed it.
Back home for dinner: turkey burger (made with grounded turkey, 1/2 c. grounded sweet onion, 1 tbsp quick oats, S+P, seasonings)leftover mashed cauliflower with basil and steam beans. I love these steam beans from Tj's, so tender!!!
Dessert: two cups of black rice porridge with white fungus and coconut milk.what a relaxing day!!! And I'm so glad that I resisted that hunger caused temptation! :)

Question: if you (alone) can go for a quick gateaway/trip to relax, where would you go and what would you do?

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VeggieGirl said...

For a getaway, I'd go to a spa :-)

Pearl said...

coco - GREAT job on resisting temptation! i think first day may be the most difficult, especially since you're following 4 challenges at once!
that salad looks great! :)

and you know, after reading your comments, i do wonder if maybe one day i too will say, "yes, i'm willing to stop __ for my husband." i dunno though. MAYBE. ;)

OOH! let me tell you - that hi-chew candy and muscat gummy are DEEEELISH! hi-chew is a japanese candy but it's SO popular in taiwan and the muscat gummy has been around since i was little! i used to tear the big package open and share it with my brother and cousins :).

Alison said...

I've never been to a dermatologist. According to my husband, they have a cushy job :-) Great hours and money...but I don't know if looking at skin all day would be much fun.

Good job on resisting the processed food - way to stick to your goal! I hate that starving feeling, but at least you can be proud that you stuck to it.

If I were to getaway, I think I'd like to go to a nice resort on a lake or beach somewhere. Maybe in Northern Minnesota, Maine, or Oregon - just sit in a chair, read, and look at the water.

Erica said...

AH! Great turkey burger- I bet it was so good on the mashed cauli (one of my favorite veggie smashes to make!). The salad looks incredible. Getaway- adult only resort! I love kids, but its hard to relax with millions of them around!

Krista said...

Great day of eats, my friend!!!

My daughter has to go see a dermatologist and the first available appointment was June 13!!!! Holy cow!

Your package went out today! :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to spend a day in the farms...go fruit-picking, feed the hens, milk the cow, ride the horses...haha.
great job resisting temptation! you're going strong, hoozah!
and wow! black rice dessert! we call it pulut hitam here in SE asia.

Anonymous said...

Great eats!! Those aduki beans look yummy, I've never tried them before.

annie said...

you're welcome coco. i hope you enjoy them

Julie said...

I would totalllly go to Greece and just walk around and be in the gorgeous sun all day!!

A Toronto girl out West said...

I'll announce it officially on the blog tonight but you're the winner of the Honest Foods giveaway!!!


If you send me your address, I'll happily send away your winnings.


TheBoyfriend1124 said...

It is so sweet to know the your thought about work and life......:)

Maggie said...

I've been to a few dermatologists, and none really helped. One told me that diet has nothing to do with it, one told me that it might, one told me that acne is not caused by stress, the other told me it was... So I just got very frustrated and I've given up on dermatologists. See how your skin is after no dairy! That helped me a lot (I'm breaking out again now that I'm eating dairy again... so I might have to stop).

just me said...

for a get away, i'd go to the mountains, camp and watch the sun rise and set!

Juliet said...

I'd go get a massage or a facial. Or I'd go walk on the beach somewhere. :)


I have that plate!!!!

HangryPants said...

You are doing great on all your challenges!

I've never been to a dermatologist, but when picking a doctor I usually ask friends or family for recommnendations.

Anonymous said...

I'd hop on a plane to the islands of Hawaii and just enjoy the beach all day long. It is truly heaven there.

Anonymous said...

great hearty looking salad by the way ;-)

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