April 8, 2009

It's done~~~ First Exotic Food Challenge!

Hey lovely people! How was your day? Mine was great!!! I'm finally done with the presentation. From what I felt and what Carmen told me, it went well! I'm glad that my effort payed off finally! And what surprised me most was that I wasn't nervous during the presentation at all. I received a lot of questions and comments, which is a good sign because that means people was interested on my work. ^_^ Okay. no more talk about presentation, I know you guys are sick of it already!

So, the Exotic Food Challenge. Let me remind you the reason of this challenge: Most of us stick to our usual eats, some part of us want to try new things, and some other part say "what if it's not good?"... So, let's challenge our inner "fear" to try new things together, and as this is a food blogger, what a better way to begin to try new food.
How it works: every 2 weeks a host blogger pick up an exotic ingredient (it doesn't need to be that exotic, as long as it is something new or something that we don't have it in a daily base, it's perfectly fine), others bloggers submit recipes and ALL you guys vote for the best submission (sending one email per person to the host). Another way to gain 1 more vote is to link the EFC in your blog and of course to encourage more people to vote for your recipe. At the end of two weeks, the host counts the votes and announce the winner and send a gift package. The next host could be the winner or someone else. (this will be determined later)
So, are you in?
Well... For the first EFC, the ingredient is: MISO
A brief description of it: The salty taste and buttery texture of miso, a fermented soybean paste originating in Japan. Although miso is usually made from soybeans, it can also be produced from rice, barley or wheat by adding a yeast mold (known as "koji") and other ingredients that are allowed to ferment. The fermentation time, ranging from weeks to years, depends upon the specific type of miso being produced. Once this process is complete, the fermented ingredients are ground into a paste similar in texture to nut butter.
  • A B-12 source for vegan.
  • Protection Against Cancer
  • It's high in Vitamins, Minerals, and Protein
What to do: Create whatever recipe you want with miso and send me an email to littlegirl1225@gmail.com with the recipe and pics if you want.
Deadline: April 22th

okay. before I end this post, let me do a quick recap of yesterday's eat which was meah~
Breakfast: toasted muffins + laughing cow + big spoon of PB + appleAM fuel-me snack which hold me until 3pm with no hunger: a package of instant oatmeal from McCann's. I had the banana cream flavor which was awesome! With a spoon of PB.Full review to come! ^_^
Lunch: broccoli lasagna (last portion of it) with broccoli sprouts and BBQ sauce.Dessert: ricotta + blueberries + mixgranola.
Pre-yoga snack: Quaker's chocolate mousse bar.Dinner: sauteed greens with mushroom + 1 ancient duck egg + black rice porridge.Dessert: Oikos + vanilla + cinnamon.Today's to-do list:
- manicure
- laundry
- errands in campus
these from yesterday's
- seminar
- spin
- yoga
No work!!! I'm taking the day off!

Please tell me what do you think about the Exotic Food Challenge. Any comment would be appreciated.


VeggieGirl said...


Krista said...

I don't think your food looks meah at all!! Looks great to me!!!!

EFC sounds like a pretty good idea!

Sharon said...

That sounds like an awesome challenge! Miso! Humm.. thinking cap on now!

Fitnessista said...

what a great idea!
i wish i could find miso in valdosta... maybe i'll check out the asian grocery store and see what they've got
have a wonderful day!

Run Sarah said...

Sounds great! I just had miso soup the other day.

Mari said...

Hey this is my first time checking out your blog and I think it is pretty cool =) I love your eats!

Anonymous said...

this is such a fun challenge! and i LOVE trying new foods. i am going to keep my eyes open for miso at the store. which section is it usually in, and how does it come packaged?

Danielle said...

I think the Exotic Food Challenge is a fabulous idea!

Maggie said...

Enjoy your day off! I think miso is a great first ingredient - people have heard of it, but probably haven't used it :)

Anonymous said...

I like the EFC idea! But I think I would never want to host! I'd just want to submit recipes and make yummy foods with the EF ingredient! hahahah Like miso,YUM! I'd make miso glazed fish of some sort. :D

Thank you for your great suggestions on why i get dizzy. I really think it might be dehydration then, because I get it after working out too, but it gets better when I drink more water. Thank you girl! I can always count on you for great advice. :)

Omgosh yummy the salty egg for dinner!! I only like it in congee because it's SOOO salty, but I definitely like it!! My mom makes it with bitter melon and I hate it. hahahaha

Good for you taking a day off work!! I would too...if i could.

Maria said...

Love miso! Looks like a good day of eating to me!

Anonymous said...

congrats for the presentation!!! sounds like it went great, i'm sure of it :D yay! you can relax a little now!

as for the challenge, great idea - it'll keep us on our toes. having said that though, you can understand that miso is frequently used in our household ;)

Anonymous said...

I am always up for a challenge - and I have miso paste in my fridge, so this will make me use it!

Juliet said...

Hooray for the day off and congrats on the great presentation. I knew you'd do awesome!!! :) Also, the ricotta with blueberries looks like something I want to try.

Emily said...

Congrats on being done with our presentation! I'm glad it went so well. I hope mine goes that well next month! I'm so nervous!

The EFC sounds like fun idea! I would love to do it, but I might sit this one out since I'm prepping for a conference next week/end.

Yay for a day off! You deserve it!

Pearl said...

YAAAY on being done with the presentation! i'm sure you did a great job!

and my mom mixes miso with this type of root vegetable, served cold. mm :)

Erica said...

owwwwww I hope you enjoyed your mani! Glad the presentation went well! That broccoli lasagna looks AWESOME! I need to try making that!!

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