April 2, 2009

Making fancy slices is fun! ^_^

I spent most of the Humpday preparing slices for my next Tuesday's presentation. I'm so pleased with Keynote of Mac!!! It makes great power points! I remember last time I presented with keynote ppt, everyone was amazed of how pretty/fancy they were, and the flipping page's feature gained many "wow"! I'm still not sure whether for this presentation I want the audience to be surprised not only by my research, but also by my presentation skills. Of course, if I ask my adviser Carmen (it's time to put her name instead of saying she's the superstar) she'd say I have to make great slices, they're so important for the success of the presentation. But I have doubts about it, because none of formal presenters used fancy slices... simply white pages and black fonts. So boring, I know.... but why they don't make it better? Is it because they're lazy? (I doubt it) Is it because they don't know how to do it? (I doubt it even more! come on! they're Ph.D students, and they have supposed to be smart, right?) so what is the reason? Any idea?
Let me show you two pages of it... any suggestion would be welcome! :)
End of Rambling section!
Breakfast was again the same thing! I just enjoy so much this combo, the chewy warm toasted Tj's muffins with a layer of cheese and PB.... I'm in wonder world! ^_^
Cope with pics of Argentinian Breakfast. These are the typical Facturas we have in BA.PM snack: Tj's soy tortilla
Lunch: soy knots with black fungus and shitake mushroomsstir fry of asparagus and carrots with a ginger/sesame sauce.all with rice! Delicious~~~~Dessert: POM jelly + 2 chocolates brought from Arg.PM snack 1: bowl of butternut squash + quaker's chocolate mousse barPM snack 2: 1 cup of almond breeze with 1/2 cup of mixgranola! I love all the chias, hemp seeds in it! ^_^I went to the gym for a weight training for 45 min. It was a fitness group class. Not very exciting! I didn't feel working out much. I miss those classes I had in Arg.
Dinner was more exciting: stir-fry shrimp with glazed onions rings with a lot of sesame oil and sesame seeds (they're my newest obsession!), kale chips, endivias with carrot mayonnaise, barley.Dessert 1: fage with vanilla and cinnamon!Dessert 2: Katie's 5 min chocolate mousse! It's sooooooooo good! You guys should try it right now!It was a great day of work and eats now that I'm reviewing it. I still need to meet with another adviser today (the one more relevant for this paper) to show him the results and finish up the .ppt. I hope he founds the results interesting! ~
Question: Do you have presentation skills? What is more important for a good presentation? tips/advice please!
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VeggieGirl said...

Presentations = just make them clear and appealing to the audience. Good luck!!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Yay!!! You definitely deserve the two extra entries for that!

And the dinner looks yummy too. Kale chips... mmmmmmmmmm :)

Sharon said...

YAHH!!!! Cheers, cheers!!
And oh my gosh, you are making me want some shitake mushrooms!!! Favorite!!!

Pearl said...

the slides look really professional and great! good luck with the presentation :D

Emily said...

Love your eats!

For presentations, I think it's always best to go for clean slides. They don't necessarily need to be black and white, but your research should capture the audience's attention rather than the slide design. One thing my adviser is always yelling at us to do is to make the font size big enough to read. If you can, practice with your powerpoint in the presentation room and stand in the back. If you have trouble reading your slides, then you should make the font bigger. We also try and practice our presentations in front of eachother at lab meeting or on our own to practice answering questions.

Hope this helps, and good luck! :-)

Krista said...

I think your pages look gret!!! Your effort definitely shows!! :)

Anonymous said...

oh...my...god...can I come live with you? hide in your backpack? share your DELICIOUS eats?
I love black fungus, but not many ppl know about it, so I was so ecstatic to see it in your blog!
I don't know much about presentations, so can't say much about it. Sorry!

Wei Tou said...

Wow!!!!!!!!! that prez slides is like a antique book!I am impressed!

Maggie said...

I love Keynote & my mac :)

I missed reading your blogs when I was gone! I love all of your eats today. The soy knots, the mushrooms (love), the dinner, the mousse, ahhh everything!

I learned so much while I was gone, and I'm back to eating seafood & dairy. I just can't give it up :)

I'm so glad to be back and reading your blog!

annie said...

whoa your slides look good! mine are always so simple =P

Anonymous said...

your lunch sounds so exciting!! i don't think i've ever had black fungus? and what are soy knots? they both sound like things i need in my repertoire!

Juliet said...

I like your slides! I do present a lot. The most important thing is confidence, eye contact (not reading the slides to the audience), and maybe a joke here and there.

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