April 4, 2009

Anxiety caught me snacking!!!! Full Oikos 0% review.

80% of my presentation slices are ready but the last 20% was hard.. I was extremely anxious yesterday afternoon, so you'll see crazy snacking behavior. The good thing was I could practice the presentation with a friend and her study buddy. I wasn't prepared at all (finished the slices just before I met with them), but it wasn't too bad. I think they liked my idea and was somehow impressed by the results. I got great tips/advices of how to improve the slices and presentation. Even though, they were only two, they had some completely different opinions about how to improve it! It made me think: if I can't make two persons to agree how they'd like it, I'd better not expect 50 to like it. I'll just do what I think it's the right and pray for the best.
Rambling section ends.
btw, if you don't like this section at all, just scroll down to the eats! ^_^
Breakfast: the last muffin of the package with the usual. And the pics of G20 leaders. It's really tough the economic situation in the world and I have compassion to these leaders. Making decisions is hard, and even more if your decision affects thousands of people.
I tough two discussion sessions yesterday morning snacking some organic unsweetened mango slices in between.
Came home for another stir-fry (cleaning the fridge type) lunch. It had mushrooms, spinach, chinese lean pork sausage, broccoli slaw, asparagus and tons of sesame seeds. Together with more soy knots and a mix of rice and wheat berries.Dessert was POM jelly~ I think it's my fav way to have POM. ^_^Then snacking began:
chocolate cookie bar from Argentinamore dry mangoes + soy pita (this is just 1/3 of the whole pita, but I finished the other 2/3 later)almond breeze + mixgranola #1 + wheat berries
#2 #3and lastly, the least healthy snack but the best indulgence: Argentinian famous ALFAJOR de Dulce de Leche. It's a two layers cookie filled with dulce de leche (sweet milk) covered by chocolate. This is not tiny, it's a biggggggg one! I devoured it wayyyy too fast to appreciate it but it ended my snacking section! ^_^
Obviously dinner couldn't be anything fancy/heavy, so the soup-less soup!Dessert was Plain Oikos!! I finally got these!!!!Full review:
Product description: It has 0% fat. It's the only organic greek yogurt in the market. It comes plain, vanilla and blueberries. I tried first two so far.
Texture: When I first open the jar, I was impressed! I have tried many brands of Greek yogurt 0% and all of them weren't as thick as 2% Fage. Oikos was the exception, because it looks even thicker than Fage 0%. I think if I flip the container face down, it won't come out!
Taste: it's super rich and creamy. No one would believe it is 0%. It's a little more tart than Fage, but it has a smoother mouth feel. I've tried the vanilla flavor one and I think I prefer more this plain version because it tastes more like greek yogurt. The vanilla was good but it was more like a thicker vanilla yogurt.
How do I like to eat it? Yesterday I just added vanilla and cinnamon because I really wanted to taste the yogurt itself. If not, I'd add granola, fresh fruits, wheat berries, squash puree... etc.. well hundreds of variations!
overall rating: 9/10!

Saturday to-do list:
- finish the seemly un-finishable slices! MUST
- yoga/gym in the afternoon. MAYBE
- fast and furious at night! MAYBE
What are you guys doing for fun today?


VeggieGirl said...

Hang in there with the anxiety!!

Enjoy your weekend!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Going with what YOU think is right is definitely the best idea. You'll be most comfortable doing what seems best to you!

That bowl of granola/wheatberries is super pretty, and that cookie thing looks deeelightful.

Good look with those slices! Don't worry too much about, I'm sure it'll be juuuuust fine :)
I want to see Fast and Furious so badly!

lesley said...

Wow, this post has made me hungry because everything looks so very good!! Good luck on your presentation : ) I'm sure you're do GREAT.

Anonymous said...

Ooh girl! How long is your presentation? Mine is about 30 slides right now and I need to cut it down. Thanks so much for your sweet words yesterday. :) You are the best. It's so nice having someone who understands!
I get snacky when I'm anxious too! Your snacks from BA look so good!

just me said...

what a hard project but i'm sure you'll get it done and will do great!

def like all the eats! and this weekend i'm going wine tasting!

Krista said...

That stir fry look SO creamy!!!

Your presentation looks like its coming along really good!

Emily said...

Hope your presentation goes well! :-)

I liked your Oikos review. I still have to buy and try some!

Pearl said...

awww coco hang in there!
your slides will be just fine - don't worry! you're doing such a great job, and like you said, it's hard to please 2 people (let alone 50), so don't worry too much! just do the best that YOU can do to prepare YOURSELF so you feel confident and your confidence will shine through!

i'm so glad that you liked the oikos... i still have yet to buy any! where do you get it?

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

Pearl: I get Oikos from Whole Food.

Anonymous said...

how do you make pom jelly???

Sharon said...

Hope all goes well.
Love the chocolate goodness though. And I'm optimistic that things will turn out in the economy.

Anonymous said...

i've got my fingers crossed for you for your results - great job on completing the presentation!! i would be SO terrified to do it.

the argentinian treats you've been having look so good - i reeeally want to visit there one day!

so jealous of oikos - we do have fage here and i looove it, no other yogurt here compares to it!

Julie said...

oh vanilla in the oikos! great idea :)

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