April 20, 2009

Day 8: a real Sunday! ^_^

What is a real Sunday for you? Mine is exactly the one I had yesterday. Talk to my parents, yoga, groceries, leisure reading, yummy food and early bed. That sounds so simple, but simplicity doesn't mean boring. On the contrary, simple and little things are the most important pieces of our happy life! ^_^ I think I've become more optimistic and happier person because I learned to appreciate little happiness instead of seeking only big ones. After we receive a big good news (like a new job offer, win lottery), we get very excited and happy but that kind of feeling doesn't last long. Therefore if we only focus on those, we're unhappy most of the time. Instead if we appreciate simple things like a sunrise, the flavor of fresh bread, a good sweaty workout after a long day of work, a good talk with a friend, the enlightening moment when we read a new book, etc... these simple things that everyone can have in a daily basis, we can make happiness achievable and available for everyone.

Now into recap of Day 8's food.
Breakfast: a white yummy bowl of steel cuts, oatmeal, silken tofu and applesauce, topped with one packet of BB, in my new favorite bowl!mixed up
This hold me for 6 hours, including a 90 min power vinyasa class in between. I'm confirming the fact that steel cuts satisfy you more than rolled oats!!!
After yoga class I went to groceries shopping (more fresh veggies/fruits/tofu to continue with the challengeS).
I packaged a sliced apple when I left in the morning since I was going to have lunch late. Very clever, because my lunch came sooooo late, at 3pm!!!
Lunch salad: greens, alfalfa sprouts, beets, tomatoes, cucumber, green beans, aduki beans, boiled egg, with olive and balsamic.Half way through, I had a WW toast.I know my salads are getting boring. But, don't worry, I've planned 5 different kinds of salad for this week.
I spent my afternoon reading Go Dairy Free. I learned a lot about dairy consumption, how to replace it by alternatives products and tons of great recipes that I can't wait to try.
Munched some big strawberries.And dinner time!!! I was craving cheese and pasta, but obviously I'm a good girl, so no-dairy! I made a really delicious cheese-free pesto salsa. I used one handful of fresh basil leaves, 1 tbsp olive, 2 tbsp pine nuts and 2 tbsp nutritional yeast. All blended and got the base of the salsa.In addition to that, I add leftover broco-flower puree and some broccoli slaw and spinach from last week that I need to use.
End result: a very cheesy flavored plate of penne with "pesto".DELICIOSO!!!
Dessert was a recipe from Go Dairy Free: chocolate mousse. Basically it's a blended mix of silken tofu, banana and cocoa powder. It was sooooo smooth and soooooo mousse like that I think nobody would believe that it's dairy free and fat free. You Really should try it!
And more strawberries with some confectionar sugar (they were not sweet enough for dessert)
Lastly, I want to share some good posts I found when I was looking for fat intake info. Most of you agreed that fat should be around 20-30% of our daily calorie intake. But do you know how many cal you should have? I guess we have a rough idea of that, but I found this post @Nutrition Nibbles very helpful. And also this post about detox/cleaning diets.
I'm really glad that people who studies nutrition shares their knowledge about the topic in their blogs and also so willing to help others with their personal nutrition related issues. I wish I could use my knowledge here too, but I guess no one would be interested to read about economics right now!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and recharged well to face another new week! ^_^

Question: What is the last book you read? How did you find it? (friend's recommendation or news reviews?)


Emily said...

Love your eats, as always.

As for the calorie thing, I think that the guidelines you listed are a good start, but you have to remember that everyone is different and has a different metabolic speed. I think you just have to figure out what works for you. I know for some people, the amount of calories recommended for them is way too low because they have a fast metabolism. If you're super hungry all the time, chances are you need more calories.

I agree with the diet/detox info. I'm not convinced that it's efficacious or beneficial.

Alison said...

Love the pasta!
It's so nice to have a relaxing day too.
I am currently reading Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist at MIT.
Thanks for telling me about your dissertation too. It sounds really interesting!

Anonymous said...

too much good food in one post! I've never tried steel cut oats, but I guess I need to!!

Love your pesto dinner as well....and oh my goodness YOUR DESSERT!

p.s. simple days are my FAV. i just don't ever seem to have one :(

VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for "real" days!!

Mmm, pesto!!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful food! I really need to try steel cut oats. Six hours without a snack is impossible for me!

I really agree with what you say about happiness - it is the small things in life that make you happy. Big things are great, but if you sit around all day waiting for something momentous to make you happy you aren't really living, are you?

Your pasta looks delicious! I love green food :-) And so does the dairy free dessert! I really should give the dairy free thing a go... but I love greek yogurt and cottage cheese!

Anonymous said...

sounds like your sunday was lovely :D just what you wanted/needed!

love the look of your oats - i really want to try and get steel cut to look and taste as good as that! 6 hours = power food!!

also love your "pesto" - i adore pesto and anything resembling. yum.

just me said...

that pesto looks amazing! i made a basil tofu pesto once and it was great!

Krista said...

You've got such a positive attitude and I love that about you!

Gret eats again today....especially the berries.

I've read SO many books that I don't have just one favourite. I did really like "Eat, Pray, Love. That was a ggod one!

Sharon said...

I love simplicity, and I cant agree with you more. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the chocolate mousse - I am trying to find silken tofu!

HangryPants said...

I just love simple days and simple sundays are the best! I've tried steal cut oats, but prefer rolled because they puff up more. I agree that they are very filling though!

Sweta said...

Great idea combining the oats with the tofu-both power foods,no wonder it kept you going thru your power vinyasa class :)

Pearl said...

i agree that one should focus on the little things that make life enjoyable. :)

Julie said...

ah! i loveee leisurely sundays :)

lesley said...

Glad you got to have a normal Sunday! : )

And, yum, you've got some wonderful eats!!

Erica said...

I'm with you! Simple days are the VERY best! That broco-flower puree looks awesome!!!!!!!!! I am also a huge fan of broccoli slaw! We're having some this week in a din din

Maria said...

I am loving your eats! The salad looks soooo good!
I read The School of Essential Ingredients, great book!

Anonymous said...

I'm in total agreement on the simple days. :-)

I'm impressed your oatmeal held you over six hours!

Anonymous said...

CoCo you are getting SO RIDICULOUSLY creative with your food I absolutely LOOOVE IT!!! That pasta by itself should have its own post. And then your go-dairy free chocolate custard just looks amazing.

Well the last book I read was The CHina study, which studies Asian diets compared to american and why Asians live longer in some cases. It was sort of boring and too long, but if you can get your hands on a summary somewhere it's pretty good!! Interesting!!

I'm still drooling over your pasta. SO jealous of your creativity and mad cooking skills!!! ahghhghgg

qiao said...

I will try to enjoy some simple happiness!!!

Juliet said...

Yum! The pesto looks really good!

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