April 5, 2009

Not as planned!!~~

Remember my to-do list for yesterday? well... I could only check yoga as done. Slices are still perfectioning, fast & furious will be delayed until next weekend. It is not because I wasn't productive, I did spend 8 hs working hard, but it took me longer than I expected. I guess I will be working on it until last minute! :( The good thing was I went on a walk with a friend for an hour and we did 45 min yoga later. It was the perfect way to reward myself after a long day (especially because it was a nice day, warm and sunny).
Food was good too. First, breakfast: the missing element in my posts recently OATS!!! Yeah~~~ I finally convince my body to have it by rude force ( I was out of muffins). I used 1/3 c. oat bran, 1/4 c. wheat bran, almond breeze, vanilla, cinnamon, flax meal, all cooked, and then stir in blended silken tofu with blueberries. YEAH~~~ I finally tried blended tofu!  Topped with chocolate PB. Look this beauty!!!

 I think I enjoyed more looking at it than actually eating it. I guess my body still needs time to re-adopt it. 
PM snack: wheat berries + almond breeze (my new stress relieving weapon!) and a tea 
Lunch was nice: nutritious, colorful and delicious!
For side dish: I used Tj's Harvest Grain blend to make this warm salad: 1/4 c. grains + 1/4 c. frozen corns + 1/4 c. green peas + 1/2 tsp olive + S&P.

Main course was fish marinated with goya seasoning and covered with some corn starch to grill. 
And some steam broccoli with carrot mayonnaise.
Dessert: ricotta + cinnamon + vanilla
While I was working I had a big bowl of POM jelly! 
Official PM snack: apple + Chocolate PB.
Dinner was simple but yummy~ Leftover stir fry with chinese sausage and acorn squash fries!
Dessert: Oikos + cinnamon + vanilla.
Sunday to-do list:
- call my mom (I haven't call her for 3 weeks!!! such a bad daughter)
- vinyasa yoga at sacred space
- Tj's to get goodies for a lovely lady~
- ...... anything leisure related!

Question: How often do you call to your parents? How do you deal with homesick?


VeggieGirl said...

BEAUTIFUL breakfast!!

Oh my, I get SUPER homesick - I call my parents as often as possible. Hang in there!!

Krista said...

I have never thought to eat wheat berries with milk! Genius!!

I spy something from TJ's that was in the flyer!! ;)

lesley said...

Your food looks delicious as ever!! Wheat berries with almond milk DOES sound delicious!!

Sharon said...

Homesick? I get homesick all the time. I talk to my sister on a daily basis. My mom shoots random e-mails to me from time to time, and my parents will usually call me once every two weeks or so to see how I am doing. I love it when my parents call, because it totally makes my day. :D

Emily said...

Glad you were productive this weekend and got in some good exercise. I think I'm going to do some yoga today because my knee is killing me!

Yay for oats (you know how I love 'em)!

I call my parents at least twice a week. I get homesick a lot because I only go home during Christmas and Thanksgiving. I'm super close with my family and miss my 2 siblings, too! My twin and I talk on the phone every day (usually multiple times)!

Julie said...

wow everything looks SO yummy :) i'm really feelin that oikos with the vanilla and cin!

Pearl said...

you always come up with such creative ideas for dishes!

just me said...

i hear ya! i haven't had real oats in a while! but it's so warm here!!!

Maggie said...

Before I left my job I would talk to my parents a lot - I usually called them on my lunch walks. I miss them so much! Especially my dad - he's the kind of guy that I can just sit with and not say anything and we still have fun. We're really similar (even in food habits - like having a weakness for peanut m&m's, and loving breakfast food) and I miss him so much. I miss my mommy too, but in different ways - we love to chat and gossip and she is one of my best friends. Ahh I miss my family :(

qiao said...

I make phone calls when I become homesick. It works!

Erica said...

Hey girl! How are you? YUMMY eats! I love that TJs blend- it is soooo freaking good! I talk to my mom pretty much every day!

As far as changes in my body from clean eating- my tummy has been operating VERY regularly (which, as you know was a huge issue for me previously). I have lost a few pounds and just feel like my clothes fit more comfortably!

Juliet said...

Blended tofu. Wow!!

I don't call my parents enough. It is difficult since it takes a lot of time to catch up with them and they ask so many questions!!

Anonymous said...

Hi CoCo!! Thank you so much for your kind comments and ALL THAT SUPPORT and love you left me. :) It really made me smile and realize that even people who have such great eating habits (you!) and a healthy attitude toward food understand my struggles. Thank you girl!! I heart you!

OH MY GOSH your breakfast looks so beautiful. The color is just amazing!!! You're also inspiring me to seek out those wheat berries. I have NO idea what they are or where to get them...or watht they taste like! But you like them right? I wonder what they taste like. heheeh

I hope your Monday is awesome!! I'm so homesick too. I haven't talked to my parents in a month. :( THey're too far away!!! *sigh*

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