March 31, 2009

Great talks day~~~ ^_^

Yesterday I had some great talk with two of my advisors. The first one lasted about 40 min exclusively about my research and the second one was with my main advisor/co-author that lasted for 3 hours!!! Obviously it wasn't all about research. We had some good advisor to advisee talk, some co-author kind of chat and finally some friend to friend conversation taking some coffee and taking sunshine. Actually she asked me for advise, my opinion about what she should do now (she has been offered in another university), my perception about how other students see her and how she could improve. That caught me totally by surprise!!! I am close to her and we spend a lot of time together, but from that to this conversation there is a long way... but I was so glad. First, because that means she trusts me and she knows I'd give her sincere answers. Second, she taught me something really important. We need to improve ourselves all the time no matter how successful we are right now. There is always room to do it even better. She told me that once for a while, she takes back and analyzes her situation objectively, then reoptimizes her actions/strategies, finally do it! I think that might be one of the reason of her sucess. I'm so happy to meet her and get to know her, she not only taught me how to do research, but also gives me life guidance. I'm such a lucky girl. (Did I mention she's the #1 female economist in the world? and top 15 in our field?).
okay. Enough rambling for the rambling section. Now on to the daily business, shall we?
I woke up 6am (went to bed around midnight) not suprised. Who can sleep 8 hours when you have a knot in your stomach due to the stress/anxiety?
Breakfast was again toasted muffins with laughing cow and PB & Co. Smooth Operator. I like it a lot alghouth other bloggers find it not sweet enough, but I think it's perfect for a toast. A sliced apple and some banana.Because this is so boring, let me "excite" you guys with a decent breakfast I had in BA. Muffins, toast, jams, cheese and the best coffee!.For lunch, I made another stir fry before I left in the morning since I'd spend most of the day in school. This time was high in protein: tofu, 2 eggs, mushrooms, spinach, soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds. All on a bed of brown rice.I also packed a bowl of fruits and two Argentinian Quaker's bars.As I said yesterday, I was planning to go to a yoga class last night. Although I had more work to do, I thought it was better for my body and for my productivity if I take a break. So, I went to a 90 min vinyasa flow class. It was amazing!!! I haven't done yoga for 3 weeks and I could notice how different I felt. I felt weak, tired and sore.. aka... more dosis is needed.
Before I left, I had half soy pita (high in protein) from Tj's.Dinner was really simple: soup! I used the portbella mushroom soup as base, added frozen okra, green peas, corns and spinach. And some more shitake mushrooms I made earlier.I loooooveeeeee this soup!!! So creamy!!!! I can't wait to go to WF again and get more of this soup.
Dessert time: Fage + strawberries + mixgranola! It was delicious!! I missed it!!!Question: How often do you reoptimize (rethink your life, analyze it objectively)?

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Emily said...

Glad you had such a great talk with your adviser. It is so nice to get on the same page.

Those muffins + coffee look incredible. Next time you go to BA, take me with you! :-)

I tend to reorganize/self-evaluate right after or right before the start of a new quarter or some big life event. It's good to step back and analyze things in order to constantly grow into a better person. I think I've definitely grown more philosophical as I've become older...I think more deeply than I did a couple years ago!

Anonymous said...

INCREDIBLE muffins! WOW! look delicious, and I love the little piped frosting on top!
I re-evaluate myself each time I get accused by ED's lies and deceptions...which is pretty much all the time. I'm kinda forced to, so I guess in a brighter outlook, ED keeps me on my toes all the time!

Sharon said...

Good to hear things turned out well.

I think you had one super tasty day!

Krista said...

Good productive conversation, gorgeous muffins and coffee, MOUSSE granola bars and SO much more awesome stuff!! WOW! :)

ttfn300 said...

wow, sounds like an amazing woman! it's something I don't do enough, but shall strive to now :)

lovely eats as always, coco!

Lauren said...

Hi Coco -

In answer to your oats question: Once I've added the rolled oats, milk, water, bananas (+pumpkin or dried fruit or silken tofu etc.) in the pot, I let the mixture come to a gentle boil over medium/high heat (takes about 1-2 minutes). Once it starts to bubble, I reduce the heat to medium, and cook the oatmeal for about 3-4 minutes, stirring constantly. I think the stirring helps to achieve the texture!

Julie said...

haha thats so exciting :)
I seriously reconsider my life like every 5 seconds so dont stress about it

Pearl said...

next time you go to BA, i'm going with you :)

i'm so glad that you and your professor are close; it must be so exciting!

Anonymous said...

i think i think about my life all the time - too much. hahah I think people who aren't 100% satisfied with their current lives tend to do that a lot!!! :( Sad...

I'm so happy to hear that you talked to your advisers and they reacted well!! I KNEW you'd be JUST FINE!! You are such a likeable, sincere person...and hard to resist. hehehe

Of course your food looks wonderful too!!! I couldn't stop snacking today and it was SO bad I finished ALL my granola, and there was half a box left!!!! So many Calories!!! gahhhhh. :(

Juliet said...

I wan the BA breakfast! In all seriousness, having someone ask your advice is like the biggest compliment ever. And, I'm not just saying that.

just me said...

I'm always reassessing my life because it only gets lived every 6 months at a time! i hate decisions!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had such a great, positive talk with your advisor! Who is she? I'd love to look her up. She sounds really down to earth.
I can't believe it. Economists have really high job satisfaction. I just learned that last week. Amazing!
I rarely self-evaluate. I just keep going!

Anonymous said...

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