March 29, 2009

Balanced Plate recreated and new products reviews!!!~~~

Yesterday I spent the whole day working on my research ( we had a pretty good "date", as Erin would call it). I am glad that I can work at home again (maybe due to the last two weeks that I spent in Argentina and had to work alone at home) because eats get so much better this way.
For breakfast I had toasted muffins with laughing cow and Chocolate PB, 4-5 gigantic strawberries and a coffee brought from Argentina. I know that I haven't had oatmeal/oatbran for ages... I want to have it mentally but my body still was in the toast inertia (do you know that our body has memory? if you eat something everyday for a long period, your body just get used to it?).
I worked through all morning. Surprisingly I didn't need to snack. this is something that I acquire during last two weeks, that if I have good meal, I just don't need to snack or very small snack.
Lunch: balanced plate!!! Yeah~~ I've promised to recreate it because it's delicious, it's pretty, it's sooo healthy and lastly because my body is still craving it (had it almost everyday for the last two weeks). It's really simple to make. Actually the only thing that you have to make is the squash/carrot sauce. You can find the recipe here
So, in the plate: 1 cup barley, red peppers, endive, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, butternut squash and mixed sprouts, two tofu squares (plain)After displaying them nicely, you pour the sauce over it, 1 big spoon of miso paste and 1 tbsp of toasted sesame.
Voila~~~~ Coco's balanced plate!!! It was even more delicious than the original one!! It fulled me up but was quickly digested... perfect for lunch for people who has to work afterwards.
Dessert: a new kind of ricotta, I got it from WF. It's organic and FF. The texture is very smooth but not so heavy as other kinds of ricotta that I had before. It's not tart at all. Really really good. I think I'll buy it again. I had it plain with cinnamon, I'm sure it will be great combined with fruits, apple sauce or pumpkin puree.
More work in the afternoon until the postman came with a package for me. It was from Leng @A Fat Cat who created Vegetarian. I won a contest she hold two weeks ago, it was a lovely package with her wedding favors and vegan chocolate chip cookies.
These cookies were sooooo moisturize, perfectly sweetened... just the best cookie I had this year so far! I wasn't hungry at all but munched on 3 of them.
Around 6 I wanted to eat something fresh... so I had an ugly fruit that I got in WF. It's gigantic and its taste/flavor is between orange and grapefruit. It was too tart for me.
Dinner was assembled really simple since it was 8pm and I decided not to go to a birthday party in the last minute. I used 1 cup of mushroom soup as base, added 1.5 cup of frozen okra and 1/2 bunch of kale, two Tj's turkey meat ball and 1 package of shirataki. It was delicious!~
Dessert: my first Oikos!!! Thanks to Kristine I got some coupons to try it free. Unfortunately WF didn't have the plain one, so I got the vanilla flavor. The texture is not as thick as Fage but very creamy though. I couldn't really taste the vanilla flavor but certainly less tart than the plain. I like it a lot, it's a great alternative to Fage.
Lastly I got my mixgranola!!! yeah~ I won a contest hold by Michelle and got to 20$ gift card. Look it!!! It has soooo many goodies. And allll natural, no added sugar, so original! I love the idea that I can make my own granola. I topped oikos with some of it. oh..... soooo good! Love the crunchiness.Such a great first day in US. I miss Star and the life in BA a lot, but I kept my mind busy on my research so I don't get sad. I know that ignoring the feeling isn't wise, but at least it worked yesterday.
Question: How do you face your true feelings (the bad kind)? Do you hide it? Ignore it? Or face it?


lesley said...

Your balanced lunch plate looks VERY delicious! : )

All your eats look great, in fact!!

I don't know what you're supposed to do with your feelings of missing Star and BA, but I sure don't blame you for missing him!! : ( And I'm sure it's especially hard since you just got back from being there.

VeggieGirl said...

I ESPECIALLY love your breakfast and lunch; and hooray for great packages from Leng and the granola company!!

Hang in there with your feelings, girl - try to focus on the good things!!

FoodsThatFit said...

Those chocolate chip cookies look delicious, what a fun package!

I am sure it is going to be a hard adjustment being back, but hang in there lady! xoxo

Anonymous said...

the balanced plate looks so yummy! great new products as well :)

Mara @ What's For Dinner? said...

That balanced plate looks absolutely delicious :)

I'm with VG on this one... focus on the good times you had when you were there, and just linger on those.

Emily said...

Welcome back!

Love all the ways you incorporate veggies into your meals.

I think there's a difference between repressing feelings and choosing to focus on something else. It's ok to be sad, but it's also good to focus on just doing the next thing and getting back on your feet. :-)

Pearl said...

the balanced plate looks so delish!
aww coco, i think it'll be good to focus mainly on the good times; i'm sure you miss him but try to focus back on your life here and your work right now; will star be visiting you anytime soon?

Krista said...

Lots of great eats and products!!! :)

Sharon said...

WHOA, super yum! And mmmm cookies!
Hope all goes well girlie, positive thinking! <3

Anonymous said...

omgosh you wonderful chef you!! Recreating that balanced plate. :) I am so curious about how the miso tastes on the salad! I've never tried it just interesting!

and YAY you got the granola! Your mix looks yummy!! I also have those sweet puffs, they're my favorite part of my mix! I hope you enjoy it lots. :) Does school start tomorrow?

Juliet said...

Welcome back!! Your food started out so balanced and then you got cookies? :) Yum! I'm so glad strawberries are back in season! I had two cups for lunch one day last week. :)

Anonymous said...

those chocolate chip cookies look fabulous :)
breakfast sounds great too!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so glad the package made it to you OK. I was worried the cookies wouldn't last when it got to you. Sorry for the moisture. There are no preservatives in them, so they don't keep well at extreme temperatures (shipping).

So many goodies! yogurt and granola and coupons and strawberries!

Welcome back home!

Anonymous said...

I love your lunch plate! It looks so good! I didn't know our bodies had memory like that but it kinda makes sense! I'm glad you were so productive :)
As far as feelings go, I try to do whatever is best for me. Sometimes that means ignoring them and other times I can face them. But I can't be emotional and working on myself all the time or I won't get anything done!

lauren said...

I saw those ugli fruits at WFs the other day - glad I didnt pick one up!

Maggie said...

this is my favorite kind of ricotta :)

I'm glad you liked my POM squares! They are great.

I can't wait to make my own balanced plate. yum :)

I have recently been having toast for breakfast as well - now I'm preferring it more than oatmeal or oat bran!

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