March 4, 2009

Meeting madness & Ravenous hunger!

Yesterday I had three meeting with my three advisers, all went very well and productive. Maybe because my mind was working so hard, I had a ravenous hunger! I kept snacking between meetings and still felt hungry all the time! But I didn't care much, I was excited and happy about meeting them before I leave to Argentina for two weeks so I can work there. I just kept fueling with healthy snacks. ^_^
okay. I'll make my yesterday's eats recap quick so I can give you a preview of my culinary trip to Buenos Aires! ^_^ yeah~~ that will be a real culinary trip. If anyone wants to visit Buenos Aires I can give you a culinary guide to taste the best/finest food in Argentina.
wait...before breakfast I did 20 min yoga core and 30 min yoga for buns. Both killed my belly and butt badly~ ^_^
Breakfast: 5 Old Wessex with almond milk, eggwhite, cinnamon/vanilla, flax meal, cottage cheese, chopped apple and GYG.AM snack: soft wrap with BB.
Lunch: bok choy & sausage riceDessert: PM snacks: soft wrap with 2 tbsp of Chocolate PB. MUM MUM~~~~~~ I was in Heaven.
More BB.mochi
Strawberries + fage + fiber 1= yummy messDinner: sauteed Chinese leek with tofu + leftover eggplant casserole + black rice porridgeDessert: ricotta + cinnamon.Okay, now preview of the best brunch in Buenos Aires at the hotel Four season Buenos Aires. Look this place. (pics taken during my last year trip to BA)This was a private property during 1950s and belonged to one of the richest family in Argentina.
Pics of food coming soon! ^_^

Question: Are you modest? Do you think we should always be modest? I'm asking this because yesterday my professor asked me to write a draft of the letter of recommendation that I need to apply for a internship. And she told me, don't be modest!

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Mara @ What's For Dinner? said...

I'm so jealous of your trip!!!!!

Becca said...

I think I'm pretty modest. I wouldn't know what to say in a letter of rec.

lesley said...

Yeah, looks like you're DEFINITELY going to have a great trip! : )

I do tend to be modest about myself but I think it's mostly because I don't know that I have much self confidence in some areas ... ha, and I certinaly don't want to make myself sound better than I am!!

Have a lovely Wednesday! : )

TheBoyfriend1124 said...

I was for your happy.

congratulation!! you have a productive day!!!

Simple and Divine said...

My brother's going to Buenos Aires in April so your culinary treasures would be SO v. much appreciated!!! Thanks LoverBear! <333

I've been told I'm v. Modest... No surprise to me! Lol

Meg said...

I love the brunch pictures!

I have decided that your are my Bok Choy sister. I think you love it just as much as me.

Meghann said...

sooo jealou os your trip!!

I think I'm modest even though I try really hard to not be,, but sometimes its just hard to build yourself up. Good luck!

VeggieGirl said...

Yikes hang in there with all those meetings!!

Gorgeous "trip preview" photos!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, BA looks amazing! I'd love to visit there someday!
I act modest on the outside, but on the inside I'm pretty aware of my strengths :)

Maggie said...

Sometimes I am too modest :)

I want to visit Argentina! I need to learn Spanish first though. I have this thing where I won't go on a trip unless I study the language at least a little bit.

Annie said...

an omelette bar?! that is sooooo cool!

i'm modest. but when it comes to interviews for a job i try not to be.

Emily said...

BA looks so amazing!!!

I am usually modest; it's hard to brag about myself. Eek.

Erica said...

Great eats. I have not yet tried chocolate pb...can you believe it? Your trip looks like it is going to be incredible! I think the company I work for really encourages us to be proud of what we I am less modest now than I use to be

lauren said...

two questions! what type of wraps do you use? (they looks good)

and where do you find the individually wrapped mochi - i love them!

lauren said...

meant to say - "they look good" - oopsie! :)

Krista said...

GREAT eats!!!

Those photos are absolutely gorgeous! You must be SO very excited about your trip! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Coco! I've heard so many people (mainly Asians though) say that Chinese people are too modest because it's just in our culture. Although I think it is always better to be more modest, there are also times when you just need to be confident and blow your own horn. hahaha

WOW I am officially jealous of your trip. :P Pack me in your suitcase!!!

Anonymous said...

oh yum! soft wrap with chocolate pb :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of your trip!

I always kid with my husband that when someone compliments me, that I ask them to write it down so I can laminate it and put it in my "kudos file."


Anonymous said...

i have to try that tortilla & pb idea - i've done it w/ pb & banana but never w/o the banana :)

Juliet said...

I can't imagine having three bosses!! That sounds challenging. As for being modest, no, I'm definitely not modest. As a woman working in technology I think confidence is very important. :) Write an awesome letter for yourself! You deserve it. Let me know if you want me to read it for you before you show it to him. Happy to help.

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