March 6, 2009

A week from the trip~ ^_^

I didn't realize that I will be in Buenos Aires in a week until yesterday a friend told he: see you in a week! The overwhelming of work made my mind not be able to think other things than my research (equations, simulations, matlab code!!! ). Even though I posted pics of my last year trip to Bs.As., somehow I didn't relate that to my next trip. How weird that mind and action sometimes are dissociated!
I've received some great and insightful answers to my last post question about if we care about others opinion about us. I thought it worth post it here:
  • I'm with veggiegirl, I tend to be very sensitive ... too sensitive!! I'm a people-pleaser and I NEVER want anyone to be disappointed in me, etc. But I'm trying to toughen up and get thicker skin! - Lesley
  • it depends on who the person is. If it is someone who I really care about, I worry about their opinion of me.- Meg A comment phrased or said the wrong way can totally destroy me. At the same time, I don't always trust compliments I get but appreciate them. Basically, I don't let them go to my head.- Becca
  • I feel much more confident when others compliment me - I'm generally pretty self-conscious and sometimes I feel like people are judging me - I don't know why!- Maggie
  • I think, even though I don't like to admit it, that opinions affect me. I try not to let them discourage me but instead use them to make myself a better and stronger person.-Emily
  • It can be hard to block out others opinions. I, being the perfectionist that I am, sometimes let them hurt my heart and change my attitude. But then I realize that the things they say negatively about me, are only projections of their insecurities. It is so wonderful to be confident in you are. When you are confident with yourself, others notice. Only those that are jealous make negative comments.- Courtney
  • I think that everyone, no matter how confidant he/she is, need positive influence. Let them be either direct compliments, good gestures or obvious admiration, they're all needed. Besides they're all really nice to receive/give, why wouldn't anyone want them? ;-) - Lengslog
  • I don't need to hear compliments to feel confident per say, I actually have a lot of trouble accepting compliments, but they definitely do help confidence level overall. I think other people's opinions do affect me a bit, if someone says something less than kind or critical I'll often stew over it for a while.- lighterportions
  • It depends on the issue...but the older I get, the less people's opinions bother me. - I Run for fun
You can see how most of us do care about others opinion about us. I used to deny this fact but now I think that it is normal because we live in a society and we interact with others, it is avoidable to be affected. But as we get older I think we learn how to distinguish good/positive comment from people who really care about us and annoying comments from who are just mean or jealous of us.

Okay. Now back to yesterday's eats. I woke up around 6am after a good 9 hours sleep, totally refreshed and energized. No yoga in the morning because I had to teach at 8am. Breakfast was a lovely pink bowl: 1/2 c. oat bran, 1/2 c. almond milk, 1 c. blended strawberries stir-in at the end, vanilla/cinnamon.Very filling and beautiful bowl with the pinky spoon with GYG.AM snack: soft wrap with chocolate PB.Lunch: leftover sauteed cauliflower with Tj's turkey ball, greens, stir fry of tofu with leek and dry shrimp. And rice.Dessert: mochi!PM snack: an apple and another soft wrap with Choc PB.Back home around 7pm, didn't feel hungry yet (my tiger hunger decided to leave). To be consistent with the yoga challenge, I did 60 min power vinyasa flow #3. Felt wonderful afterward.
Still not hungry. So dinner was just sauteed bok choy, dry pumpkin and black rice porridge.Dessert/treat: 1/2 c. of fage 2% with cinnamon and vanilla.Then I talked to my bf planning what I'm going to do in Buenos Aires during the two weekends... (weekdays I'll be working on my research) And we've decided to go to a friend's farm, another friend's country house, and probably flight over Buenos Aires in a private jet!!! So excited!!!
A pic of the brunch's dessert! They're incredibly delicious and cute!
Question: If you see a friend who's doing something that you think it's wrong but it doesn't directly affect you, would you tell her/him?


lesley said...

Thanks for sharing other people's answers ... looks like we're a lot alike!

Private jet?? Niiiice : ) Sounds like you're going to have a WONDERFUL time!

Emily said...

Great observations! I liked reading other peoples' answers to your question.

Love your eats!

Your trip sounds like it's going to be so nice! :-)

Mara @ What's For Dinner? said...

Great post :) youre so cute!

VeggieGirl said...


Krista said...

I tend to try to mind my own business if the situation doesn't affect me. I've learned the hard way a few times!!

You sound SO excited about your trip and I'm happy for that! You deserve a break!

lauren said...

I hate to say this, but it would probably depend on the situation. I have said something to friends when I think they are not getting treated the way they should by BFs and it has caused problems in our friendship. So, depending on the situation I probably would not say anything unless asked.

Anonymous said...

I would DEFINITELY tell the friend. I mean, it depends on who or how others are affected, but I would say something about it.

Thanks for highlighting readers' thoughts on how others see you. It's good to know that so many people are too harsh on themselves!!! Like me! Like all women?!?!?!

Coco, yes please come be my co-worker!!! hahaha And if you cook for me, I'll cook for you! hahah

Maggie said...

Interesting question... I think I tend to mind my own business, but that's not necessarily the right thing to do. A few years ago an acquaintance approached me with concerns about what I was doing to myself and I blew her off. She said she'd been through the same thing but I didn't care. Sometimes even if you want to help, the person doesn't want to listen.

Julie said...

hey girl just found your blog! its so fun :)

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

I enjoyed reading everyone's answers to your questions. Thanks for taking the time to post them.

Your upcoming trip sounds amazing! Have so much fun.

Pink bowl at breakfast - loved it. :)

Oh, and I would tell a friend if I thought he/she was doing something wrong as I hope they would tell me. That's what friends do!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...depends on how close we are. I usually try not to say anything because I think people learn lessons best when they learn them on their own!
That was so cool that you posted other people's responses :) I can relate to a lot of them!

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