March 7, 2009

2 accidents & 2 course dinnahh~~~

Accident 1: I broke the glass cover of my favorite wok! Damn~~~~~ cleaning the disaster wasn't fun! It made me to miss my Star badly~ If he was there, I'd say: " don't worry dear! go to see TV that I'll clean it up." How lovely~ ^_^ Ops..... the only problem is he's thousands of miles away! Boo....
Accident 2: I broke my finger nail!!! it looks ugly~~~ I think I'll have a fake one until it grows.
Okay. the rest of my Friday went well. I woke up at 4am again! (twice a week isn't fun!). But anyway, it made to arrive at office at 7am and some progress with my research. First, did 20 min vinyasa flow #3 and #1... enjoyed both of them!
Breakkie time: I used the same technique of blending the berries before adding it. This time I used blueberries... It looks very BLUE! 1/2 c. oat bran, 1/2 c. almond milk, 1 cup of frozen blueberries, flax seed, eggwhite and GYG.Very filling bowl~ (but I prefer PINK bowl more)
AM snack: I didn't feel hungry but felt like having something (research stress?) so I had BBLunch: leftover cauliflower, stir-fry bamboo with shitake and tofu with dry shrimp. Rice of course.Dessert: 2 minis.Early PM snack: an apple + an orange (I had to eat them before they go bad)Pre-gym PM snack: Tj's pop seeds bread + smooth operator! It was just okay.... not sweet enough. I prefer the Dark chocolate one.
I went to the gym for an hour: 35 min treadmill and 25 min Elliptical for some readings.
Now, the 2 course dinnahh (as Michelle'd say)
Stir-fry chinese leek, eggplant and grilled tofu with black rice porridgeBoiled egg with BBQ sauce on more porridge and a huge plate of kabocha squash (almost 1 lb.)Two course dinnahh was great!!!! I was soo satisfied and soo bloated afterward! No dessert because I had no fage, no ricotta! Groceries must be fitted in this weekend.
Saturday's plan: Work work work! yes, I'm boring, I'm nerd! :D But more work now means less work in Argentina! Hope you guys enjoy your weekend more than me.

Question: Should we dress/make up to look beautiful to our bf/hus? Even if you've been together for years?

Blog news
Andrea is giving away BBQ sauce
Abbie is giving away a package of goodies


VeggieGirl said...

Ahh so sorry about the accidents - but hooray for everything working out and for lots of delicious food :-D

Annie said...

aww, everything will be okay!

should we dress up for our bfs? i think that depends if he does it too or if he appreciates that you dress up for him!

Emily said...

Sorry about your wok and nail! No fun!

Love your blue oats...and you can cook dinner for me anytime!

I will get back to you on the iron absorption. :-) I took a class on vitamin/mineral absorption, so I have lots of great info on that...but I have to go get ready for my interview!

Krista said...

My hubby is here right now so I asked him your question. He says it's a good idea if you want to stay married! I must be doing something right because we've been married almost 11 years!! :)

Mara @ What's For Dinner? said...

Great dinner, accidents suck!
When my fiance and I go out, I still dress up and put on makeup, and he ALWAYS notices, which is particularly nice.

qiao said...

Dress up for your trip! Have your finger nail fixed:)

Julie said...

Yessss stay lookin good for your man! And more importantly for yourself!!

Sharon said...

So sorry about the accidents. But oh wow, you had a tasty tasty tasty day!!!

Maggie said...

I think you should dress up... but it's okay if you don't as well :) I usually try to look nice for Bobby but he understands when I have lazy days.

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